The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Taj Mahal in Agra is obviously the star of the show in Northern India, a sight not to be missed I’d say! Your visit to India won’t be complete without getting that iconic shot of yourself with Taj Mahal as a backdrop.  There are lots of places to stay in Agra but what if you could stay right next to the Taj Mahal or have a view of the Taj Mahal from your balcony? Yes, it is possible and I’ve put together this incredible list of the best hotels in Agra near the Taj Mahal including hotels in Agra with a view of the Taj Mahal. You’ll find a hotel on this list that fits your budget and puts you in the best location!

This blog post will surely help you find a place that offers an uninterrupted Taj Mahal viewpoint. Depending on your budget and length of stay, I’ve listed 12 accommodations, from luxury hotels, mid-range that offers value for money, to budget hostels. 

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To summarize, here’s a handy chart of my recommended accommodations with the view of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. 


The Oberoi Amarvillas 9.5$662
DoubleTree by Hilton Agra 8.7$75
Taj Hotel & Convention Centre Agra 8.6$86
Crystal Sarovar Premiere Agra 8.5$127
Hotel Clarks Shiraz 8.2$84
Radisson Hotel Agra 8.1$97
Tajview – IHCL SeleQtions 8.6$81
Hotel Taj Resorts 8.0$57
Hotel Atulyaa Taj 8.1$54
Joey’s Hostel Agra 8.6$8
Sai Palace 7.9$9
Kamal Hotel 7.1$12


The Oberoi Amarvillas Agra (Luxury): A perfect view of the Taj Mahal from your large window room is not the only thing that The Oberoi Amarvillas Agra offers to their guests but more. While filling your eyes with awe of the infamous structure, you won’t get bored and will definitely have a worthwhile stay. The property was just impeccable with a blend of stylish modern interior and large windows with a stunning view making it a cozy place for family or couple and insta-worthy angles. Their infinity pool is designed uniquely and overlooking the majestic view of Agra. Yes! It will give you the royalty feeling. But the fun doesn’t stop there, guests can visit the Oberoi spa or get fit in their gym. It’s super close to the Taj Mahal and you can literally walk straight there or use the free shuttle service. This is so far the best 5-star hotels in Agra near the Taj Mahal when it comes to location and amenities and absolutely worth recommending.

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DoubleTree by Hilton (Luxury): Seeing the iconic Taj Mahal is one ultimate purpose of visiting Agra. However, seeing and taking loads of insta-worthy pictures won’t be enough. You still want more of it and DoubleTree by Hilton is happy to provide you with that opportunity as they have one of the best hotels in Agra near the Taj Mahal with an epic view. Upon booking, you can choose to stay either a garden view room or a city view room, but both offer breathtaking views. The pool is positioned facing the Taj Mahal so you will surely enjoy the scenery while sipping champagne or juice. In my own opinion, with its location (central Agra) and modern facilities, it will be a good nest while in Agra. As for the price, well, a reasonable one knowing that you will be served extraordinarily. For the luxury of this hotel, it is one of the best value picks on this list of the top hotels in Agra with a good view of the Taj Mahal.

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Taj Hotel & Convention Center Agra (Luxury): This property is just a few minutes away from the Taj Mahal. In fact, the structure can be viewed and admired from their infinity pool while spending your time either for pure relaxation or taking some nice pictures with Taj Mahal as your background. How epic is that!? I assume that you can picture it in your mind by now. Personally, staying in this property will never give you dull moments. They have an array of activities in line for you to take part in from palm reader to puppet show and so many more. I love the place because it is a good value for money and has been the bestseller in town. It is highly recommended especially to those traveling with loved ones as it is accessible to most important access points like New Delhi airport and railway station, so getting around the area is not a big deal. I think this is the best pool view of the Taj Mahal on this list of the best hotels in Agra near the Taj Mahal.

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Crystal Sarovar Premiere Agra (Luxury): How would you like waking up in the morning with the Taj Mahal as your view from your window? You will be mesmerized by how the structure changes the color during different times of the day. Well, Crystal Sarovar Premiere Agra is willing to provide you with that. All the amenities are provided for comfort and to make sure your stay extraordinary. Relax after your busy day exploring and admiring what Agra can offer in your cozy room with a warm bed. This property is also a great choice for history geeks who want to visit monuments, architecture and ancient landmarks. Budget wise, this property is a good deal, staying in a 5-star hotel at a reasonable price. I am sure that every penny you spend here won’t go to waste.

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Hotel Clarks Shiraz (Luxury): Another luxury hideaway that is not too far from the majestic Taj Mahal and a nicely furnished property with great amenities for the guests to enjoy is the Hotel Clarks Shiraz. After a tiring day of exploring Agra, take a plunge in their well-maintained outdoor pool, work out in their wellness center or just simply take a warm bath in your suite. Overall, the property is kept clean and the services are extremely good. Guests especially liked this hotel due to its location and reasonable price of only $84 a night. It’s a really good deal especially this hotel is already rated as a 5-star hotel. Families with small children will love staying here. There’s one catch though. Not all rooms are facing the Taj Mahal, so you have to request to be given with that kind of view for an additional cost. Overall, this hotel is still worth a stay.

