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The south coast of Sri Lanka is a surfers paradise. Around each corner is a new break being enjoyed by only a handful. A searing sun, the warmest water, and endless waves make the south the perfect surfari destination. What makes it a surfari?

No matter where you travel along the coast you are never far from the jungle, monkeys, peacocks, and jungle bliss. There really aren’t too many places in the world that combine both the jungle and surf in such close proximity.

Hikkaduwa surf beach was one of my favorite spots to head out into the water. The town is pretty well developed having been on the tourist map for a number of decades. However, a chill vibe remains with bars and huts lining the beach, watching out over the surfers taking wave after wave. It’s basically the Bali of Sri Lanka. A reef sits below the break but the water is deep enough to make sure a bad landing is highly unlikely.

I headed out into the waves without aboard. Normally I last less than an hour before getting cold. This day I lost track of time until the sun began to set and I realized I had been swimming in the waves for over two hours. A mixture of tourists and locals shared the waves and the atmosphere seemed quite relaxed. Many situations around the world where the two groups share waves create a tense atmosphere. For two hours all I saw were smiles despite the waves getting quite busy during the sunset.

Anyway, I put together this short video. It was my first time shooting with the GoPro 5, which I had tied to my wrist. I really enjoyed the different modes such as linear, which allowed me to get closer to the surfers, unlike the super wide-angle I was used to with the previous editions. The quality is quite good but I am no maestro so I cannot comment on pixels and frame rate and specifics like that. As well as the video I also screen-grabbed a few frames from the video and edited them in Lightroom. I’ve added those below the video.

Enjoy and I hope I captured the bliss of Hikkaduwa surf vibes out in the waves with this little mix. For more information about the best swell in the country, you can check out this Sri Lanka surfing guide.

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