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I had heard there was no ferry from El Nido to Coron, we would have to travel back to Cebu then fly to Coron. Definitely not true! To help you avoid the confusion and get a clear idea of how to get to Coron from El Nido I wrote this short blog post.

My journey was sponsored by Biyaheroes but all opinions remain my own.



There are two ferries leaving daily from El Nido to Coron. One ferry takes 6 hours and the faster ferry takes 3-4 hours. I took the slow ferry, which turned out to be a pretty comfortable journey.


The slow ferry is a wooden longboat capable of seating 80. There are benches on either side of the boat with padded seats, windows and you can sit outside or on the roof. The day I travelled there was only 20 of us so we could sleep on the padded seats. It wasn’t very rough despite a decent swell in the ocean. We were served a meal of chicken, rice and vegetables. I often get seasick and up until receiving the food I had actually been able to lay down and sleep which is unusual. Normally I need to watch the horizon to keep from getting sick. I thought twice about eating and ruining the trip but went for it anyway. The food was really good and didn’t upset my stomach at all. Huge win. We were able to pick up some 3G out in the middle of the ocean and post some Instagram stories which was really important..

The fast ferry arrives in 3-4 hours and reportedly has air conditioning. However, it is also 400-600 pesos or $8-12USD extra. That might not seem like much but it is two nights of accommodation in El Nido or 6-7 Mango smoothies. Priorities.



Slow Ferry: 1300 pesos or $25 USD

Fast Ferry: 1700 pesos or $33 USD

el nido to coron, el nido to coron ferry, el nido coron ferry, cheap ticket el nido to coron, el nido, coron


I traveled with Bunso Transport by booking online through biyaheroes.com a couple of days before we sailed. You can also book a roundtrip if you know you are headed back to El Nido. Therefore all of this information is also relevant for the Coron to El Nido ferry journey. Once in Coron you can also travel with Bunso to Mindoro.

Biyaheroes lets travelers book and choose their bus and boat seats in the Philippines online and in real-time without having to fall in line, wait long hours or go to the actual terminal to reserve tickets.

The crew were all really friendly, cooked us a great lunch and helped us on and off the boat. We left on time and arrived on time in what was a great journey from El Nido to Coron.



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