June and July were spent traveling in Australia and Indonesia. Take a look at some of the adventures we got up to in the travel videos below.


Waimea Bay on Oahu, Hawaii

This is definitely the best beach on the island. CLICK HERE to read the 11 reasons that make it so amazing,


Snorkeling at Electric Beach

READ MORE about how this beach got it’s name and why there are so many turtles cruising around!


The Oahu Time Lapse Film

This was the most popular video I have ever made and took me over 1 month of filming to create. CLICK HERE to learn more about the equipment, camera gear and the process I used to produce this video.


Swimming with a turtle on Gili Trawangan

Another video, another turtle. This was an amazing moment. I spotted a turtle resting on the sand far to deep to dive down to. I waited patiently floating above the turtle until it swam right up next to me to take a breath of air. Definitely a moment I will never forget from the Gili Islands.


Gili Meno Island Travel Guide

Gili Meno was a tiny Island, so small that you could walk around the whole thing in just over an hour. View the detailed travel guide HERE that covers what to expect and what to do. Jessie and I spent a week here and enjoyed the quite, relaxing atmosphere this island had to offer. CLICK HERE to see a gallery of our time on the Gili Islands.


White Water Rafting in Ubud

A casual float down the Telaga River ended with a 5 meter drop..which we survived. The river flows through beautiful scenery and passes by a number of stunning waterfalls.

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