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Appenzell is one of the most vibrant and cutest towns in Switzerland. It is a tiny, historic town with approximately 6000 residents and is considered one of the most traditional towns in Switzerland. The traditional architecture and colorful masquerades of Appenzell’s main square and street draw visitors every year. There are some truly stunning guesthouses and hotels in Appenzell, which I’m excited to show you.

In this blog post, I’ve handpicked the 11 best places to stay in Appenzell that will suit your budget and needs. I’ve chosen these places as they are reasonable in price, centrally located, close to the train station, and breakfast is included in the price. 


Don’t have time to read my detailed breakdown of all the top hotels in Appenzell? No worries! These are my three top picks in Appenzell. If you book one of these three, you are guaranteed to have a great vacation in a great location!

Romantik Hotel Santis

  • 36 beautiful rooms
  • Restaurant on-site
  • Pet-friendly

Hotel Appenzell

  • Spacious rooms
  • Stunning views
  • Outdoor activities

Hotel Landgashof Eischen

  • Fantastic mountains view
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Variety of activities


Here’s a little comparison table for you to start checking!

Romantik Hotel Santis****$243
Hotel Appenzell***$212
Hotel Hecht Appenzell***$182
Hotel Adler Appenzell***$182
Hotel Lowen***$162
Hotel Kaubad***$152
Hotel Landgashof Eischen$182
Neuhof Gaste-& Schokohaus$161 
Gasthaus Baren Schlatt$142
Restaurant Hotel Stossplatz$131
Guesthouse Forrenhusli$50


I actually stayed in Appenzell for 10 days and hiked the entire Alpstein Loop, Saxer Lucke, Ebenalp, Aescher Cliff Restaurant, Mount Santis, and even the Lisengrat Ridge. It’s one of my favorite regions for hiking and Appenzell is the best place to stay as a base for this region.

Generally, accommodations in Switzerland cost a fortune but it is a bit cheaper in the Appenzell district compared to other touristy places and cities. It’s probably because there are no 5-star hotels but there are charming 3-star hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, and inns.

Overall, nature lovers, hikers, and outdoor sports lovers are the common visitors here. On this list, you will find the top-rated hotels in Appenzell along with their rates and photos of each property to help you figure out where to stay in Appenzell.


Romantik Hotel Santis (Luxury): Romantik Hotel Santis in Appenzell has been run by the Heeb family for a very long time. This is the only 4-star hotel in the heart of Appenzell that offers 36 beautiful rooms ranging from suites to double rooms.

Enjoy the hotel’s complimentary buffet breakfast at the restaurant on-site and there’s a bar outside making it perfect for guests and locals to chill out after a long day of hiking. It’s in a convenient location as it’s close to the train station. It has a welcoming atmosphere which is another highlight of my stay here.

The property has a sauna and a wide range of activities offered both in the summer and winter to their guests. What’s more? It’s a pet-friendly hotel so you will not have a problem tagging along with your furry friend with you. For me, this is one of the best hotels in Appenzell.

Romantik Hotel Santis

  • 36 beautiful rooms
  • Restaurant on-site
  • Pet-friendly


Hotel Appenzell (Mid-range): This 3-star hotel is strategically located in the heart of Appenzell. It offers 16 spacious rooms with beautiful and conventional decors. There is a restaurant on-site with a terrace from where you can also enjoy the stunning views of the town. It offers great traditional local food and friendly service.

The location is ideal for exploring the Appenzell town while doing outdoor activities and other nearby attractions. It’s a popular base camp for skiers because of its proximity to the slopes. What I like the most is their 5-star service with excellent amenities. This is definitely one of the most popular hotels in Appenzell.

Hotel Appenzell

  • Spacious rooms
  • Stunning views
  • Outdoor activities


Hotel Hecht Appenzell (Mid-range): Convenience, comfort, and a good breakfast are among travelers’ top priorities when it comes to choosing a place to stay. That is what Hotel Hecht is quite popular for. This cozy family-run hotel is positioned in the heart of the Appenzell district. It’s also within easy reach of the train station. It’s a sister hotel of Hotel Santis and Hotel Lowen with one host family.

All fully-furnished rooms feature a TV and bathroom with a hot tub. This hotel is much loved not only because of its proximity to the train station but also the buffet breakfast. It was fabulous with various options of local cheese. For the price, it is a bit cheaper than Romantik Hotel Santis. I love the decor throughout this hotel in Appenzell.

Hotel Hecht Appenzell

  • Fully-furnished rooms
  • Good breakfast
  • Pets allowed


Hotel Adler (Mid-range): Hotel Adler is a well-run family business in the idyllic town of Appenzell. The hotel rooms are very clean and well-appointed. The location is just walking distance of other 3-star hotels, the Appenzell Museum, and the beautiful river. The staff is super friendly and very skilled at their job.

The good news is that you can leave your stuff without any cost if you want to hike for a few days. They have a charging station for those who have or rent electric cars. You can enjoy some delectable Italian food at their Little Italy restaurant on the garden terrace. In fact, they have an appetizing and extensive breakfast so you won’t get hungry easily during the day. If you do stay here for more than 3 nights, the hotel will give you a holiday card which you can get some benefits from. 

Hotel Adler

  • Clean rooms
  • Little Italy restaurant
  • Super friendly staff


Hotel Lowen (Mid-range): This charming hotel is close to the museum and the railway station so it’s pretty convenient. It’s only a 3-star hotel that offers 28 rooms ranging from single to double rooms. Like Hotel Hecht and Hotel Santis, it is run by Heeb family and passed down from generation to the next. Every guest is treated like a member of the family.

