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10 EASY Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

10 EASY Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a hiking mecca with lots of amazing trails throughout the region. Many of the hikes are quite tough and have very steep incline, lots of stairs and rough terrain. However, I’ve created this list of ten easy hiking trails in Hong Kong. On this list, you will only find hikes that have mild incline and are relatively short and are the easy hikes in Hong Kong.

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To qualify for this list of the 10 Best Easy Hikes in Hong Kong, the hike needs to have less than 500m of total incline and be less than 6km in total. That may still be a bit challenging for some but generally, most of the easy Hong Kong hikes on this list can be done in under 2-3 hours at a leisurely pace. It is hiking though so you can still expect a bit of incline. You gotta get those views somehow!

Maybe you are a hiking beginner, maybe you are looking for a family-friendly hike or maybe you just don’t feel like climbing a massive mountain. This list will help you choose an easy hiking trail in Hong Kong and I promise you they all have a great view!

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Alright, let’s get into it. These are my favorite, easy hikes in Hong Kong.


The Victoria Peak Circle Walk is one of the easiest hikes in Hong Kong because it actually has less than 100m of incline and is just 3-km in distance. You catch a tram or a bus up to the peak and then complete a circular loop around the edge of the peak. This means you skip all the ascent but have great views throughout the circular loop, which takes about an hour to complete.

For that reason, it is up there as one of the most popular, easy hikes in Hong Kong and is accessible for all levels of hikers including children, elderly and even dogs! This is a great hike to start off with when you arrive in Hong Kong and was actually the first one I did so it’s good for Hong Kong hiking beginners. 

You can book your ticket on the tram or take a bus up to the peak and then do a full lap of the circle-walk, which is 3km in total. If you are keen on the workout, you can walk all the way up through Long Fu Shan Country Park. I did both ways and enjoyed it twice.

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Victoria Peak Tram

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Jardine’s Lookout Hike is quite a short trail but it leads you to one of the best viewpoints over Hong Kong Central and the harbor. The great part about this hike is that it’s not that well-known so you can often be one of the only people up at the viewpoint.

Whereas Victoria Peak can be quite busy. If you are looking for an epic view of the city without having to hike for more than a few kilometers, this is your trail. It’s dog-friendly and family friendly with just a couple hundred meters of incline throughout the whole hike making it a good choice when searching for an easy Hong Kong hiking trail.

The hike is only 3.5km in distance with the minimal incline but because it starts at a few hundred meters above sea-level you will end up high enough for a beautiful sunset view over Hong Kong Island and all the way across to Kowloon. I loved this trail because at the summit you can weave your way through the trees and find a nice spot to watch the sun set over the city while perched in amongst the trees. That’s what hiking in Hong Kong is all about. 

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The Rhino Rock is one of the most incredible rock formations in Hong Kong, bearing an uncanny resemblance to a Rhinoceros. It’s a very, VERY short hiking trail in Stanley, which is less than 1-kilometers each way and less than 100m of overall incline. With stunning views of the coast, this is a great mini-adventure for a sunny day!

If you are looking for the EASIEST hike in Hong Kong, I think this would be it. The whole adventure can be done in under an hour. It took us just 12-minutes to walk back from the Rhino-Rock to the trail entrance. It really does resemble a Rhino so much and when you see it in person, the ridges and holes in the rock almost seem to resemble the eyes, wrinkles, and features of a giant rhinoceros. 

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The Dragon’s Back Hike is one of the most popular trails in Hong Kong due to its impressive coastal views seen from the ridge-line but also because it is one of the less intense routes in the region. This is one of the harder hikes on this list but still a very mild. While I say ‘harder’ that just relates to the distance being almost 6-kilometers in length. The incline is just a couple hundred meters.

Really after Victoria Peak, I think this may be the second most popular hike in Hong Kong. The Dragon’s Back Trail gives hikers outstanding, scenic views of the coast without too much incline and climbing. The trail is suitable for families, amateur hikers and all tourists looking for an adventure.

Lots of hikes in Hong Kong have quite a steep incline, but the popularity of Dragon’s Back stems from its mild incline. The reference to the back of a dragon comes from the ridgeline that you traverse throughout the bulk of the hike. It’s a very impressive coastal view and you will seem far away from the hustle of the city.

