When you are in Siargao you will quickly realize this isn’t an ideal island for watching the sunset. General Luna, the main tourist area, faces in a south-east direction. The sunset at Cloud 9 surf break is still nice but it is facing the wrong way. We pulled up google maps and tried to find a spot along the west coast to watch the sunset. What happened was that we stumbled upon what I will happily call my favorite sunset spot on the island!

Along the west coast of Siargao, the beach slowly turns in to mangroves. Just before the town of Del Carmen, is a small collection of houses and a tiny wharf. We decided to pull in at the wharf and check it out. What we found was a small outrigger boat resting peacefully on incredibly still water. We immediately knew this would be a great little spot for some reflections on the water if the sky lit up with some nice color.

What we didn’t know was that we were standing before an epic mangrove system. It is so complex and beautiful it can really only be appreciated fully from above. Luckily we had our Dji Mavic with us and sent him up into the air over two nights to create the short video.

The other way to experience this epic mangrove sunset spot near Del Carmen is to go for a cruise in a wooden outrigger boat. A local found us at the wharf and asked if we wanted to go for a ride. for $5 he took us out for a peaceful cruise through the mangroves.

The drive from General Luna to the Mangrove wharf for sunset takes about 35-40 minutes on the moped. It’s a scenic drive through rice-paddies and takes you through the town of Dapa. I have included a map below with a pin so you can find the exact location. This is definitely worth the drive and a peaceful way to watch the sunset on Siargao.


Cloud 9 has awesome vibes for sunset but won’t look directly at the sun and is always pretty crowded. We spent every sunset at the mangrove wharf as the only tourists, hanging out with the locals who were ever curious about our drones and what we were up to.

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  1. Yuri says:


    If you arrive at the airport by 3PM, is it still possible to do this mangrove sunset if you go straight to del carmen?
    If so, do you know if there are lockers at the airport? Because we would leave our luggage at the airport then.
    Thank you!

    Kind regards

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