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Cappadocia is a well-known tourist destination for hot air ballooning and breathtaking landscapes such as fairy chimneys and rock formations in particular. However, before the hot air balloon industry was even around, Cappadocia was popular for small hikes and historical tours. This region in Turkey is so stunning to explore for so many reasons whether it’s cultural, historical, or geological. I spent my 10 days in Cappadocia going hiking trails, traversing the ancient valleys, exploring underground cities, trekking in gorges, visiting salt flats, and, of course, hot air ballooning. Public transportation in Cappadocia is limited and all of the highlights are quite spread out so I joined a few tours in Cappadocia. It seemed that the prices for the tours are fixed no matter which company you use but take note though as many some companies differ in services and add-ons. That’s why I’ve picked the top 12 tours in Cappadocia in this blog post to help you explore this magical place.

In this article, you will first find a comparison table, which shows you the price, duration, and average review score for each activity. Below the comparison table, you will find a detailed description with photos for each individual activity as well as the link to the booking site so that you can easily navigate to book the tour that you find most exciting! Hope you enjoy the article.


The Red Tour $38 8h 4.4
Green Tour with Trekking in Ihlara Valley $44 8h 4.6
Quad Bike Tour  $37 2h 4.0
Horse-riding Tour $41 1-2h 4.6
Turkish Night at Cave Restaurant $30 4h 3.9
Red Valley and Underground City Tour $45 8h 4.0
Best of Cappadocia Day Tour with Lunch $55 7h 30min 4.5
Hot Air Balloon Tour $280 1h 4.9
Full -day Discovery Hiking Tour $56 9h 4.3
Goreme Open Air Museum and Fairy Chimneys $56 8h 4.4
Wine and Sunset Tour $76 3h 5.0
Underground City and Ihlara Tour $62 1h 4.8


Tour: The Red Tour

This is one of the most popular tours in Cappadocia. A tour that will bring you to the renowned Northern Cappadocia’s top attractions with so many inclusions. Start off by being picked up at your hotel may it be in Goreme, Uchisar, Nevsehir, Urgup, or Cavusin. The tour will last for a whole day so you will be provided with convenient transportation and a very knowledgeable tour guide. Trust me, there’s a lot to learn on this tour! Taking part in this tour will give a memorable experience because the places to visit are well-chosen and closely associated with Cappadocia and what it is known for – fairy chimneys and endless rock formations. I just loved the open-air views of the stunning fairy chimneys, the caves, and the history covered during the itinerary. Everything was included in the tour price except drinks which were available for an extra charge. Since the visiting spots are much closer compared to the green tour, this is rather a more relaxing one. You will end the tour at Goreme Open Air Museum before returning to your hotel. This is undoubtedly one of the best tours in Cappadocia!

Click Here to check the rates and availability of this tour on the booking website.

Tour: Green Tour with Trekking in Ihlara Valley

This tour is a little bit cheaper than the Red Tour and it lasts for approximately 8 hours. The Green is among the tourists’ favorites as there are more places to see. After the pick-up at your hotel, you’ll be headed directly to Goreme’s Underground City, the highlight of this tour. You’ll be amazed at how people lived their lives during this time. I hope you won’t forget to bring your cameras as you’ll be taking shots of their amazing landscapes along the way. It also includes pit stops to the place’s famous sites, including the Ihlara Valley. The trip is kind of hassle-free with pick-up and drop-off in a luxury van! It is guaranteed to give you comfort and relaxation. If you love to hike and trek, this tour is perfect for you!

Click Here to see the rates and availability of this tour on the booking website.

Tour: Quad Bike Tour 

If you think that you haven’t seen enough of Cappadocia, then try the Quad Safari tour. This will get you right off the most taken paths. As you traverse on a sturdy ATV (quad) bike, you will be greeted with spectacular rock-cut valleys that will leave you in awe. This activity is a good option for sight-seeing as this will give the opportunity to wander the dunes, valley, trails, and hills of Cappadocia. Hotel pickup and drop off is included. I really love this tour because the tracks are carefully laid out to be exciting, but not frightening. There’s nothing to worry as a tour guide will be with you all the way. On top of this, the bikes are roadworthy and easy to use even to those with no experience. To complete this amazing experience, please do bring your sunglasses, face mask, and handkerchief for sun and dust protection.

Click Here to check the rates and availability of this tour on the booking website.

Tour: Horse-riding Tour

This 2-hour horse ride includes a pick-up and drop-off at Cappadocia area hotels. This activity will give you an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. You’ll ride through the valleys of Goreme with their beautiful horses and witness the enchanting fairy chimneys. Explore the peaceful environment with a professional guide. Among the highlights of this ride are the rock-cut Hallacdere Monastery, the orchards and vineyards with their picturesque landscapes you’ll pass by. Worry not about the equipment as helmets are provided. The best thing is that you can choose your own schedule and I highly recommend you’ll tour at least 2 hours before sunset, trust me you’ll surely have the best horse ride of your life. This is sure to give you fun and excitement! 

Click Here to see the rates and availability of this tour on the booking website.

Tour: Turkish Night at Cave Restaurant

Looking for an authentic Turkish style experience with a combination of night-filled music, dancing, and drinks? You will definitely love what the Cave restaurant in Cappadocia offers. I must say I enjoyed the night of pure relaxation with a touch of Turkish culture. The onstage performers will keep you entertained the whole evening, so you won’t notice the passing of time.  The location of the restaurant is uniquely situated in a rock-cut cave which makes it more appealing. You don’t have to worry you might lose your way of getting there, the restaurant also provides free transportation to and from your hotel.

Click Here to check the rates and availability of this tour on the booking website.

