If you’re looking for a quick answer about where stay on Oahu, you’re in the right place. I lived on Oahu for two years and helped all of my visitors (everyone visits you for vacation when you live in Hawaii) pick the right region of Oahu to stay in. I also helped them with the best activities and often acted as there tour guide for the trip as I wanted them to have the best Oahu trip possible.  I’ve outlined all the best places to stay on Oahu in great detail below.

Each region is very different and you will have a unique experience. In this article, I hope to help you figure out which region of Oahu will be the best place for your stay on the island because everyone’s needs are different. I’ve split the island up into five regions when considering where to stay on Oahu:

In each section, I will discuss who this region suits, what can you expect in that area, the pro’s and con’s of that region and make some suggestions for different budgets on where to stay. I’ve visited every region hundreds of times and been to most of the accommodations or at least know exactly where they are so my recommendations are based on local knowledge.


To give you a quick overview of the different regions so you can skip to the region that might best suit you, I’ve put together an infographic below about the different regions.

where to stay on oahu




Waikiki is the hub of Oahu. The majority of the hotels are on this famous strip of beach. There are hundreds of restaurants, cafe’s, tour centers, transport options and convenience stores. It has a great little surf break perfect or beginners. The water is warm, the cocktails are flowing and it is an all-around beach vibe


It is a perfect region for families, couples, older travelers and even has a few hostels for backpackers.

  • Families: Waikiki is the number one choice for families. They are centrally located for all of the tours to different spots around the island. Kids have protected beaches to swim in without worrying about waves. There are several man-made reef-breaks, which act as salt water swimming pools. Kids love these and it takes the stress out of beach days. Especially because the ocean and waves on Oahu can be unpredictable and stressful if you aren’t adept with the conditions. Lots of resorts have their own pool and the Hilton even has it’s own lagoon with water activities. For mom and dad, there are plenty of nightspots and relaxed bars throughout Waikiki. It is a safe neighborhood and it is also shopping heaven with lots of high-end retailers.
  • Couples: Honeymooners and couples have found the perfect getaway spot in Waikiki. Think of dining out and nice restaurants each night after a day of adventures each day. It is the perfect base to hit the beaches, adventure the island but still have the luxury of great accommodation, dining, and convenience on your doorstep. I’ve organized several honeymoon and couple vacations in Waikiki and they’ve always been stoked.
  • Older travelers: The older adventurers among us love Waikiki for a few reasons. It’s simple. Everything is on your doorstep. The tours pick you up and drop you off at your hotel lobby. There are quality restaurants in all directions and the famous Waikiki Beach is within walking distance. You are never far from a refreshing dip in your hotel pool, the ocean or an air-conditioner.


  • Hundreds of different accommodation options ranging from 5-star to hostels.
  • A huge array of dining options
  • Protected swimming areas with no big waves for kids and novice swimmers
  • Surf lessons and perfect small surf waves
  • Close to the popular Diamond Head Hike
  • All tours start and finish in Waikiki
  • Weather is always the best on the island in Waikiki
  • Shopping heaven
  • Outdoor gyms and running trails



  • Can get overwhelming with all the tourists
  • The beach can be busy during the high season
  • It can feel like a bit of a city beach compared to quieter island spots



  • Hanamau Bay Snorkeling tour
  • Para-sailing
  • Hike Diamond Hike Crater
  • Manoa Falls waterfall Hike
  • Pali Lookout Sunset Viewpoint
  • Sunset Sailing
  • Nightclubs and bars

View from Diamond Head Crater



Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort (High-end): In the heart of Waikiki, this high-end resort is right on the beach. Luxury rooms overlooking the beach, a private lagoon and a free fireworks and dance performance show. Hilton is easily the most recognizable hotel on the Island.

Why I recommend this hotel: It has its own private lagoon. While lots of people love the beach it is perfect for families. Kids can kayak, swim and snorkel with no worries. There are no currents, waves or sea creatures to worry about. The hotel is right on Waikiki Beach so don’t worry the beach is right there also. It is one of the high-end hotels and definitely not cheap but you get what you pay for with the Hilton. Ever Friday night guests of the hotel are treated to a traditional Hawaiian dance performance before the Hilton puts on an epic fireworks show. It’s my favorite fireworks show in the world because you are so close to the fireworks you can feel the reverberations on the ground while you are sitting!