This hotel is a welcome sanctuary for travelers of all sorts especially a family with kids. The property is not just family-friendly but also pet-friendly. There are plenty of activities for guests to enjoy such as playing board games and puzzles for youngsters as well as hiking, skiing, and playing golf for adult guests. If you are not exploring outdoors, try their jacuzzi and sauna, fitness center, and sun terrace on-site. I loved the central location plus the breakfast here is rich. It’s a good value for money and one of the top hotels in Appenzell.

Hotel Lowen

  • Family-friendly
  • Plenty of activities
  • Sun terrace on-site


Hotel Kaubad (Mid-range): Another mid-range hotel in Appenzell that offers great value for money is Hotel Kaubad. This hotel is for a traveler after something a little bit different. It is 4-kilometers away from the town center so you will feel have the countryside feel while staying in this hotel. Location-wise, I loved it!

There are only 14 rooms featuring singles and double rooms with all the necessities and not too expensive compared to the ones in the town center. There is a restaurant on-site that offers a selection of food from a buffet-style, vegetarian to gluten-free ala carte. Other amenities to enjoy include a parking area, an electric vehicle charging station, a swimming pool, and a children’s playground. For a relaxing and comfortable stay, Hotel Kaubad will make your stay here worthwhile.

Hotel Kaubad

  • Relaxing & comfortable
  • Restaurant on-site
  • Parking area


Hotel Landgashof Eischen (Inn): Sitting in the quiet town of Appenzell and at the foot of the Santismassiv and Kronberg Mountains is the Hotel Landgashof Eischen. This inn guarantees an unforgettable holiday with a property that offers a fantastic view of the mountains, a spa and wellness center, an indoor swimming pool, a bar, and Wi-Fi. It’s just an unbelievable luxurious place to stay in Appenzell and the photos below will show you why!

If you do stay here, enjoy the panoramic view of the Alps while chilling in their outdoor hot tub. There are only 18 rooms with a safe deposit box, a cable TV, and a private balcony. It’s also a stone’s throw away from the bus stop and a variety of activities such as skiing, hiking, and cycling are offered. So if you want a small place that offers 5-star amenities and service, this is the right place for you!

Hotel Landgashof Eischen

  • Fantastic mountains view
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Variety of activities


Neuhof Gaste-& Schokohaus (B&B): You can’t get more central than this Bed & Breakfast in Appenzell. This cozy property is a popular base for couples and families traveling with young ones. They only offer two types of accommodation which are deluxe rooms and family rooms with a private bathroom. I loved the breakfast here better as they served delicious homemade and fresh dishes.

There are a sun terrace and a shared lounge where you can unwind as well as meet other travelers. For young guests, there are also activities on offer such as board games and puzzles, books, and DVDs. It is within close proximity to the museum and the train station. If you’re up for cycling and skiing, the property also offers these activities.

Neuhof Gaste-& Schokohaus

  • Cozy property
  • Delicious homemade dishes
  • Cycling and skiing


Gasthaus Baren Schlatt (Inn): This might be a great choice if you prefer to stay at a budget place which is a little bit distant from the town center. Surrounded by greenery and Santis mountains, Gasthaus Baren Schlatt offers double rooms and super double rooms with panoramic views of the mountain. The rooms are quite simple but clean and cozy enough for a good sleep. Although it’s not centrally located, this inn still receives superb reviews from its guests.

Plus the hosts do a great job of taking care of their guests. There are many things to do around the area such as strolling along trails or farm paths, sunset viewing, and hiking. There is also an in-house restaurant that serves Swiss and foreign dishes. Combining comfort, affordability, and tranquility, Gasthaus Baren Schlatt is all about living well for less.

Gasthaus Baren Schlatt

  • Budget place
  • Panoramic views
  • In-house restaurant


Restaurant Hotel Stossplatz (Budget Hotel): Set in the heart of the charming town of Appenzell is Restaurant Hotel Stossplatz. They offer rooms with single beds and double beds which cater to every guest’s budget. In terms of location, the hotel is just opposite the train station.

Although breakfast is simple, it‘s still good and included in the price. The hotel features 14 rooms ranging from single to triple rooms so it’s ideal for solo travelers and group travelers. Take advantage of amazing views if you dine by the garden. I highly recommend this hotel.

Restaurant Hotel Stossplatz

  • Ideal for solo travelers
  • Simple breakfast
  • Dine by the garden


Guesthouse Forrenhusli (Guesthouse): Travelers watching their wallets should consider staying in this tiny guesthouse set approximately 2 kilometers away from the town center. There are only two types of rooms available in the house such as a single room and a double room with a shared bathroom. If you are lucky enough to book a single room for $50 a night, Guesthouse Forrenhusli will give you the best nature and wildlife experience in your life.

With mountains and farmlands around, I especially loved its peacefulness and serenity. This guesthouse is a great starting point for hiking and biking. The property only accepts cash for accommodation and services payment though but I’m sure it’s not a problem. A parking space is available on-site and your furry friend can stay, too!

Guesthouse Forrenhusli

  • Two types of rooms
  • Wildlife experience
  • Hiking and biking

I hope this blog post about the best hotels in Appenzell helped you select a place that suits you and your family during your vacation to this beautiful part of Switzerland.


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