sunset spots siargao, siargao island

I spent a month on the island of Siargao and chased the sunset most nights. The only thing that stopped me from watching the sunset was a couple of tropical storms. Throughout the month I explored some known sunset spots and also created a few of my own! This is a list of my favorite sunset spots on Siargao.

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Mangrove wharf near Del Carmen

Halfway up the west coast of Siargao, the beach slowly becomes mangroves. Before the old town of Del Carmen is a small collection of houses wharf. This is a great little spot for some reflections on the water if the sky lit up with some nice color.

What we didn’t know was that we were standing before an epic mangrove system. It is so complex and beautiful it can really only be appreciated in its entirety from above.

The other way to experience this epic mangrove sunset spot near Del Carmen is to go for a cruise in a wooden outrigger boat. A local found us at the wharf and asked if we wanted to go for a ride. for $5 he took us out for a peaceful cruise through the mangroves.

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sunset spots siargao, siargao island


Cloud 9

This is probably the most popular and therefore most crowded spot for sunset on Siargao. The Cloud 9 wharf/pier/hut or whatever you want to call it is a three-story viewing platform over the ocean, connected to the land by a long boardwalk. From the hut, you can look down the coast to the east for sunrise or to the west for sunset. While I was at Cloud 9 in December you didn’t really see the sun at either sunrise or sunset but you still found some nice colors in the sky and you could watch the surfers riding waves during the last light of the day. It’s a good spot to enjoy some action during sunset but the hut will be quite crowded. Just around the corner is Jacking Horse surf break, which gives you a bit better of an angle for sunset.

sunset spots siargao, siargao island

sunset spots siargao, siargao island

sunset spots siargao, siargao island

Jacking Horse

Jacking Horse is a popular beginner surf break. It faces a little bit more west than Cloud 9 and became one of my favorite spots to watch the sunset. It is only a few minutes from anywhere in General Luna and is a quick and easy way to watch the end of the day without really putting in much effort. There are always surfers out in the water till the last light. This is quite a crowded spot but you can find your own little piece of sand to enjoy the sunset.

Ocean 101 Resort

We had Cloud 9, then next was Jacking Horse but one stop even further west is the Ocean 101 Resort. All three of these locations are within 10 minutes walking distance of each other but with each little bit of extra walking, you see a little bit more of the actual sunset. If you walk along the beach from Jacking Horse and head west you will eventually enter Ocean 101 Resort. Do they want a million tourists on their perfectly manicured grass that looks out over the ocean? Probably not! But one or two extra sunset admirers won’t kill them. Here you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere that looks out over the mountains in the distance and the new bridge. It’s the most unobstructed view of the sunset you will get from General Luna area.

General Luna Port

It took me til one of my last nights to explore the fishing dock and the port of General Luna. I guess I always just automatically hit up Cloud 9 but what a mistake that had been all month. The dock had only one other couple on the whole 100m of cement pathway that led out to the ocean. Longtail boats cruised home with tired tourists after a day of island-hopping and fisherman brought in their day’s catch. We got blessed with an absolute banger of a sunset on the one night we hit the pier at General Luna. I definitely recommend this sunset spot over Cloud 9 for at least one of the nights while you are in Siargao.

sunset spots siargao, siargao island

sunset spots siargao, siargao island

Naked Island

Naked Island is commonly the third stop on the Siargao island hopping tour. Depending on your tour guide and the timing of your island hopping experience you may be able to finish the day with a sunset on Naked Island. My group was waiting out on the island for the sunset before we got hit by a storm and called it a day. I would suggest going for it and trying to enjoy a sunset on this beautiful little sandbar if the weather and your tour guide agree with your plans.

sunset spots siargao, siargao island

Sohoton National Park in Socorro

I know it’s not Siargao but we did get here in one day from Siargao and it’s only an hour away. Plus, the sunset was too amazing not to include it on this list. We took a ferry from Dapa to Socorro and enjoyed a full day of island hopping. It was my favorite day on Siargao (although it was an hour away from the island). There were hardly any tourists and the lagoons and caves were almost as epic as those found in popular spots like El Nido and Coron. At the end of the day, we were cruising round in our longtail boat as the sky lit up fiery red. It was one of my favorite nights of our trip!