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Sheraton Waikiki (High-end): A luxury resort with the most amazing infinity pool on the island, which overlooks the beach. The bar and nightclub at the Sheraton is a great place to relax after a long day of island adventures.

Why I recommend this hotel: The Sheraton is always exceptional no matter the location but imagine you are leaning over the edge of an infinity pool, the ocean is below you and you turn to your left and watch Diamond Head crater in the distance. That’s where you will be at the end of each day, having a Mai Tai cocktail in your infinity pool. Later on, in the evening Rumfire is a great bar venue, which is actually part of the Sheraton. It is open to the public and is one of the best high-end venues on Oahu. It has a small dance floor but is mostly standing and seating areas for drinks, chats and good times.

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Ramada Plaza Waikiki (Mid-Range): The perfect way to enjoy Oahu in a beautiful hotel without blowing the bank. This hotel has a rooftop pool and a restaurant but will only set you back around $100.

Why I recommend this hotel: The first two options in the Sheraton and the Hilton are great but they are definitely not cheap. Ramada Plaza is really high-quality accommodation for a much lower price. You still have a rooftop pool a great restaurant and your location is awesome. You are ticking all of the boxes for your luxury getaway but you won’t be spending $300_ a night for your room. Instead, you can grab a room here for under $150 per night. Great for couples who are planning on adventuring a lot and still want a nice hotel but won’t necessarily be there all day every day to enjoy its splendors.

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The Laylow Autograph Collection (Special Mention): The Laylow gets a special mention because I stayed in their luxury apartment for four days in January of 2018 while doing some filming with them. I just loved the vintage style of the place and I personally prefer more personal accommodations.

The Laylow is part of the Autograph Collection, which was created by the Marriott. The idea is to create a boutique style, luxury hotel encompassing a local flavor. What the Laylow has managed to do is create a luxury accommodation on par with a Marriott super hotel but with the feel of a smaller, one-off boutique. This place was so cool it was locals visiting the bar at night, not just the guests.

During our stay at the Laylow, we enjoyed all the facilities you would expect from an accommodation produced by the Marriott. Spacious studio rooms with modern design, a large gym, stunning pool, and a rooftop restaurant/bar. A daily, free shave ice stand and Ukelele lessons were several activities offered among many.

The Laylow Autograph Collection is ideal for the upmarket traveler, who wants to stay somewhere with more thought than a big chain but wants the luxury that big chain comes with. It’s the aloha vibes mixed with pure luxury.

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Waikiki Beachside Hostel (Budget): A budget alternative, which is still in an amazing location. Walking distance to Waikiki beach and a central location to base yourself for a week of adventures.

Why I recommend this hostel: Unfortunately Waikiki and Hawaii, in general, are not cheap. But they are still worth visiting. You can grab a dorm room for under $40 a night within walking distance to Waikiki surf beach. I get it, you have just come from Bali and you had a dorm room for $5 a night. This is Hawaii and there aren’t too many ways around it unless you camp, couch surf etc.

Having said that this location really is great. You are near a lot of attractions and can take public transport to a lot of great east coast beaches and hikes. It is the number one hostel in Waikiki and I’m sure you will meet other adventurers to go on hikes with!

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The North Shore is one of my favorite areas in the world. In the summer you have some of the most pristine beaches, snorkeling, turtles and those surfer town vibes. In the winter things really kick into full swing on the North Shore as the waves pick up and the area just becomes the ultimate surfer paradise. The best surfers from around the world come and stay on the North Shore and the vibe is just awesome.



It is a perfect region for families, couples and backpackers in the summer and in the winter it is more suited to surfers, surf enthusiasts, and backpackers. The waves in the winter are often too big for a family vacation if you are looking to build sandcastles and frolic in the waves. It can get big, 30+ feet isn’t the biggest. However, there are lots of other things to do on the North Shore in the winter if you don’t surf so it can still be a great spot for families but definitely something to consider.

