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Mount Manaslu, is the world’s eighth-highest mountain, reaching a remarkable height of 8,163m. Located in west-central Nepal, this mighty peak in the Himalayas is well-known as the introductory 8000m peak among the fourteen throughout the world. Manaslu is an excellent training climb for aspiring Everest climbers to see how they handle being above 8000m, in the death zone.

I climbed Manaslu Mountain in September 2021 and had a successful expedition. It was my first 8000m peak and first time shooting and flying in the death zone. In the end, I managed to capture the moment Mingma G summited the ‘true summit’ while the regular summit was crowded with climbers. These photos went on to be published in the Kathmandu Post, Himalayan Times, and many other news publications in print and online.

On this climb, I captured all of my photos of Manaslu Mountain with the following gear:

  • Camera: Sony A7riii
  • Lenses: 24-105mm f4, 16-35mm f4, 100-400mm f4
  • Drone: DJI Mavic Air 2S

These are my favorite photos from the Manaslu Climb. I hope you enjoy this gallery of photos from all camps and the summit of Manaslu.


Wednesday 10th of November 2021

Climbing a mountain is always a tremendous effort and a long preparation time. It is very important to take into account the season, weather, clothing, and physical fitness in general. I advise you to learn more about best time to climb kilimanjaro before planning a hike of this scale