Siargao is a small island in the Philippines that from first glance may seem to have no cliff jumping opportunities. In fact, when I first arrived I thought there would be no jumping for my next 30 days on the island. Throughout our adventures, during the month we found quite a few spots ranging from 3m to 8m. These are the 6 best cliff jumping spots in Siargao … that we found!

Tayangban Cave Cliff Jump

Tayangban Cave Pool was one of the highlights of my many adventures throughout my month on Siargao. It was one of the best caving experiences I have had in Asia. For 15 minutes you swim and float in darkness, only aided by torches. Bats fly around you until you finally emerge to the open cave pool where you can cliff jump from seven meters. This is where the real fun begins!

The water is dark and needs to be checked. The guide (mandatory to have a guide) told us it is 18ft deep. It is in their backyard so I trusted them but still did a depth check on my landing. Always check your own depth because it’s your body you are throwing into the water, therefore, you are responsible for your own safety!

You need to scale the rock wall by pulling yourself up with the hanging vines. Not incredibly difficult but likely too hard for some. Once at the top you have a nice little ledge for a straight shot down. Aim for the middle of the pool and you will be solid! We threw a few backflips, gainers and fun jumps with our crew.

Entry into Tayangban Cave Pool is just 70 pesos or $1.50 USD.

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Magpupungko Tide Pools

The Magpupungko Tide Pools are one of the most popular attractions on Siargao Island. They are about 40 minutes from General Luna, which is the main tourist area. For just 50 pesos entry you can enjoy one of the most spectacular parts of coastline on the island.

Each day at low tide the tidepools are full of crystal clear water while the reef is exposed so you can walk around the tide pools. This is the location of the famous rock formation, which is balancing upright despite having a tiny base.

There are various spots to jump at the Magpupungko Tide Pools. The main rock in the middle is the best spot and you can jump from all sides. Depending on the time of day the water will be at different depths so make sure you check the depth of your landing area first. None of the landing areas are very deep. I jumped off every side head first and doing flips and hit the ground softly a few times. The height ranges from a couple of meters to a maximum of 4 meters or so.

This is probably the safest and most common spot to do a bit of cliff jumping in Siargao. However, it is quite small and won’t get your adrenaline racing if you are looking for some real height.

TIP: wear an old pair of sneakers or water shoes. Climbing up these rocks suck if you’re barefoot. The rocks are incredibly sharp. It is possible but you will enjoy yourself twice as much if you throw on a pair of sneakers or reef shoes.

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Magkuku-ob Cave in Sohoton National Park

Sohoton National Park is an epic day trip adventure from Siargao Island. You can explore blue lagoons, and discover hidden caves. However, there was one cave experience that ended with a 5m cliff jump. This was probably the most legitimate cliff jump we did during our time on Siargao although not the highest. It was a cliff so it gets the tick of approval.

Magkuku-ob Cave is one of the stops on the day trip. Our boat pulled up next to the cliff and we jumped straight off our longtail into the water. Without hesitation, we swam straight into the cave which went back about 20m. From here we had to climb up some ladders and rock climb for a few minutes before reaching sunlight again.

Now a very short, slippery hike back down the outside of the cave led us to a diving platform right next to the entrance of the cave. The only way back down is to jump from 5m off the platform and swim back to the boat. This is my kind of adventure. It’s great when your whole group gets involved, even those who aren’t too keen on jumping in.


Sugba Lagoon

Sugba Lagoon is one of the most popular things to do on Siargao. It’s a short day trip from General Luna, Siargao to a spectacular lagoon surrounded by epic mountains. The day trip costs around 1500 pesos (30 USD) per person or more if you book it in the tourist are of General Luna. However, we managed to find a way to get to Sugba Lagoon for 300 pesos (5 USD) per person.

Sugba Lagoon is an incredibly picturesque blue lagoon, which is, even more, epic if you check it out from the sky with the help of a drone. At the lagoon, you can hire a bamboo raft or SUP boards to explore.

Sugba Lagoon makes this list.. marginally. Siargao isn’t overflowing with cliff jumping so a cool diving board scrapes in. The diving board at Sugba Lagoon is about 3m high and has a pretty epic backdrop. It may not be the most thrilling leap you will ever take but the scenery makes up for that.

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Club Tara Resort

During our day-trip around Sohoton National Park, we stopped at a random resort. It had a strange waterslide and we weren’t quite sure what the deal was when we arrived. However, the diving board at Club Tara is pretty epic. It’s a 5m diving board with spring.

You can send some pretty fun backflips and dives from this board into crystal clear water. The scenery is spectacular just like Sugba Lagoon. From the diving board, you look out over an entire lagoon.

Tak Tak Waterfall

The only waterfall on Siargao Island may seem like a bit of a drip compared to some of the epic waterfalls in the Philippines. However, this obligatory visit actually turned in to one of my favorite adventures on Siargao.

The waterfall has two spots you can jump from. The water is not very deep and changes depth throughout the pool at the bottom so do treat these jumps with care and check exactly where you will land for debris and rocks.

The first jump spot is straight off the falls itself. You can climb down from the top of the falls after scaling the hill from behind or you can climb up from the bottom. Essentially you can jump from a number of different heights depending on how high you think you can survive in the depth of your landing spot!

The second spot is from the tree that hangs over the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. This is a super cool jump spot and a spot we hung out in for almost an hour. It was definitely the most unexpected cliff jumping spot in Siargao.

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  1. […] those who prefer to get their hearts racing elsewhere, Siargao offers some of the Philippines’ best cliff-jumping with the Magpupungko Rock Pools being a perfect spot to dive into the crystal-clear […]

  2. Timo says:

    Hi – thanks for your fun efforts. I only discovered your site after our trip to Sugba lagoon at Siargao island yesterday. The good news is that I found a huge diving point, a good 10 (!) meters from a tree. Pretty sure it is the best sort of clive dive around the island. From the main location in the lagoon, with the crowded 2,5-3m diving board, the best is to rent a paddle board (300p for an hour) and paddle a bit back to where you came from by boat and turn into the lagoon (after approx 80meters) at your right side, then paddle all the way to the back approx 250meters. The you will find sort of a tree hut with stairs/planks that have been made into the tree which leaps over the deep water. It is safely constructed and offers amazing views. A good 10 meters high. Amazing views!

  3. […] We thought the Hagukan Cave would be by far the best cave and the highlight of the day but shortly after we visited Magkuku-ob Cave. You swim into the cave then climb up into the cave before emerging at a 5-meter cliff jump back into the lagoon where you began! It’s a good height for everyone and a great group activity. What an adventure spot this is. I wrote another blog post  you might like if you are into adventure: ” 6 Awesome Cliff Jumping Spots in Siargao“. […]

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