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Lusno Falls In Cebu: Hidden Waterfall

Lusno Falls In Cebu: Hidden Waterfall

Cebu is known as being waterfall-lovers heaven with more than 100 falls spread across the island, but have you ever hear of Lusno Falls? This waterfall is a bit of a hidden gem on Cebu as it isn’t located next to the main road and is a little bit more low key than some of the other waterfall hotspots on the island. Because of this, it has local charm and a relaxed atmosphere.


There is no entrance fee, no cottages, no cement path. It’s just a tranquil waterfall amidst the palms halfway between Argao and Ronda in the middle of Cebu. In this blog post, I’ll share everything you need to know about visiting Lusno Falls in Cebu.


Lusno Falls is located in the middle of Cebu. Really it is halfway down the island and right in the middle of the coast on both sides. It is accessible by car. I’ve embedded the map below, which has an accurate pin for Lusno Falls.

By Car: From Cebu City, it will take you 2.5 hours by car. From Moalboal it will take you just 30-minutes by car. If you are traveling by car make sure you look for the Anajao Barangay Hall because this is your turn-off. It’s easy to miss as it really just looks like a basketball court and an office.

If you are coming from the west coast (such as Moalboal, Ronda) you will find the turn-off on your left-hand side. Once you turn down this road, it is quite narrow and in one part you needed to have one wheel on the raised cement and one wheel on the gravel. It’s safe all the way until you reach a sign that says ‘Lusno Falls’. Here you turn right and then can park in the house of the locals.

They didn’t charge us a parking fee but feel free to offer a small amount to say thanks for the parking spot. I’ve added a photo below of the parking area for reference. From that parking spot, you simply walk down the path, past a few houses and farming fields for 5-minutes until you reach Lusno Falls.

By Bus: By bus, you will need to catch the bus to Ronda. Here you will have to disembark and find a Habal-Habal driver. He would likely need to stay with you while you are at the waterfall because you probably won’t find a driver in the rural area near Lusno Falls to bring you back. Therefore, you can expect to pay a little extra as it will be a 3-hour program for the Habal-Habal driver.




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After visiting Mantayupan Falls earlier in the day, we drove down to Ronda. From Ronda, we made the turn off on the local road (still paved) up to Anajao Barangay Hall.

We actually missed it the first time because there was no big sign, not even for Anajao and definitely not for Lusno. All there was was a tiny sign facing the opposite way saying Anajao. So make sure you are attentive.

We doubled back and made the turn-off at Anajao Barangay Hall, which turned out to be an interesting road. It is a narrow, gravel road that at times required a bit of courage. One section had a cement road but it only covered half of the path. That meant we had to have one wheel 10-inches off the road riding on the cement. All went well but it was a bit sketchy.

If you don’t want to test your car through this road, it is a very short walk from the Barangay Hall. After 5-minutes on the road there is a small sign on the right saying, ‘Lusno Falls’. Turn here and then very shortly after you can park behind the house of the locals. 

The path begins next to the parking lot and continues in the same direction you were driving. The locals will point you in the right direction should you not see the way. Basically, it’s a 5-minute walk from the parking lot to the river and the Lusno Falls. The trail leads you through farm crops and banana trees.

Once we made it down to the river, the first thing I noticed was that everything was slippery as hell. It didn’t stop me fro slipping twice while we explored. Be careful here. Whether you have flip-flops, water shoes or go barefoot… good luck staying upright. 

Lusno Falls is on your right when you emerge from the trail and now you can cross the river, drop off your belongings and enjoy the cascading waterfall. It reminded me a lot of Aguinid Falls in Samboan because of the rounded sandstone, which the water flowed over almost like a man-made water feature. For that reason, it is a very beautiful waterfall even if it is the biggest or bluest falls you will find in Cebu.


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The water is deep enough to swim right in front of the waterfall on the right-hand side. The local kids will jump in but it’s not very clear so I would probably hold back on the jumps at this site.

It’s also a pretty remarkable place to fly the drone because the lush jungle setting around the waterfall and river gives the entire place a very wild vibe despite it being in the middle of farmland. There is also a small pool on top of the waterfall that you can visit and swim in.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Lusno Falls, one of the hidden gems in Cebu.


I really think that if you are going to be exploring Cebu, the best place to stay is in Moalboal. There are a few reasons why!

Cebu City might be where you land at the airport but if you are looking for adventure, you will need to head south as soon as possible. Most of the best waterfalls, whale sharks, snorkeling with sardines and turtles are all down in the south of Cebu. So where do you stay to do all of these adventures? Moalboal!

Moalboal is a cool town, which is the free-diving and scuba capital of Cebu. There are tons of hostels, hotels, and hostels here as well as being close to all the waterfalls and hikes in the region.

Here are my recommendations on where to stay in Moalboal depending on your budget.

  • Teobas HomestayValue: You need to click on that link just to see how rad this place is. It has a staircase down to the ocean into crystal clear water. I can tell you, I have snorkeled out the front of this place with turtles many times. For about $30 USD you get a private room with all of the facilities you need. There is not much better than having ocean access and a bit of a sunset view!
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Teobas Homestay

  • Best Value
  • Ocean Staircase
  • Beachfront
  • Dolphin House ResortLuxury: If you are looking for a nice resort, Dolphin House is a 5-star resort with a huge pool for less than $200 USD per night. It has ocean access, great restaurant, chilling areas and a beautiful garden throughout the property.
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Dolphin House Resort

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  • Private Pool
  • Beachfront


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