  • Families: The North Shore has some of the best beaches on the island. Waimea Beach is my favorite beach in the entire world. In the summer it is paradise with crystal clear water, snorkeling, sea caves, sea turtles and cliff jumping. In the winter it is home of big wave surfing and such an intense bay! Other popular beaches are the world-famous Pipeline Beach and Sunset Beach. The North Shore is famous for it’s food trucks and garlic shrimp. It is a very friendly vibe on the North Shore. Lots of people ride their bikes up and down the coast, there are no high-rise hotels and it is mostly houses and cottages that make up the buildings in the region. It is a snapshot to how Oahu used to be although it never quite will be like the old days.
  • Couples: There is an epic resort on the North Shore called Turtle Bay Resort. This resort is one of the largest on Oahu and is away from all the hype in Waikiki. It is for people truly looking for a relaxing island getaway. It is right on the water and you can surf, swim with turtles, do yoga and enjoy the restaurant right on the beach.
  • Surfers: If you are a surfer I shouldn’t need to explain the North Shore. In the winter all of the pro’s come and live on the North Shore for a reason. It is the ultimate spot for surfing and that vibe runs true throughout the whole region with laidback vibes all through the North Shore. If you are a surfer you shouldn’t need to ask where to stay on Oahu, it’s the North Shore or nothing.


  • Best surf in the world
  • Cool laidback vibes and much quieter than Waikiki
  • Great snorkeling and beaches during the summer
  • Food trucks and garlic shrimp are part of the experience
  • A few nice hikes in the area like the short Peace Hike



  • 1-hour drive to Waikiki
  • In the winter the beaches aren’t good for swimming a lot of the time as the waves are too big



  • Surf
  • Watch the Pipeline Pro in January
  • Explore the Peace Hike
  • Waterfalls and nature walks
  • Watch the sunset at Sunset Beach
  • Lots of sea turtles
  • Stand-up Paddleboard in the River
  • Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center

north shore oahu, north shore, pipeline, surf oahu

north shore oahu, north shore, pipeline, surf oahu



Turtle Bay Resort (High End): The Turtle Bay Resort is one of the most famous resorts on the north shore of Oahu. The huge property of 880 acres boasts a private beach, crystal clear waters, white sand and even not one but two golf courses. The layout of the resort makes it possible for all guest to experience a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean from the comfort of their luxury room.

Why I recommend this hotel: It is the kind of place where you just get it all. It has the restaurant the activities and everything bundled into one. You book here and it isn’t necessarily cheap but you guarantee yourself a relaxing holiday where everything just runs smoothly and you have a great island getaway.

Activities run from the hotel include helicopter tours, snorkeling in the private lagoon, hot tub, horseback riding, hiking and the resort even has its own surf school.

Turtle Bay Resort is the biggest hotel on the north shore of Oahu with 401 guest rooms and 42 beach cottages and ocean villas. Luxury ocean villas range from $479 to $900 for four guests. Standard rooms range from $250 to $470 per night.

This is the most luxurious hotel on the north shore of Oahu and the perfect private hideaway for your dream vacation getaway to Oahu.

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The Courtyard by Marriot North Shore (High End): The Courtyard on Oahu’s north shore boasts 142 rooms, a fitness center, restaurant and outdoor pool.

Why I recommend this hotel: The lagoon style pool is the center point of the hotel and a great spot to relax after a day of exploring the island. The hotel is incredibly new with a modern look and fresh amenities. This is your classic guarantee hotel. You know you want to stay on the North Shore and you don’t want the big Turtle Bay Resort experience. This is your next port of call. You still get all the luxury of a big hotel, a pool, and a restaurant but you also get to enjoy the vibe and beaches of the North Shore.

One of the main attractions to staying at the Courtyard Marriott on the north shore of Oahu is the close proximity to the Polynesian Cultural Center, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions on Oahu.

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Backpackers Vacation Inn and Plantation Village: (Budget): Hotels on the north shore of Oahu can be expensive. In fact, figuring out where to stay on Oahu can be difficult if you don’t have much cash. Luckily, there is an accommodation option on the Oahu’s North Shore for the budget traveler.

Why do I recommend this hostel/hotel: Backpackers Vacation Inn offers accommodation from dorm beds, private beach studios, and entire cabins right on the beach. If you are looking for a surf vacation, a chill beach vacation or a spot to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean, this is the perfect spot.

The beauty of staying here is that you get all of the beaches and the food trucks no matter if you sleep in a dorm or at the luxurious Turtle Bay Resort. That’s why I think the best way to do Oahu is to get an accommodation that suits your basic needs and then enjoy the nature because that is what you really came for!

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