Kawhagan Island and Pamomoan Beach are two incredible spots near Siargao Island and part of the island-hopping day-trip, which includes Sugba Lagoon. Kawhagan is a stand-alone island with a short sandbar, it’s incredible at low-tide. Pamomoan is a fantastic beach on Caob Island with a small restaurant, huts to relax in and, of course, hundreds of coconut palms.

I visited both Kawhagan Island and Pamomoan Beach as part of my day-trip tour that includes Sugba Lagoon. In this blog post, I’ll detail how to book the same tour, what was included and what to expect at each of the locations.



Kawhagan Island and Pamomoan Beach are west of the popular surf island Siargao in the south of the Philippines. There are a number of smaller islands nearby Siargao that are popular for island hopping, the most popular route is the day-trip to Daku, Guyam, and Naked Island. However, to reach Kawhagan Island and nearby Pamomoan Beach from Siargao, you will drive up to Del Carmen port and take the boat from there so it is a shorter ride. There is a map with the pin-point direction at the bottom of this blog post.



The best way to reach Kawhagan and Pamomoan is with part of a tour that takes you to both locations and Sugba Lagoon all in one day. This is the tour that I did and it’s pretty nice. After being driven in a van from General Luna you cruise through the mangroves to Sugba Lagoon where you get 2-3 hours to enjoy and jump on the diving boards. Then in the afternoon, you relax at Kawhagan Island and Pamomoan Beach. 

You can book a tour online pretty simply. The best one I know if is online with Klook (all the others online are overpriced). I’ll drop the link here to the activity booking page for the tour I went on: Sugba Lagoon Day Tour (+2 other islands) The tour also includes a visit to Kawhagan Island and Pamomoan Beach. You can also book at one of the vendors or tour operators in General Luna.

Back in 2017, we had mopeds and managed to source a local boat driver to take us to Sugba Lagoon and back for 1500 pesos total for the entire boat. We found the boat driver at the wharf near Del Carmen overlooking the mangrove forest. This is definitely the DIY version of visiting Sugba Lagoon and it isn’t super easy to figure out but all things going well you should be able to find a local at Del Carmen or the wharf who will be willing. There was no cheap tour like the one I linked above, which we definitely would have chosen. I think back then it was around $50 USD per person from what we heard so we made our own route but for just $20 USD you can get there with the online booking here: Sugba Lagoon Day Tour (+2 other islands)



I’ve written a pretty extensive blog post about Sugba Lagoon, so if you want to read about that location you can do so at the following link: SUGBA LAGOON FROM SIARGAO ISLAND

However, in this blog post I will focus on Kawhagan Island and Pamomoan Beach even though you can do all three spots on the one tour as I detailed above.


Our tour began at Sugba Lagoon, which was awesome but the second half of the day was all about the beaches. Our first stop was to Pamomoan Beach where we would have lunch. It was a great spot for lunch because the eating area at Sugba Lagoon can be a bit hectic and it isn’t known for its kitchen. When we arrived at Pamomoan, we had a nice table under the coconut palms, which looked out over towards Kawhagan Island. It was lunch with a view and doesn’t get much better.

The lunch was pretty good considering it was on a remote beach in the middle of nowhere. We had vegetarian curries, but there were lots to choose from on the menu. Beware the portions are huge.

The activities to do here at Pamomoan are sun-baking on the beach, swimming, snorkeling and exploring the hundreds of palm trees. While we were waiting for lunch, I sent the drone up to capture some images of the island and the surrounding reef. The beach itself is connected to Caob Island, which is actually the same landmass where you find Sugba Lagoon. It’s on the other side, separated by dense forest and hills.




In my opinion, this is one of the prettiest islands in the vicinity of Siargao. Like many of the islands around it is covered in coconut palms and has just a few huts inside. However, the island has a beautiful sandbar, which at the correct low tide, you can walk out on and look back at the island. In the pictures below you can see us sitting out in a couple of inches of water looking back towards Kawhagan. It was incredibly relaxing and such a unique experience.

You can purchase a beer or a coconut on Kawhagan Island and it’s a great spot to watch sunset aswell. You can swim here and snorkel also but it isn’t the most incredible reef as you can see from the aerial shots.

We stayed out here till about 4 pm, which is when we had to make tracks back to Del Carmen for the 5 pm curfew time for the boats to be back. However, if you can find a way, sunset out on Kawhagan is meant to be magical.




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