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20 Awesome Things To Do In Moalboal: Best Tourist Spots

20 Awesome Things To Do In Moalboal: Best Tourist Spots

Moalboal is the absolute best place to base in Cebu for all of your adventures. Whether you have one day or one week in Cebu, make your base Moalboal. All of the best waterfalls are within a moped ride from Moalboal and you also have a number of pretty sweet hikes within striking distance. You’ll have turtles and sardine balls quite literally on your doorstep and Oslob is just a morning drive away for the Whale Shark Interaction. There are so many tourists spots and things to do in Moalboal and I’ll share all of them with you in this blog post.

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The key factors that make Moalboal such a good place to stay is that you have a couple of nice beaches, which are surprisingly rare in Cebu. Among all of the epic things to do in Moalboal, there is also somewhat of a nightlife scene with a decent amount of restaurants and food options, which is not seen elsewhere in the south of Cebu. 

Casino Peak Hike Cebu Lugsangan-1473

I actually lived in Moalboal for a few months after renting an apartment there for a year as my home base. I’ve done a lot of adventures while basing out of Moalboal, so you can count on me to give you the lowdown on all of the best things to do in Moalboal. In addition, I also have the handy tips only you can only learn by staying in Moalboal for an extended period of time.

In this blog post about the best things in Moalboal I’ll detail the following:

  • The best waterfalls near Moalboal
  • The best hikes near Moalboal
  • The best beaches near Moalboal
  • Where to eat in Moalboal
  • Best spots for WiFi in Moalboal
  • Where to stay in Moalboal (for different budget types)
  • How to get to Moalboal from Cebu( the cheap way or the convenient way)
  • Freediving and snorkeling tips for Moalboal


Moalboal is the best place to base for all your Cebu adventures. It is central to most waterfalls, canyoneering, snorkeling, beaches and within driving distance of the Whale Sharks!

a view of a beach with a thatched hut and palm trees.
a pool with a flamingo in the middle of it.


First, let’s take a look at the waterfalls nearby Moalboal. The best thing to do is to rent a moped in Moalboal, which will cost you around $5-8 USD per day depending on your haggling ability. You can easily find a moped to rent at many of the guesthouses but definitely down at the Panagsama beach strip. If you don’t want to drive a bike you can ride on the back of a local’s bike but you will need to pay his wage for the day.

All of the waterfalls I list below are within driving distance from Moalboal. Most of them are within one-hour driving from Moalboal. Some are closer than others but you can reach them all from Moalboal, which is where I stayed when I visited them. I’ve written an individual blog post for each waterfall so you can click on that link and investigate the driving time, trek required and see more photos and details about that specific waterfall.


In this section we will go through all of the waterfalls you can reach from Moalboal.


Inambakan Falls is known for having a beautiful 100-ft waterfall that plunges into a wide pool of blue water. Surrounded by lush jungle greenery it is indeed an amazing scene. However, what makes Inambakan Falls such a memorable adventure is the multi-level trek to different pools and waterfalls. When I visited, I was based in Moalboal and the drive took less than an hour on the motorbike.

The main waterfall is a 100ft flow of water, which crashes down into the blue pool of water. I really love the limestone cliffs behind the waterfall. The orange tinge contrasts so vividly against the strong blue of the pool below.

We swam behind the waterfall into the cave and explored the rocks of the main pool before sending a couple of jumps into the pool below. You could adventure here for hours and it is an adventure in itself. However,  there are five levels at Inambakan so this is just part of the experience.

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Click the orange button below to view all of the top-rated tours on Klook


Canyoneering through the Gatorade blue waters all the way down the canyons into Kawasan Falls is one of the most popular tourist spots in Cebu.