sunset spots siargao, siargao island

Santa Monica Pier

Getting all the way up to Santa Monica is a journey. In fact, most tourists who stay in General Luna don’t make it much further than Sugba Lagoon. We knew that and looked forward to escaping the party/surf hum of General Luna as we wound our way north to Alegria. Along the way we visited Tak Tak Waterfall, the only falls on Siargao. We also stopped off at my favorite beach on Siargao called, Alegria Beach. I had heard about a long pier in Santa Monica. Of course, we made lots of jokes suggesting people were referring to the world-famous Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. However, when we finally found the pier it was a great long cement path that stretched out into the ocean, harboring several fishing boats and ferries. We sat right out on the end and for once on Siargao, we were able to look directly towards the sun as it set over the ocean.

sunset spots siargao, siargao island

sunset spots siargao, siargao island



I spent 40 days living on Siargao and adventured to all of the well-known spots but also ventured a little further off the beaten path and explored some truly mind-blowing parts of Siargao and Sohoton! I’ve written a huge travel guide for Siargao but also several other helpful guides about the best sunsets, cliff jump spots. You can click on any of the guides below to head straight there. Enjoy Siargao!

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Where To Stay On Siargao



Siargao is pretty straightforward when it comes to picking a region to stay. 90% of people choose to stay somewhere near General Luna. All of the bars, restaurants, tours, ports, and hotels are near General Luna and Cloud 9 surf break. There are a couple of other regions you could stay in like Pacifico but unless you are purposely looking for isolation, General Luna is your spot. So what are my suggestions for where to stay in General Luna?

First, I’ll tell you where I stayed. Because I stayed for over a month, I managed to find an Airbnb. It was 4 blocks back from the beach, had wi-fi, A/C, a private bathroom, patio and inside was just two bunk beds. It was super basic and I stayed here with two mates and my sister. It was 900 USD for the entire month, which we split four ways so it was just $225 each.  There’s a photo below of our sweet Airbnb pad on Siargao Island.

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siargao island pictures photo gallery


Aside from Airbnb, which obviously isn’t for everyone, I actually personally visited and even stayed at a few different hotels during my time on Siargao. There are two standouts, luxurious resorts for those with a bit bigger budget.

  • The first spot is called Nay Palad Hideaway. It really is just a magical looking place surrounded by palm trees. The architecture is. beautiful and it is like island style meets luxury. It’s perfectly located in General Luna but would give you a ton of privacy during your stay as well.


  • The second spot is called Siargao Bleu Resort. I had friends stay here and visited and hung out in the pool a few times. It is right on the beach and the cool part is that the luxury villas kind of hang out over the pool making it feel like an over-water villa in the Maldives. The restaurant is pretty bomb too! (I may have snuck into the buffet breakfast once). It is one of the most popular places to stay on Siargao Island, so if you do decide to stay here definitely book early.


  • The best budget option for Siargao backpackers who want a private room is called Calypso Surf and Dive. Here you can get a basic double room for just $15, which when you split with your partner makes it cheaper than the hostel. It’s got good vibes, good location and everything you would expect from a basic, cheap accommodation.


  • The best budget option for dorm style/hostel accommodation on Siargao Island is called The White House in General Luna. For just $10 a night you can grab yourself a dorm bed. It’s very clean and has a huge chill out area with hammocks and bean bags for those post-surf siesta sessions.

Nay Palad Hideaway Resort


The best time to visit Siargao depends on what you are looking for. Many consider the best time of year when the weather is best but that also means crowds. I will give you a few options below about when is the best month to visit Siargao Island:

September: Siargao hosts the ‘Cloud 9 Surfing Cup’ each September, an official WSL Pro event

July – November: The best time period for surfing in Siargao is July until November. The easterly Mindanao current provides the islands with waves that came from the deepest regions of the Pacific.

March – May: If you aren’t as interested in the surf but are craving that sun. March until May should bring you guaranteed sunny days. But it’s the Philippines so you can’t guarantee it.


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  2. […] One of my favorite things to do in Siargao was to wake up for sunrise and chill out on the end of the Cloud 9 pier. Sometimes surfers were tearing it up and watching that was awesome. Other times I watched the sun slowly rise in the distance. Hardly anyone wakes up to head out there except for a few others, quietly enjoying the start of the day at Cloud 9. If you had out here for sunset you will find yourself sharing the hut at the end of the pier with quite the crowd. It doesn’t get the perfect sunrise or sunset due to its location but it’s one of your best bets if you are in General Luna. I wrote a full blog post about the best sunsets spots on Siargao best sunsets spots on Siargao. […]

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