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Nusa Penida has become one of the most popular places to visit for these on a vacation in Bali. With its epic cliffs, beautiful beaches and manta-ray experience, it’s starting to become more of a must-do than Bali itself. To get there you will take a boat or a ferry for about 30-minutes. I’m going to explain in this blog post everything you need to know about how much tickets are, where to book, whether you need an open ticket or not and also the different routes and options available. I’ve personally made the journey 6 times on the ferry to and from Penida so I know the drill from all locations and have you got you covered with this blog post about how to get to Nusa Penida from Bali and other locations.



Firstly a few key points…

  • When people say ‘Bali’ that is actually quite a big area so I will break this blog post down into different regions. All of the transits leave from the port of Sanur which is in South-east Bali (Some do also leave from Padang Bai). It is approximately 45 minutes from Seminyak or 35 minutes from Kuta. Often traffic and multiple pick-ups from your van/taxi service will make that time a bit longer. 
  • You can head down to the port and book your ticket there but from my experience, it is always cheaper to book in advance because it includes the pick-up from your hotel, which can often be $10-$30 depending on your location and haggling skills. So best to BOOK ONLINE or with a vendor near your hotel is also okay.
  • They are often called a ferry or a boat. There are some big vessels, which are more like a ferry and some fast boats but it’s a very short distance unlike Lombok or the Gilis. They take hours and then it can be 2 hrs compared to 5 hrs if you got a speed boat or not. From Bali to Nusa Penida it is less important, the boat trip is over before you know it.
  • You can get from Nusa Penida to Nusa Lembongan and vice versa and you don’t need to book that in advance. There is a small boat leaving every hour at the yellow bridge.
  • I always book online as the price is fixed and there are guarantees. I prefer not to haggle with the vendors on the street in Bali when I don’t have to.

Okay, so those are a few tips now let’s look at how to get to Nusa Penida from Bali

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The ferry leaves multiple times per day from Sanur (South-east Bali). If you book it in advance online you can have your pick-up from the hotel included whether you are staying in Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu or even Ubud. To book it online in advance for the guaranteed lowest price you can click the link below to reserve your ticket via the booking company I use for all of my train and boat tickets in Southeast Asia called 12GO. This online booking agency is generally pretty reliable all over Asia, so I stick with what works to avoid issues with new websites and agents. Below I have put the link to the search page for Sanur to Nusa Penida where the tickets are usually around $30 return.

Book your ticket with 12GO: Sanur(Bali) to Nusa Penida Ferry

The pick-up will get you from your hotel and is often a big van that is making several stops along the way. They are always full by the end so don’t think you have hit the jackpot with a full back-row to yourself. Enjoy it while it lasts. You will organize the pickup from your hotel when you make an online booking.

The journey from Canggu takes about an hour, from Seminyak 45 minutes, from Kuta 35 minutes and Ubud well just cross your fingers and hope for under an hour depending on traffic. Once you arrive at the port, the drive will hand you over to the representative who takes you straight to the office and they will tag your bag and give you a sticker so the boatmen know you are on the right boat. 

It’s likely you will have to wait about an hour (possibly more) before your actual ferry leaves but that is just how it goes. Your big luggage will be put below the deck by the staff and you will take a seat. Tip: grab a window seat as it can often get stuffy and hot inside the cabin. Depending on the boat you may be able to get onto the roof an enjoy the wind. Keep your small bag with personal belongings with you during the trip.

When you arrive you will depart the boat and wait for the boys to pass your luggage down the chain until it is clear of the water. Welcome to Nusa Penida you have made it!




If you are staying in Bali.. but still want to spend a day or two experiencing how epic Nusa Penida is, you can take a day trip on a speedboat to Nusa Penida and tour around the sights for the day (or stay for the night) with a guide before returning back to Bali in the evening. For just $63 (or even $45 if you are traveling in a group of 6), the top-rated Nusa Penida Day Tour includes hotel pick-up and drop-off from Bali, lunch, boat transfers and your guide. I’ve written a detailed guide about the best day-trip tours of Nusa Penida and why I think they are actually pretty good value. You can check that guide out here: NUSA PENIDA DAY TRIP TOURS FROM BALI – EAST SIDE, WEST SIDE OR MANTAS?