In Badian/Alegria and even Moalboal there are many tour companies you can book with for your Kawasan Falls canyoneering adventure on Cebu. However, these are often big groups and can range in quality as it’s tough to see the ‘reviews’. I suggest booking in advance with the online tour that has 1000+ positive reviews. There are two main options that I recommened:

The canyoneering starts in the jungle and you will wear a helmet and a life vest. Accompanied by a guide you will jump into the water and begin floating down the canyon. This goes on for the best part of 2 hours as you float, jump and climb your way down to Kawasan Falls.

The biggest jump was 50ft but it was optional. The biggest jump that was required to continue the journey downstream was only a few meters. Halfway through the floating and swimming comes to an end more or less and you begin to trek through the water and the jungle. It is quite an immersive experience but still quite safe.

Finally, you will end up at Kawasan Falls. Here you finish the experience with a big jump from the top of the waterfall. Note that you don’t have to jump you can walk down quite easily but it is the tradition to finish with the jump. Now you can enjoy Kawasan Falls and have a rest!


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The GoPro Hero11 is the BEST camera for traveling around the Philippines.

  • Waterproof for snorkeling, island-hopping and canyoneering and beach days.
  • Built-in stabilization for filming your travels and adventure activities
  • 5.3K video and 27MP Photo to capture awesome memories of friends and family


Kabutongan Falls trek is one of the most magical adventures on the island of Cebu. It’s also rarely crowded as it isn’t as popular as many other waterfalls in the south of Cebu. The trail follows the blue waters of a narrow stream up the canyon until you reach Kabutongan Waterfall. Here you will find a hidden cave behind the waterfall and several different cliff-jumps!

The trail is only a short 30-minutes but there are a few sections that require rope  (it is installed). It is possible without a guide but the guide is vital to help protect natural areas like this and they will help keep you safe.

At the Kabutongan Waterfall viewpoint, you can only see half of the waterfall as the rock wall wraps around, concealing the waterfall. Luckily you can get a closer like by swimming down in the pool below.

You can even enter the cave by swimming on the left side, directly underneath the flow of the waterfall. Inside the cave, the water has that beautiful blue tinge and the cave goes back about 20-meters. It was one of my favorite parts of the trek.

The cliff jumps at Kabutongan are pretty awesome. From the viewpoint, you have two levels. One is about 5-meters and the other is about 8-9 meters.

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Dao Waterfall offers not only an epic waterfall finale but it is the trek in that is truly astounding. For thirty minutes you wade through those trademark Cebu blues, while ferns and palms cover the canyon walls on either side. The trek to Dao Falls itself isn’t hard but it does require you to walk through the water and navigate your way around boulders and rocks. 

The vibrant green ferns, palms and jungle plants come at you from all angles and contrast against the blues. The final piece of this incredible natural puzzle is the high canyon walls that slowly close in on you as you make your way up the cascades until you are walking through a narrow trail.

Dao Waterfall is about 40-50m high and pours down into a large pool. You can swim safely in the pool and near the falls when the flow isn’t too crazy but of course, be careful depending on the conditions. It was a great pool to refresh in after the short trail hike. 

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What are my favorite pieces of gear for waterfall adventures?

There are four pieces of gear that I simply never forget when I go on a waterfall adventure. These are four items that I using right now and this list gets updated every year! Here are my waterfall adventure essentials.

  • Arcteryx BETA AR Rain Jacket: This is my go-to rain jacket. It’s super light, folds down into a tiny ball, and protects brilliantly in a storm. This one never leaves my backpack.
  • Osprey Ultralight Dry Sack: Waterfalls get wet and wild so having this ultralight dry sack for cameras, phones and valuables means you don’t have to hold back!
  • Quick-Dry Towel: A quick-dry towel is a must for travelers. It hardly takes up any room and dries in seconds.
  • GoPro Hero 12: The best and easiest way to capture your underwater and snorkeling adventures.


Cambais Falls is an amazing waterhole in the hills of Alegria, Cebu. It’s less than an hour’s drive from Moalboal and there are several other great waterfalls nearby to make an epic waterfall adventure day. There are several waterfalls and different cliff jumping levels at Cambais as well as great spots for swimming.

