There are plenty of places around the world that have become viral travel hotspots overnight. A few popular Instagrammers or vloggers blow a place up and all of a sudden it becomes a must-do activity while you visit a region. The palm tree rope swing at Dalawella Beach is a prime example of a social media hotspot. Having said that it’s an awesome spot for a fun afternoon or a sunset and chill place to hang out whether you intend on getting that ‘Instagrammable’ travel shot or not.

The location of the swing is on Dalawella Beach, which is in the south of Sri Lanka near the popular town of Unawatuna. It takes about two hours to get to Dalawella Beach by train from Colombo and will cost a couple of bucks for the ticket. Once you are at Dalawella Beach the exact location is actually in front of a guesthouse called Dream Cabana.

The guys at Dream Cabana built the swing as something fun for themselves and it is evolved into one of the most talked about spots in Sri Lanka. It’s crazy how something a few mates built has become a bucket list item in Sri Lanka.

I went in March of 2017 and came back again to the swing on this trip in October of 2017. In March, there was no fee to swing but they suggested this time we should pay 500 rupees. I’m not sure whether they will keep this fee but we suggested they sell drinks and turn it into a chill spot because people would be more than willing to buy a beer or a snack in exchange for a swing session and that would create good vibes all around. There are lots of cool little spots like this on the beaches and you can either ask locals or read some travel tips for Sri Lanka to help you have an awesome adventure.


Either way, expect that you might have to pay a few bucks either for something to eat or to contribute to the swing, it’s maintenance and the creators of the swing. Since March, they have added another rope reinforcing the palm.

I have personally taken photos at the Insta-famous palm tree rope swing in Dalawella Beach during the middle of the day and at sunset. Both times of the day are great for photography. The sun sets a little to the left of the swing if you shoot side on, which is perfect for some awesome sunset beach vibes.

If you do head to the swing, have a chat with the owners who are sitting in their hut, buy a drink or just be respectful in general as this is not a public activity. Or I’m sure if you stay at Dream Cabana you will have unlimited swings throughout your stay.

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