If you are on Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan and want to transfer between the two it is quite easy. There is a small boat operating pretty much every hour that you will pay about $4-5 for a ticket to ride across the channel. It is only about a 10-minute ride but you can take your full luggage if you want. Many will leave their big luggage at their hotel on Nusa Lembongan and just take an overnight bag with a change of clothes for 1-3 days on Penida so they aren’t limited by too much luggage. It’s a good idea.

If you are on Nusa Lembongan trying to go to Nusa Penida the best place to get the boat is from the yellow bridge. There is a small unofficial looking building there where you buy your ticket and wait. On the Nusa Penida side just head down to the Toya Pakeh Harbor and that will shuttle you across to Nusa Lembongan.



The best way to get to Nusa Penida from Bali Airport (Ngurah Rai Airport) is to get a taxi or a Grab (like an Uber) at the airport to the harbor in Sanur called ‘Sanur Beach Harbor’ on Google Maps. It wil take about 30-40 minutes from the Bali Airport to the Sanur Beach Harbor. I suggest not booking your ticket in advance in case you have a plane delay. The best thing to do is just get down to the harbor and then ask at any of the booths for a ticket to Nusa Penida, which should not be any more than booking online for $30 return.



It is possible to get from Nusa Lembongan to Lombok but not currently possible directly from Nusa Penida. That just means you take the 10-minute boat trip to Nusa Lembongan from Nusa Penida and you can skip across to Lombok without having to go all the way back to Sanur, Bali, which is pretty convenient.



It is possible to get from Nusa Lembongan to the Gili Islands but not currently possible directly from Nusa Penida. That just means you take the 10-minute boat trip to Nusa Lembongan from Nusa Penida and you can make your way over to the Gili Islands without having to go all the way back to Sanur, Bali.

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  1. Sabiha says:

    Hi there, my flight is at late night. Is the boat or ferry available at very early morning like 2-3 am to go to Nusa Penida?

    • Jackson says:

      You’d have to check the schedule but I highly doubt it. I suggest getting a cheap place in Sanur, having a quick sleep and then getting the early morning ferry to Penida, the ferry terminal is near Sanur.

  2. ashish says:

    hi, good blog. you mentioned it is possible to go to Gili islands from nusa lembongan. is the reverse also possible? i.e. Gili T to Nusa lembongan ?

  3. Asha Mehta says:

    Hey! I’m planning a trip in a few weeks from Ubud to NP and back to Sanur a week later, this post is so helpful thanks! One question: the 12go website doesn’t have anywhere to put pick up location? Is this included?

    • Akanksha Antil says:

      Hi Jackson!

      I have the same query. It will be great if you can help us with this bit of information. Absolutely loved your blogs on Nusa Penida. Really helped us in structuring our itinerary.

  4. Martha says:

    Great info, than you!

  5. Bali Tour says:

    Amazing post that I read.
    Thank you for the sharing

  6. Silvia says:

    Im going to Bali in September and want to go 3-4 days to Nusa Penida.
    Where do you recommend to stay in Nusa Penida or Nusa LEMBONGAN?

    I quite don’t get where is better, and is 3-4 times good?

  7. Luisa says:

    Hi! Great post! And great blog by the way!
    I’m already in Bali and I want to spend one day at Nusa Penida.
    Is there a ferry for cars? I’ve one already rented one for the full stay at Bali. Besides I would like to go the beaches and the travel agents only offer a trip around the island… I would love to see the mantles and have some time in one beach. So again the question is if I can bring my car to Nusa Penida.

  8. Mahima says:

    this is a super awesome post. love to be there. it seems you had enjoyed an amazing experience! amazing shots.

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