Cambais Falls has two distinct levels. On the first level, a huge, milky blue pool is surrounded by ferns, boulders, and trees. The waterfall at this level pours over the limestone cliff wall without extreme force, more of a pour! It seems to drip off the limestone in lines, which creates a beautiful scene from below.

On this first level, there is a solid cliff jump. From about 7 meters and then 10 meters you can jump directly from the waterfall. The spot to land it is quite small as it isn’t too deep and you need to hit the right landing area. Make sure you check the depth before jumping.

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Montpellier isn’t the most popular waterfall on Cebu amongst tourists. In fact, most probably don’t know about it. The locals are happy to share this one. They have painted a big mural and sign near the road, which marks the entrance. It is a great little watering hole without much of a hike and a great way to cool off after exploring Osmena Peak (on the same road).

Once you reach the waterfall you will have to crane your neck to take it in. It’s a tall one. A single flow of water plummets onto a giant boulder below before cascading into the emerald pool. It’s a great spot for swimming and hanging out with some of the local kids.

I can’t imagine having something so epic in my backyard.. let alone my hometown! It’s one of the best waterfalls on Cebu for a relaxed afternoon.



A 15-minute bus ride away from D’Allegre (costing less than $1) you will head to Mainit Hot Springs. A short walk through the jungle and you will arrive at some amazing hot springs, surrounded by lush greenery and a waterfall.

The Hot Springs were steaming. So hot we could hardly sit in some of the springs which ranged from 38-42 degrees Celsius. Set in a rainforest just beyond a local village we could feel this was just the beginning of an amazing trip

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Tucked away in Samboan is a beautiful waterfall at the end of a tranquil jungle trail. It is also the place of one of the most dangerous cliff jumps I’ve ever done in my life. It’s a beautiful but short little adventure, which you can combine with the other waterfalls in the Samboan region of Cebu.

Binalayan Waterfall is also known as ‘Hidden Falls’. Like many ‘hidden’ places around the world, it is not hidden at all. It is advertised with a road from the sign, which directs you to a parking lot and the ticket office.

The trail only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish but provides a beautiful coconut palm-lined path and peaceful scenery. Most of the path is a steady dirt trail, which we traversed in flip-flops. Enormous palm trees cover the land. One of our guides showed off his rapid climbing skills and gathered some coconuts for us, which was super impressive.

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Aguinid Falls has become one of the most popular waterfalls on the island of Cebu. While it may never surpass the popularity of Kawasan Falls down the road, the Aguinid Falls trek is a great, adventurous activity for explorers of all levels.

You can do a tour that lets you see Aguinid Falls and swim with the Whale Sharks all in one day! That is a great way to see one the best of south Cebu waterfalls and swim with the Whale Sharks on a tight schedule from Cebu City!

Aguinid Falls is split up into multiple levels. The adventure used to take you to eight levels. However, since there were a few accidents and fatalities on the higher levels, you are now required to take a guide and you will only reach level five. Don’t worry this is more than enough adventure!

The adventure to the waterfall is the attraction. You will walk through the water, along with bamboo bridges and at one point scale straight up the waterfall aided by a strong rope. Don’t worry it isn’t vertical. It is more of a 45-degree angle and not slippery at all.

After about half an hour we reached the level 5 waterfall, which pours down over the rounded waterfall. Caves inside can be explored and it is a great place for a refreshing dip. This is definitely one of the best waterfalls on Cebu if you want a big adventure!

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a man standing on a rock next to a waterfall.


Cancalanog Falls is one of the most incredible spots on Cebu and it remains off the beaten path. While it isn’t a massive waterfall it boasts some incredibly transparent, freshwater in a stunning watering hole. The location is before Cambais Falls and only 1-hour drive from Moalboal.

