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Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and what is travel without some adrenaline? When I arrive in a new destination I always do a quick search for any good cliff jumping spots in the area and make sure to check them out. It seemed there weren’t too many documented spots around the region so I put together this list of the best cliff jumping spots in Bali.

Before I go into the details of each location it is important to remember the following when cliff jumping:

  • Always do a depth check and a debris check before jumping. Even if you have read online it is safe, the conditions may have changed. Make sure you check for any driftwood, reef, loose rocks and of course the depth of the water.
  • Know your limits. Make sure you push yourself but not too far. If you have never done a backflip before, obviously start small not when you get to the edge of a 10-meter cliff.
  • Make sure you check the water conditions. If you are jumping into the ocean, be sure to have an exit route planned and be careful of getting stuck out in the ocean waiting for a set to finish if it is in a region of a big swell.
  • Just be smart. If your intuition tells you it is a bit risky, just give it a pass. Don’t risk your life for a cliff jump. Plenty of people get hurt or even lose their life around tide pools, rock pools and cliff jumps every year. Play smart.

Best cliff jumping spots in Bali

Blue Lagoon cliff jump

The Blue Lagoon cliff jump in Nusa Ceningan is one of the most awesome experiences I have had since I began traveling. The Lagoon is a rocky cove of the brightest blue water I’ve laid my eyes on.

There used to be a bar/restaurant on the cliffs that offered diving boards of various heights and they had a built a steel ladder up the cliff. Nowadays, there is no restaurant, just the remained of one. Unfortunately, the ladder is also gone, which makes the exit from the water a bit dicey.

There are a 6m, 8m, and 13.5m platform to jump from and there is no worry below with water that is deep and crystal clear. Big swell does rip through this area so make sure you are certain you can get out before you jump off. This is the first time I did a backflip over 10m and holy smokes I was scared. It’s still my favorite cliff jump spot in Asia!

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Devil’s Tears cliff Jump

Devil’s Tears is a popular sunset spot and tourist spot in general on Nusa Lembongan. We always hang out here for sunset as the tide pools have insane reflections.

However, the last time we hit Devil’s Tears the swell wasn’t too crazy and we sent a few jumps. It’s only about 3-4 meters where we jumped but a ton of fun. The waves here smash into the cliffs so don’t mess around here on a day of a big swell.

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Dream Beach cliff jump

When facing out to the ocean from the shore the right-hand side of the bay has a long rocky coastline stretching several hundred meters. If you wander out 2/3 of the way along the coast you will find a bit of a clearing.

On a calm day, you can see the water is quite deep here. We climbed down and did a depth check and found a few deep spots. Once I had given it the all-clear as being safe.

Things change underwater daily. Reef shifts, rocks move. Make sure you always do your own checks and don’t blindly follow what you read online.

 There was a nice jump about 5-meters high with Dream Beach perfectly in the background. The scramble out wasn’t the safest exit ever with waves crashing into the rocks. You will need to wear shoes or reef shoes to help you climb out as the rocks are quite sharp. Other than the rocks and the necessary depth check it’s quite a fun cliff jump spot and will never be crowded… probably ever.
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Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan
Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan Cliff Jumping

Atuh Beach Cliff Jump

Atuh Beach on Nusa Penida or Pantai Atuh as it’s known in Bahasa, is one of the most epic beaches in Bali. It’s a rough drive and a short hike down to the beach but boy oh boy isn’t this incredible little bay worth it! This cliff jump is more of an opportunistic moment from the boys.

As we sat on the beach looking out at the arch we pondered the idea of climbing the arch. Moments later we were swimming out the arch looking for a way to climb up.

It turns out it isn’t too hard to rock climb up the arch. Before we had started climbing we swam all around the arch checking the depth. We decided that on that particular day the only part that was even close to deep enough was on the front side. It was only about 3m deep and we would be jumping from at least 10m so it wasn’t ideal.

The cliff jump we did here was from the middle section of the arch. From the top, you can see a gap in the reef where it is best to land. We sent a few nervous backflips from the arch and felt pretty good about our efforts after!

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This is the height we jumped from. I’m about to backflip! Depth: shallow.

Mahana Point Cliff Jump

Mahana Point cliff jump is the best hangout spot on Nusa Ceningan. A rocky outcrop hangs over the ocean making it the perfect spot for a restaurant and bar. There are a 10m and a 5m diving board and a ladder to climb back up safely.

Mahana Point cliff jump is a great little restaurant with epic views and lots of activities to give a crack after your lunch or dinner. They rent out surfboards, which you can use at the break just off the bar. The cliff jumps are obviously the main attraction but it’s also a great spot for sunset, so there is a lot of action going on at this bar and restaurant.

The Mahana Point cliff jump has a 10m diving board and a 5m diving board. There is a ladder to help you get out of the water and up onto the rocks with ease unlike the necessary scramble at the nearby Blue Lagoon Cliff Jump. They do charge per jump, unfortunately. The big 10m jump costs 50,000 rupiah and the small jump costs 25,000 rupiah, which is about $4 USD or $2 USD.

The water was deep enough on both jumps but don’t pin drop as you may scrape the bottom ever so slightly. We backflipped and jumped multiple times off both boards without touching the bottom.

Click Here to read more about Mahana Point on Nusa Lembongan.

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Aling Aling Cliff Jump

Aling Aling waterfall is in the far north of Bali and a 2.5-hour drive from Canggu. Is it worth it? Hell yes! Nic and I headed up north at 6 am and reached Git Git falls for a little pre-Aling Aling exploration. Aling Aling is just around the corner so it’s a good idea to combine both of these spots as they are both epic, but there is no cliff jumping at Git Git (Just a fun rope swing).

