Sugba Lagoon is one of the most popular things to do on Siargao. It’s a short daytrip from General Luna, Siargao to a spectacular lagoon surrounded by epic mountains. The daytrip costs around 1500 pesos (30 USD) per person or more if you book it in the tourist are of General Luna. However, we managed to find a way to get to Sugba Lagoon for 300 pesos (5 USD) per person.

How to get to Sugba Lagoon?

Sugba Lagoon is about an hour boat ride from Del Carmen or an hour and a half boat ride from General Luna. You can book a tour straight out of General Luna for 1500 pesos upwards, which will include lunch and entry.

We had mopeds and managed to source a local boat driver to take us to Sugba Lagoon and back for 1500 pesos total for all five people. We found the boat driver at the wharf before Del Carmen overlooking the mangrove forest. I will show you on the map below where the Mangrove Wharf is if you decide to try and find our boatman.


When you arrive at the mangrove wharf, ask for Ida. She is a lovely old woman with blue eyes who will organize the whole thing. You will need to organize it a day in advance as she will have to visit Del Carmen and get the entrance permission slip. This is a free slip but means they can legally enter the Sugba Lagoon area.

Booking the tour through Ida at the mangrove wharf means you will have to drive yourself from General Luna to Del Carmen, which takes 40 minutes. You will need to pack your own lunch or buy it at Sugba Lagoon and you will need to pay your own entry, which is only 100 pesos per person. Ida let us stay as long as we like at Sugba Lagoon and she just chilled and let us do our thing from 9 am when we arrived at the lagoon til we left at 2 pm.

Below is the map showing where Sugba Lagoon actually is.


Now you have the options of doing Sugba Lagoon DIY to save $20 bucks or so like we did or just going on an organized tour with a nice seafood lunch and no hassles for a bit of extra coin.

Sugba Lagoon

Despite being a recommended tourist spot Sugba Lagoon isn’t overcrowded such as spots like Kayangan Lake in Coron. You won’t have the lagoon to yourselves but it’s a big enough area to find your own piece of paradise to chill, take photos and hang out. It is a 4000-hectare sanctuary, which you will enjoy on the drive in as well as while you hang out in the main lagoon.

A big pontoon house is the main area where you will base yourselves for the day. Here you can claim a table and set up for the day. We left at our bags unattended at many points and the locals kept a steady eye on them for us.

At the pontoon house, fresh seafood lunches are available at a pretty decent price. A whole plate of fresh squid/calamari and rice for two people was only 400 pesos or $8 USD, which is fair considering the isolation of the location.

The pontoon house also rents out the equipment for activities. We rented a huge bamboo raft for an hour at $200 pesos. Others took stand-up paddleboards for a spin around the lagoons.

If you aren’t looking to hire any equipment you can still have a great time swimming in the lagoon and the pontoon house has a sweet diving board. You can grab some cool photos if you shoot from the second floor of the pontoon house out into the open lagoon.

Here are all the photos from Sugba Lagoon and the surrounding area I flew over during the day:




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  1. Aeryka says:

    Hi! Do you happen to still Ate Ida’s contact number? or the boatman’s? Can we ask for it? Hope you can help. ☺️

  2. Juliet says:

    Hi! My friends and I are planning to visit Augba Lagoon next month, is it possible to ask for Ms. Ida’s contact number? Thanks!

  3. Isko says:

    Is the p1500 a one way trip to Sugba Lagoon or will the boatman wait?

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  5. […] between our days of surfing we did two touristy things during our stay. The first was our trip to Sugba Lagoon. We stopped off on the way for lunch at a virtually deserted island and then continued onto the […]

  6. Franz says:

    Hi, I’d like to ask for Ms. Ida’s contact number. Thank you. Have a safe travel! 🙂

    • Mick says:

      Glad I found this blog, heading to Siargao and was going to look for a private boat to do island hopping without the tours. Would appreciate maam Ida’s contact information please.

      Thank you!

  7. Lyn Cedie says:

    Hi! Do you have Ida’s phone number? Also, would you know if we can go there as early as 7am or stay as late as 5pm?


    Hello. What cam or phone cam do you use for the sugba lagoon in siargao? thank you and more power.

  9. Mae says:

    Hi just wanted to ask if you have Ida’s contact details. Thanks

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  11. Janna Reyes says:

    Hi! I have some questions regarding the tour in sugba lagoon. Is it okay if i get your contact number? Much easier ?.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon


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