I honestly couldn’t believe it when we arrived at this location and there was no-one else there it really topped it off. In fact, no-one else came to this spot for the entire afternoon in which we visited. 

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Mantayupan Falls in Barili is the highest waterfall in Cebu and one of the most beautiful. Set inside a natural amphitheater of trees, vines, and tropical plants, this is truly one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Cebu. It’s just a 45-minute drive from Moalboal. It can get quite busy on the weekends for the entire day but visit on a morning during the weekday and you might just enjoy this waterfall all to yourself like us.

Mantayupan Falls has two levels. On the small level is a 14-meter cascade that flows down into a circular pool. It’s the warm-up. On the top level, you will find Cebu’s highest waterfall at 98-meters, which flows down into a huge pool below.

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Lusno Falls is a bit of a hidden gem on Cebu as it isn’t located next to the main road and is a little bit more low key than some of the other waterfall hotspots on the island. Because of this, it has a local charm and a relaxed atmosphere. There is no entrance fee, no cottages, no cement path. It’s just a tranquil waterfall amidst the palms halfway between Argao and Ronda in the middle of Cebu.

The falls are quite beautiful with rounded sandstone that the water flows down over like a vase water feature. With no crowds, it will be a relaxing, off-the-beaten-path adventure.



Now that we have covered the waterfalls near Moalboal (that was a lot!) you might be keen to hear about some of the treks in the area. None of them are incredibly long, but as you will see a few of them have pretty epic views.

I like to visit one or two waterfalls during the day and then finish with a sunset hike or reverse the schedule with a sunrise hike followed by some waterfalls. Again, all of these hikes are within about an hour from Moalboal for the most part. Casino Peak is a little longer but I did drive there from Moalboal (and most people do) so it’s on the list.


From Alegria, we organized a motorbike to take both myself, a friend, and of course the driver to Osmena Peak. It was only $10 per person return and was a 1.5-hour journey each way. It was very uncomfortable but the budget option.

You could take a car here but it would be much more expensive. We had to leave before 4 am in order to make it to the summit before sunrise.

The Peak is known for having amazing panoramic views across jagged cliff lines and the ocean. We were told it would be best for sunrise and we were left speechless by the scene from the summit of the short 20-minute trek.

Book a tour: You can do it DIY like me but there is a really good tour you can book as well. The tour I recommend to you actually includes a visit to Kawasan Falls and Osmena Peak on the same day for just $30!

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Osmena & Kawasan Combo

  • Osmena Peak Sunrise
  • Kawasan Falls after Hiking
  • 2 Best Cebu Activities


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In the backyard of a friendly family near Lugsangan is one of the most amazing viewpoints on Cebu. Known as Casino Peak, this short trek to the top of a rocky ridge has a view I can guarantee you have never dreamed of in your wildest imagination.

The trek up Casino Peak from the information center is actually very short and hardly considered a trek in my opinion. The total trekking time to reach the summit is about ten minutes although it is quite steep. The track is clear the whole way but not marked. At the summit, we could not believe our eyes as we saw the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. For me, this was the best mountain view I had ever seen in Cebu and It was a more impressive vista than Chocolate Hills on Bohol in my opinion.


Casino Peak Hike Cebu Lugsangan-1473


Kandungaw Peak is an epic ridge in the mountain range of Dalaguete, Cebu. It is also commonly known as Candongao Peak but Kandungaw seems to be the more commonly used. This short hike of about 30-minutes takes you to some beautiful viewpoints with dramatic drop-offs. There are four viewpoints to see at this location and one additional cave to explore.



Cebu has tons of hikes and waterfalls but tourists often lament at the lack of beach areas to hang out for the day. Moalboal has a couple of spots. The main one is White Beach but you can also find a small patch of sound to hang out just off the main strip from Panagsama Beach.