Check out the full blog post for details and all the photos: DRAGON’S BACK HIKE


The Braemar Hill hike takes you up to one of the best viewing platforms to watch the sunset over Hong Kong. It has a few names and this hike is often also referred to as, Hung Heung Lo Fung or the Red Incense Burner Summit.

The hike itself is super short with an option to hike 3km in total or you can even reach the summit with just a 5-minute walk from the nearest bus stop! You could do this hike with less than 1-kilometers out-and-back if you were really trying to make it an easy hike but the 3-kilometer route stops off at a few nice viewpoints along the way.

It’s quietly popular among night photographers so don’t be surprised to see a few keen photographers with tripods up at the summit. A big tip for this hiking trail in Hong Kong is that the best viewpoints are actually before the summit as they are a bit more natural and have the jungle vibe.

Check out the full blog post for details and all the photos: BRAEMAR HILL SUNSET HIKE


Devil’s Peak hike is a bit of a strange adventure, passing you through a huge cemetery and a number of fortification ruins. However, despite the sometimes eerie atmosphere, it is a great view of Hong Kong as you peer into Victoria Harbor with Kowloon on your right and Central on your left. It would be a pretty epic spot for night photography too.

This is a very easy Hong Kong hike but a great place to watch the sunset and the city lights from the old forts. I wouldn’t necessarily pick this hike if I just had one or two days in Hong Kong but can be a good little adventure if you are in Hong Kong for multiple days and have done some of the other more ‘epic’ hikes and viewpoints.

Check out the full blog post for details and all the photos: DEVIL’S PEAK HIKE


The Ng Tung Chai Waterfall hike is an epic adventure (but not too physically demanding) that guides you through the jungle, visits multiple waterfalls and can lead to the highest peak in Hong Kong (if you venture that far).

Out in the New Territories, this is a wild hike. In fact, this hike was probably the most wild I saw the jungle in my entire time in Hong Kong. Huge leaves draped over the trail, which was often comprised of giant boulders. It was up there as one of the most adventurous hikes in Hong Kong although quite short unless you continue up to Tai Mo Shan, which is the highest peak in Hong Kong.

The trail to Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls and back is less than 4-km in total and just a few hundred meters of incline so it could be considered quite easy compared to other Hong Kong hikes.

There were 4-5 waterfalls and then a few watering holes along the trail but the lower falls were by far my favorite. We climbed up to the second tier and enjoyed the mini slot canyon to ourselves. Few others were on this trail and it was definitely an incredible jungle getaway.

Check out the full blog post for details and all the photos: NG TUNG CHAI WATERFALL HIKE

The next three hikes on this list are still quite easy but either has a bit more incline or are slightly longer. They are still quite simple, safe and straightforward in my eyes but they do go just over 600m of incline OR 6km in distance just slightly.


The Lion Rock hike in Hong Kong is one of the most popular trails in the region with an epic viewpoint over Kowloon all the way to Hong Kong Central. The lion-head shaped rock at the summit is the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the city from the forest. It is the kind of rock formation that you seem to spot out no matter where you are in Hong Kong but it isn’t until you are up there that you can enjoy the incredible view from the head of the Lion.

The incline is 600m and the total distance is 6.9km so there are a few steep sections but there were lots of kids on the trail and it is very well marked, which is why I’ve added it to this list of easy Hong Kong hiking trails.

The hike to the summit is just over 3-kilometers and once you reach the top, you will find yourself on a winding ridge down the back of the Lion until you reach its head. It was one of my first hikes in Hong Kong and even after a month of hiking, it remains up there as one of my favorites. It’s a great spot for sunset and a lot of night photographers migrate here after dark to shoot the city lights.

Check out the full blog post for details and all the photos: THE LION ROCK HIKE


The High Junk Peak hike, also known as the Country Trail, is in the Sai Kung region of Hong Kong. While it is quite a simple hike there are a lot of steps, which lead you up and down the ominous, but relatively safe peaks, which overlook the stunning blue water of Clear Water Bay. This is another great trail for a sunny day as you should be surrounded on all sides with turquoise water and lovely beaches.