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Radisson Hotel Agra (Value): Dying to find a budget hotel in Agra near the Taj Mahal with a great view of the Taj Mahal Then Radisson Hotel Agra meets the need! This 5-star hotel has numerous rooms fitted with flat-screen TV but who would want to watch TV if you have the best view of Taj Mahal straight from your bed? Not to mention a minibar, perfect for you to chill after a busy day. Its massive outdoor pool is one of the highlights—ready for you to dip all day. There are a lot of dining options here, but I personally like “The Roof Top Restaurant” where you can have fine dining with grilled choices and a glass of wine in your hand whilst enjoying the view of Taj Mahal. Sounds amazing, right? Yes! But not only that, this hotel is only a short stroll to public transport and the airport. I highly recommend staying here!  

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Tajview – IHCL SeleQtions (Luxury): The famed splendor of the Taj Mahal can be experienced in Tajview- IHCL Seleqtions, Agra. This 5-star property is equipped with the finest amenities alongside hassle-free services and manicured gardens with a lovely pool that look so beautiful from your room. Most of their rooms offer a mind-blowing view of the beautiful Taj Mahal for you to admire from afar. If you still can’t get enough of the Taj Mahal, then you can have that romantic sunset dinner with it as your background. Most guests loved their stay here especially those traveling for pleasure or business. The location is strategically located on the main road making it easy to travel around. This place is worth recommending if you are looking for a good bargain for your money.

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Hotel Taj Resorts (Value for Money): Is a great ambiance paired with up-to-date facilities what you’re up to? Hotel Taj Resorts should be ticked on your list! This 4-star resort offers everything you need- from comfort to relaxation and leisure! There are several reasons why you need to pick this property: the close proximity to the Taj Mahal, a chance to take an Instagrammable shot of Taj from the rooftop, free pickup from local train and bus stations or airport, and more! The infinity pool on the rooftop steals the show—perfect spot to rejuvenate after a long busy day of touring in Agra! This boutique-style hotel is among guests’ top picks, and of course, mine too!

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Hotel Atulyaa Taj (Value for Money): Hotel Atulyaa Taj is a boutique hotel located just a stone’s throw from the UNESCO World Heritage Site which offers a breath-taking view from its rooftop. There’s nothing more perfect than taking a refreshing dip from its infinity pool on the rooftop. Plus, the hotel staff can help you arrange your daily excursions and car rental services. There is one more thing, ticket office to Taj, fancy and famous restaurants, and shopping centers are within easy access. This hotel is certainly so fit to give you convenience and comfort on your stay by its impeccable room service. With excellent wifi, 24-hour concierge service, and its best location, you can’t look past Hotel Atulyaa Taj! 

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Joey’s Hostel Agra (Budget): If affordability and convenience are among your priorities in staying at hostels, then head on Joey’s! It is just a close range from the Taj Mahal and accessible to other historical places like Agra Fort. The Taj Mahal view from the rooftop is pretty much the best you’ll get anywhere around town. I’m sorry but what an epic view for less than $10 a night!! The rooms are equipped with a fast Wi-Fi connection and some even have a patio. There is a shared lounge with barbeque facilities good for you to hang out with buddies and newly-found friends! What’s more, currency exchange is available on site and guests can play darts here. This is by far the best pick for backpackers! 

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Sai Palace (Budget): Are you looking for a real cheap place that is so close to the Taj Mahal site? Then this place is somewhere you should go. This hostel is only a 2-minute walk to the Taj Mahal, in fact, it’s very near to the gate. Their rooms are basic but equipped with a fan and air condition. I personally love the high-speed internet connection—quite fast to get your business, like writing blogs done! What I love best is the restaurant on the rooftop, offering delicious international and authentic Indian cuisine while overlooking the stunning view of the Taj Mahal. If that’s not enough, they have 24-hour room service available to get by your needs. This is top-rated and among the best choices for backpackers looking for a place to stay near the Taj Mahal! 

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of Sai Palace.

Kamal Hotel (Budget): Another budget-friendly hotel is Kamal Hotel. This hotel is also near to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Taj Mahal. For $12 a night, you can get a basic room with a good wifi connection and a shower. The round-the-clock front desk service is a plus. You might want to try their authentic Indian cuisine, Chinese and International dishes served at the restaurant on-site. It’s quite delicious! For a lovely close-up view of the Taj Mahal, head on to the rooftop for a perfect capture of your photo taken with by far the best backdrop—“Instagrammable” I would say! This is also nearby to some architecture, shops, and public transport. One of the highly-rated accommodations in terms of budget! 

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of the Kamal Hotel.

I hope this blog post helps you find a great hotel in Agra near the Taj Mahal so you can have a great view and easy access to this incredible wonder of the world!

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