There are a few little coves at Panagsama where you get enough sand for 20-30 people to lay out, get a tan and read a book. It isn’t a beach you take a photo of (hence why I’ve not got one to add here yet). However, it does face the sunset so it is really nice to just take a breather at this little sandy patches. I used to run in the morning, then work in the cafe and then come down to the same spot and read a book, get a tan and keep cool for a short swim.


White Beach, also known as Basdaku, is a prime beach destination in Moalboal, South Cebu. Boasting a stretch of white sandy shoreline that spans nearly a kilometer, it offers an ideal setting for family outings, group gatherings, or solo retreats. It’s one of the top Moalboal tourist spots for sunset!

The sand here is soft and clean, making it perfect for barefoot strolls or building sandcastles with the kids. The clear blue waters are inviting for a swim or a snorkel, with calm waves that make it safe for children and less confident swimmers.

This beach is more developed compared to others in the area, providing a range of amenities for visitors. There are numerous resorts, guesthouses, and cottages lining the beach, catering to different budget levels. Dining options are also abundant, with restaurants and food stalls serving up local and international cuisine, as well as fresh seafood.

White Beach


Moalboal, located in the southwest region of the island of Cebu in the Philippines, is an exceptional destination for aquatic pursuits such as freediving, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Freedivers flock to Moalboal for its pristine underwater visibility and diverse marine life, immersing themselves in the tranquility of the sea while testing their breath-holding abilities. Snorkelers enjoy the shallow reef ecosystems of Pescador Island and the nearby Sardine Run, where immense schools of sardines whirl in mesmerizing patterns just below the water’s surface. Scuba divers, meanwhile, are drawn to the diverse dive sites offering everything from colourful coral gardens to challenging deep wall dives.


Moalboal is a hotspot for Scuba and free-diving. The entire strip on the beach is lined by dive shops. It is very popular to learn to free dive in Moalboal because of the drop-off and has become a bit of a hub for free-divers. The prices for courses and dives here are pretty cheap in relation to Asia and very cheap compared to western countries.

If you are looking to do a basic course, it usually runs across 2-3 days and costs you around $200. By the end of the course, you know all the safety techniques and have the skills to dive down to 10-meters in order to pass your basic exam.

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The beauty of Moalboal, which many don’t realize, is that if you rent a mask and snorkel for just a few dollars you can swim with the sardine balls. I think a lot of people assume you need to be on a tour on go out into deep waters on a boat to find the sardines. However, these massive sardine balls are literally right next to the shore at the drop-off so you can just swim out 20-meters and then do a few duck dives and find yourself in the middle of a million sardines. It’s pretty sweet and one of the cheapest but most epic things to do in Moalboal.

012_adj_DSC0579 sardines at pescador island


Scuba-diving is also a popular thing to do in Moalboal because of the incredible drop-off, sardine balls, and resident turtles. The water clarity is pretty epic on most days and it would be a great place for a fun dive or to do your entire scuba-dive course. There are also a number of scuba-dive sites out at Pescador Island, which is just a short boat trip from Panagsama Beach. Scuba-diving with the sardines is one of the most unique Moalboal activities.

052_adj_DSC0904 "wall" of sardines


Cebu International airport is a great hub. Moalboal is a bit of a journey away from the airport and the city. By bike, it takes about 3 hours and the bus is similar unless the traffic is very bad. I prefer to do that trip and live far from the city. At least you have an international airport on the island so you can jump to most places in Asia within a day.


There’s only one gym in Moalboal and it’s called LGC gym. It is run by a lovely old lady who charges everyone 20 pesos or 5o cents entry. It has free-weights and all the equipment you need.

There is no a/c and I often leave puddles on the floor because I’m sweating so hard. It is honestly perfect for me. It’s super cheap, a chill environment and only a couple minutes from my apartment. I think more recently, another gym or two may have opened up in Moalboal so that is worth looking into.

a gym with a lot of equipment in it.


