alegria beach siargao

General Luna is the popular tourist area of Siargao, which has surfing and a beautiful coastline. However, it can get quite busy and the reef along the coastline of the local beaches in General Luna make it hard for a relaxed day of swimming. If you are up for a scenic drive to the north, you can make your way to the secluded Alegria Beach on Siargao Island.

How to get to Alegria Beach

From General Luna, Alegria Beach is about 1.5 hours drive. We rented mopeds and set off on a day-trip from the south to the north. The drive is incredibly scenic and you will be constantly surrounded by coconut palms. The drive up will take you past Tayangban Cave, Magpupungko Rock Pools and through the town of San Isidro. If you have time stop off at the caves or rock pools.

Just before you reach Alegria Beach the road will take you directly past TakTak falls. On our drive up we decided to stop at the falls, which is the only waterfall on Siargao Island.


Alegria Beach

The first thing I noticed at Alegria Beach on Siargao was the white sand and crystal clear water. Coconut palms lined the beach. It could have been a postcard. There were no other tourists just a few locals hanging back on the grass behind the beach. There is quite a bit of reef at this beach but there is still water deep enough to swim in, which isn’t too common on Siargao.

alegria beach siargao

We flew the drone and hung out in the shallows for a few hours, recovering from our exploration of TakTak waterfall. Finally, we asked the local guys about how to climb the coconut palms and they told us not to worry. One guy leaped up the tree and brought down four big coconuts. He then smashed them open for us and was pretty happy watching us hold the coconuts over our head enjoying the free-flowing tap of coconut water splashing all over us. He never asked for anything he was just a generous local.

alegria beach siargao



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    Hi, can you recommend a hotel/resort on Alegria Beach plse thanks!

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