It’s quite a journey out from Kowloon or Hong Kong Central and I would suggest this hike only if you are looking for something a bit different or have multiple days to spend in Hong Kong. I enjoyed it a lot but definitely not one of the best hikes in Hong Kong compared to some of the others.

It’s 6.44km in distance and just over 400m of incline throughout the hike so it is quite an effort but still in the mid-range when compared to other hikes in Hong Kong.

Check out the full blog post for details and all the photos: THE HIGH JUNK PEAK HIKE IN SAI KUNG


The Ap Lei Chau to Ap Lei Pai hike is a great little coastal trail that takes you out to Mount Johnston Lighthouse via a small sandbar. It’s an out-and-back hike that is just under 5-km but it will still serve up some solid incline with over 500m of ascent up and over the hills each way. This is a beautiful hike on a sunny day, so make sure you don’t forget to look out for the secret tide pool. This is one of the most spectacular but easy hikes in Hong Kong on a day with good weather. 

Check out the full blog post for details and all the photos: AP LEI CHAU TO AP LEI PAI HIKE 


In Hong Kong, hiking trails are typically classified using a grading system to denote difficulty, providing hikers with a clear idea of what to expect before they set foot on the trail. This system consists of three grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3.

  • Grade 1 trails are considered the easiest and are generally suitable for beginners, families, and individuals seeking leisurely, low-impact hikes. These trails typically feature gentle slopes, well-paved paths, and fewer challenging sections.
  • Grade 2 trails present a moderate challenge, with steeper slopes and possibly rougher terrains. They may require a bit more physical fitness and hiking experience.
  • Grade 3 trails are the most challenging and are aimed at experienced and physically fit hikers. These trails often feature steep ascents and descents, rugged terrain, and potentially dangerous sections. It is important for hikers to be aware of these grades and assess their own fitness and experience levels before attempting a trail, ensuring a safe and enjoyable hiking experience in Hong Kong’s great outdoors.
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SUPER TIP: If you aren’t sure about the weather for the hike you want to explore, click here to visit this free Hong Kong Observatory website that has live-stream webcams from all over Hong Kong. I always check the region to see if it is cloudy, raining or prime weather for a hike.


  1. Accessibility: One of the great things about hiking in Hong Kong is that the trails are highly accessible. Most can be reached via public transportation, including MTR (Mass Transit Railway), buses, or ferries.
  2. Seasonality: The best time to hike in Hong Kong is during the cooler, dryer months between November and March. The summer months can be hot and humid, with a higher risk of thunderstorms.
  3. Wildlife: While hiking, you might spot various wildlife species like butterflies, birds, and even monkeys. However, it’s important to remember to respect the wildlife and maintain a safe distance.
  4. Varied Landscapes: Even on the easy hikes, you’ll get to see a variety of landscapes – from stunning coastlines to lush green forests, peaks with panoramic city views, and rural villages.
  5. Facilities: Many hiking trails in Hong Kong are well-marked and have convenient facilities such as toilets, pavilions for resting, and even barbecue areas. However, not all trails are the same so it’s good to check beforehand.
  6. Trail Safety: Hong Kong’s hiking trails are generally safe, but it’s always important to stick to the marked paths, carry sufficient water and sunscreen, and keep an eye on the weather.
  7. Hiking Etiquette: Like anywhere else, there are rules of etiquette on Hong Kong’s hiking trails. These include not littering, keeping noise to a minimum, and respecting other hikers.
  8. Popular Activity: Hiking has become an incredibly popular weekend activity for both locals and expatriates in Hong Kong. This has led to a bustling hiking culture, with plenty of resources and groups to get involved with.
  9. Cultural Significance: In addition to their natural beauty, many of Hong Kong’s hiking trails are also of historical and cultural significance, passing through old villages, historical sites, and religious landmarks.
  10. Trail Difficulty: Hong Kong’s trails use a grading system to denote difficulty. Grade 1 trails are the easiest, suitable for families and beginners, while Grade 3 trails are the most challenging. This makes it easy to choose a hike that suits your fitness level and hiking experience.
a person standing on top of a cliff overlooking a city.


I wrote a massive guide about the 21 Best Hikes in Hong Kong, but if you are only in Hong Kong for a week or less here are the five most epic routes.

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a person standing on top of a cliff overlooking a city.


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