Moalboal is the land of motorbikes and mopeds. It is all about far for a bicycle. Panagsama Road has to be at least 4km long so if you leave near the beach you will be doing minimum 10km round trips out to the grocery stores or vice versa if you need to make that journey into the cafes each day. A moped or motorbike means everything is just 5-10 minutes away.

The beauty of a motorbike means you can explore the south where you find so many waterfalls and different Moalboal activities. A car isn’t the best here as the roads are tight, there are a number of small lanes and often you will be on gravel visiting many of the Moalboal tourist spots. The majority of people rent or buy a bike.

Without doing any major haggling or bargaining you can get a moped for $5 USD a day. I bought a motorbike for $1000 brand new from the local Yamaha dealer. Mopeds are about $1100 to $2000 depending on the brand and model. Gas is just a few dollars for the moped to fill the tank and the motorbike costs me $8 but obviously lasts a while.


Moalboal is mostly known not only for its beautiful beaches and water activities, but it does offer some nightlife options for after a long day of hanging out at the beach. Here are some popular Moalboal nightlife spots known for their lively atmosphere:

  • Chili Bar: Located right on Panagsama Beach, Chili Bar is one of the most famous nightlife spots in Moalboal. It offers a great selection of drinks, tasty food, and has a pool table. The bar is well-known for its chill beach vibe during the day that transitions into a lively atmosphere at night.
  • Pleasure Principle Resto-Bar: This venue doubles as a restaurant and bar, known for its friendly staff, extensive drink selection, and late-night party atmosphere. They often host live music and entertainment events.
  • The Nomad’s: A favorite among locals and tourists alike, The Nomad’s is a bar that offers a great selection of drinks, lively music, and an overall fun environment.
  • One Eyed Jacks Bar: This is a popular spot for both its food and nightlife. Known for its welcoming atmosphere, One Eyed Jacks offers a range of beverages and is a great place to unwind after a day of exploring.
  • Pacitas Beach Resort Bar: Located within the Pacitas Beach Resort, this bar is a great place to relax with a drink while enjoying the stunning beach views. They offer a good selection of cocktails and other beverages.

I personally don’t party much so it isn’t a problem for me. If you need that social party aspect that you might find in Bali then Moalboal may seem a little boring and quiet for you even with a few options for bars and parties.


For better or worse Moalboal now has two big malls with grocery stores, furniture stores, and hardware stores. While it clogs up the roads and ruins the small-town vibe it is, of course, convenient for the residents. I purchased all of my extra furniture, water coolers etc. at the mall for cheap prices. They have clothes, sports gear and pretty much everything you could imagine at the malls.

The grocery store is pretty good too for all of your needs. There is obviously a lot of products the locals like but a fair selection of western products as well.


Moalboal is not only the last frontier for good WiFi but also for cafes and restaurants. It is the last heavily populated place so a good restaurant just doesn’t get the traffic further south. I have a few local favorites that I frequent but there are lots of good spots on offer.

  • Venz: Venz cafe can best be described as modern Filipino cuisine. You can get all the classics like Sisig and Adobo but it isn’t your classic local eatery. They really step it up here by offering the local dishes with vegetarian and vegan options. For example, they have an eggplant Sisig. The vegetable curry, eggplant Sisig are my favorite vegetarian dishes from Venz.
  • The French Cafe: Not only is the WiFi great here but the food is spot on too. Breakfast is very popular here and they just seem to source the best bread. Smoothies, fruit plates and sandwiches give you a good break from local dishes if you are craving a classic sandwich or western-style breakfast.
  • Shaka Cafe: It only opened when I first moved to Moalboal but it is definitely my favorite cafe in Moalboal. Smoothie bowls, fresh juices, and smoothies are an awesome healthy alternative to start the day. It is a bit more expensive but the ingredients are also a touch more exotic such as chia seeds, healthy greens, maca powder and all of the good stuff. You get what you pay for and it’s a good vibe in here.
  • Pleasure Principle Resto-Bar: A popular spot for food and nightlife, Pleasure Principle Resto-Bar serves a mix of Filipino and Western dishes. It’s known for its friendly staff, vibrant atmosphere, and its location near the beach.
  • Lantaw Restaurant: Lantaw Restaurant offers a range of local and international dishes, with a great view of the sea. The restaurant’s open-air design enhances the dining experience.