At Aling Aling there is a car park and a ticket booth. The guys there are super chill and this isn’t a spot in Bali where tourists are being given different prices and ripped off. These guys are top notch and there is a fair system in place. The guided tour is 125,000 rupiah per person as of April 2018.

The guide shows you all five waterfalls and takes you through the three cliff jumps and two natural waterslides. I’m usually quick to opt for no guide but to be fair the water here is incredibly rough and when you send a backflip from 15 meters it’s nice to know where to land. Treat these guides with respect, they have grown up with Aling Aling in their backyard and Agus, our guide was the king of iPhone photography and videography!

The first jump is a 5m platform followed by a 10m natural waterslide. The slide is a huge drop and probably more intense than any of the jumps!

At the next section is a 10m jump into the messy waters of a double waterfall! The third jump is a 13-15m big boy into relatively calm water at the bottom of the last waterfall in the region. We jumped all three and had a blast!

At the actual Aling Aling waterfall itself, you cannot actually jump. It is huge (has been jumped by some before) and also it is a sacred site.

The best Aling Aling Tour (and the cheapest) includes pick-up and drop-off from Canggu/Seminyak/Kuta area, guided tour and jumping at the waterfalls and on the way back you stop at the Tamblingan Lake and have a photo at Wanagiri Swing to make your trip even more memorable.

NOTE: When you click on this link it will say ‘Sambangan Falls’. As you can see from the pictures it is the same tour and the same waterfalls just a different local name. There are lots of reviews for this tour and I personally know a group who went with them and had a great time so I am comfortable recommending them. Be careful there are many online that charge over $100 per person for the same trip whereas this one is just $40 per person and less if you bring a group.

Book a tour: Sambangan Waterfall Tour (with hotel pickup) (Aling Aling Waterfall Tour)

View the full blog post here: ALING ALING WATERFALL TOUR

Here is the video of our day by Nic Morley.

Balangan Beach Cliff Jump

Holy shit is all I can say about this jump. Firstly, I am not recommending this as a safe jump. In fact, I will classify it as unsafe, hard to exit and a jump you probably shouldn’t attempt. Having said that you are your own person and know your limits, be very careful at this spot.

Here is why:

  • The jump spot is incredibly high. Maybe at least 20 meters.
  • The landing area is not deep. Maybe 4-5 meters.
  • You need to clear the underhanging rock below
  • The exit is a rock climb up the wall, which is very sharp. So sharp it reminded me of El Nido, Philippines.
  • The tide is important here as the depth gets even lower at low tide.

I had a friend who jumped it so thought I would head down. As I stood at the top of the platform I thought ‘Oh shit’. Nic made a pretty extreme effort with all his gear to get in a spot for this epic photo, that I thank him for! Great feeling to survive haha! It’s probably one of the most dangerous cliff jumps in Bali.

Bali cliff jump
Big hang time at Balangan Beach

Jimbaran Point Cliff Jump

If you head down the bumpy, rocky road to Jimbaran Point, you will be rewarded with peace and quiet at this great viewpoint. Not a soul was in sight when we arrived at midday. There is a small 3-5m jump all along the coast that drops off into crystal clear water. It’s a bit of a local hangout on weekends and a small crowd tends to gather during sunset.

Bring your snorkel to this spot as there were some incredible fish hanging around the coastal cliffs. The location is called Jimbaran Panorama Point on Google Maps. This is a great cliff jump in Bali for a group of friends to hang out and chill for half a day or during sunset.

Bali cliff jump
Jimbaran Point Cliff Jump

Tegal Wangi Cliff Jump

Telan Wangi is a popular sunset spot but it’s also great for cliff jumping. The only issue is it is bloody hard to get out of the water. If it is a rough day in the ocean it may even become impossible. I jumped multiple spots on a flat day and got out easily but I had to swim for ten minutes down the coast for the access point out of the water.

The water is crystal clear so you can see it is very deep in most parts before you jump. Once I was in the water, I scaled a little rock island and jumped into the channel after checking it for depth. This was one of my favorite spots.

I love exploring random areas to jump rather than always just hitting the big popular spots. Finding the depths and scaling the cliffs before jumping in is all part of the adventure and the fun! It’s probably one of the least jumped cliff jumps in Bali.

Read the full blog post: Tegal Wangi Cliff Jump in Bali

Bali cliff jump
Telan Wangi Cliff Jump
Bali cliff jump

Mrs. Sippy

It’s not exactly a cliff but let’s be honest we often don’t need a cliff just some water and a diving board. Mrs. Sippy is a bar in Seminyak that boasts a 1m, 3m, and 5m diving board. This is the perfect place to learn or master the backflip, front flip, gainer and any other tricks you would prefer to mess up in a pool than from a dangerous cliff.

Mrs. Sippy is a day bar of sorts but runs into the night. Often the entry fee is $10 but includes $10 of drink vouchers. The drinks and food are pretty pricey but as you would expect from a popular day bar in Seminyak. A Bintang beer will set you back $5 USD and a pizza $10 USD, which is still pretty handy compared to Australia or America.

We normally grab a drink or two and jump nonstop for hours. Be prepared to risk embarrassing yourself as you try new jumps. The crowd tends to watch on waiting for some spectacular jumps and some even more spectacular fails.

This is the video Jorden made from last time we hit up Mrs. Sippy.


I also wrote detailed guides for all of the adventurous things to do on Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Penida, and the Nusa Lembongan. You can read them by clicking on the post below.





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