I really think that if you are going to be exploring Cebu, the best place to stay is in Moalboal. There are a few reasons why!

Cebu City might be where you land at the airport but if you are looking for adventure, you will need to head south as soon as possible. Most of the best waterfalls, whale sharks, snorkeling with sardines and turtles are all down in the south of Cebu. So where do you stay to do all of these adventures? Moalboal!

Moalboal is a cool town, which is the free-diving and scuba capital of Cebu. There are tons of hostels, hotels, and hostels here as well as being close to all the waterfalls and hikes in the region.

Here are my recommendations on where to stay in Moalboal depending on your budget.

  • Teobas HomestayValue: You need to click on that link just to see how rad this place is. It has a staircase down to the ocean into crystal clear water. I can tell you, I have snorkeled out the front of this place with turtles many times. For about $30 USD you get a private room with all of the facilities you need. There is not much better than having ocean access and a bit of a sunset view!
a set of stairs leading down to the water.
three yellow stars on a white background

Teobas Homestay

  • Best Value
  • Ocean Staircase
  • Beachfront
  • Dolphin House ResortLuxury: If you are looking for a nice resort, Dolphin House is a 5-star resort with a huge pool for less than $200 USD per night. It has ocean access, great restaurant, chilling areas and a beautiful garden throughout the property.
a view of a beach with a thatched hut and palm trees.

Dolphin House Resort

  • Luxury
  • Private Pool
  • Beachfront


When considering the weather, the best time to visit Cebu, Philippines, is generally during the dry season which runs from December to May. During this period, the weather is more predictable, with less chance of rain disrupting outdoor activities. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  1. Dry Season (December – May): This period is characterized by less rainfall and more sunshine. Among these months, February to May are especially good as they tend to be hot and dry, making them perfect for beach-related activities.
  2. Cool Months (December – February): The months of December to February are part of the dry season but are slightly cooler compared to other months. This makes it a good time to visit if you prefer more moderate temperatures.
  3. Hot Months (March – May): These months can get quite hot, but if you’re planning on spending time at the beach or by the pool, this could be the ideal time for you.
  4. Rainy Season (June – November): These months have more rainfall, which can disrupt outdoor activities. However, the rain can also bring cooler temperatures and fewer tourists, which some visitors might prefer.
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a person sitting on a rock in front of a waterfall.


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an aerial view of a resort in the middle of the ocean.


Saturday 5th of August 2023

Nice work, thank you for showing all these things. No place is perfect, what are some of the negative things in this area?


Sunday 7th of May 2023

Hi, I am wanting to see as much as I can while in Cebu and am wondering if I should send a couple nights in Moalboal and than a couple nights in Samboan as it seems closer to the falls and I will be heading to the ferry in Liloan. What would you suggest?


Friday 24th of June 2022

Hello Jackson,

Thanks for sharing… This is a very helpful guide around Moalboal area. Amazing & Beautiful photos … I can’t wait to go to one of your top list. Great job!!! 🤘🏽


Thursday 13th of February 2020

Jackson, the pics prove it to be paradise on earth! And now that know about all those WIFI spots around, nothing can stop me from moving to Cebu. Thanks for this boost.


Saturday 15th of February 2020

Yes cebu is good for digital nomads if you research well and are flexible :)


Sunday 9th of February 2020

Thanks for the article, it's making me miss Cebu a lot as I'm normally based in Manila. Cebu City feels just like any other major city in the Philippines, but the rest of the island has a lot to offer.


Sunday 9th of February 2020

Welcome! I'm based in Cebu City and you can do a lot of good day trips from the city to natural spots.