Tour: Red Valley and Underground City Tour

This full-day tour in Cappadocia will give you everything there is to offer. You’ll be picked up from your accommodation and headed right away to the first stop, Red Valley as you witnessed its stunning rock formations and iconic landscapes. It is also famous for watching sunsets. If you want more of Cappadocia’s history, be ready as you’ll be taken to the famous Underground City, the deepest of its kind, reaching as deep as 18 stories beneath the ground. You can also hike through the colorful fairy chimneys of the place. Among the highlights are the stops to Pigeon Valley and Ortahisar Rock Castle, both are popular spots. End the tour with a drop-off at your hotel. Note that children aged 0-4 are free of charge! This trip is definitely worth your time and money. Highly recommended for a family activity, this is one is top on the list if you are looking for the best sunset spot. 

Click Here to see the rates and availability of this tour on the booking website.

Tour: Best of Cappadocia Day Tour with Lunch

Exploring and covering much ground in Cappadocia might be tiring, but the Best of Cappadocia Day Tour will make sure that you will have an unforgettable experience with them. This tour includes pick up and drop off to the hotel making it convenient for the guest. The breathtaking places enlisted in the tour are well selected so I must say that at the end of the day, you have already seen and visited the best places in Cappadocia. If you want to know how to make pottery and weave carpet, this is the tour for you. After lunch, you’ll be headed to  Goreme Open Air Museum and Uchisar Castle which are quite popular spots in Cappadocia. For $36 for kids and $55 for adults with lunch, this is worth paying!

Click Here to check the rates and availability of this tour on the booking website.

Tour: Hot Air Balloon Ride (book in advance)

Never been on a hot air balloon flight? Then it’s time for you to do it! This activity lasts only for an hour as it will be done during sunrise. I did this tour and it was beyond epic. It’s truly a fairy tale and it definitely lives up the hype. It is pretty expensive but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience and if you are ever going to ride in a hot air balloon, it should be in Cappadocia. Some of the inclusions of this tour are the certificate given to you after the flight and insurance but don’t worry I can assure you that this activity is very safe. Before the flight, there’s a complimentary breakfast with tea or coffee so enjoy it with the view. You’ll be flying over Cappadocia’s wonderful landscapes and unique rock formations of its houses. Have a 360-degree view of the whole place and get a satisfying glance of its valleys and mountains. After landing, get a toast of free champagne as you enjoy watching hot air balloons flying over you. Finish off with a comfortable drop-off to your hotel. This activity is one of every couple’s favorites. It’s important to book this one in advance as often the entire town is sold out of bookings during peak season and there is a 2-3 day waitlist.

Click Here to see the rates and availability of this tour on the booking website.

If you want to check out all of the photos I took from my hot air balloon ride you can see them all in this blog post.

Tour: Full -day Discovery Hiking Tour

When it comes to hiking in Cappadocia, it’s hard not to pick this tour. Once you sign up for this tour, get ready for some adventures as you descend and find yourself in the underground cities in the region, hike in one of the most attractive valleys, and visit one of the biggest monastic settlements and largest cathedral. Each of the places has its unique beauty that will leave you in awe. This activity is highly recommended, but not worth recommending for children. Like any other tours, this provides pick up and drop off to your hotels. Not only that, but this whole-day tour also offers lunch at selected restaurants so you won’t get starved. All fees are included and a licensed tour guide. 

Click Here to check the rates and availability of this tour on the booking website.

Tour: Goreme Open Air Museum and Fairy Chimneys

This is another full-day tour that will give you an enjoyable and memorable experience. The tour kicks off with a visit to the Imagination Valley wherein you’ll get to witness animal-shaped natural rock formations. You’ll then be headed to the Monk’s Valley with its amazing mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys. It also includes a stop to Avanos town, famous for its pottery works. Of course, lunch is included at a famous local restaurant before you head to Goreme Open Air Museum, the main attraction. You’ll be in awe with its stunning panoramic views all over and churches dating from the Byzantine Empire. The last stop is at Rock Castle and it’s worth a visit. You’ll be dropped off to your hotel comfortably. Personally, this tour is value for money! 

Click Here to see the rates and availability of this tour on the booking website.

Tour: Wine and Sunset Tour 

To those who love to enjoy the sunset while drinking Turkish wine, this tour is right for you. Wine and Sunset Tour is amazing as it will let you experience some unique activities such as visiting the local market where you can shop your own bottle of wine, hiking valley, and local vineyards, getting a close-up view of rock formations and finally watching the sunset. This tour will take you to one of the popular sunset spots- Red Valley Sunset Point. Although they offer time for pick up, guests must expect the changes depending on the time of the sunset.

Click Here to check the rates and availability of this tour on the booking website.

Tour: Underground City and Ihlara Tour

In this tour, you’ll get a chance to discover the unique rock formations of Cappadocia. Personally, I like to explore ancient tunnels like the famous Derinkuyu Underground City and learn the traditions of the locals on how they lived during those times. If you join this tour, you’ll feel close to nature as you go on your journey to Ihlara Canyon which was formed by volcanic activity, with its scenic views. As you visit the Ihlara Valley, you’ll know how the early Christians made their churches from rocks. As for lunch, there is nothing better than eating your food as you watch the stunning views of the chimneys. This also includes quick stops to the Selime Monastery, Pigeon Valley and the famous Onyx factory to watch how a volcanic stone is formed. It ends with a drop-off to your hotel. This is one of the best-rated tours in Cappadocia as it offers a unique experience.

Click Here to see the rates and availability of this tour on the booking website.


Cappadocia isn’t actually a town as many people think but it is an entire region. Within this region are towns such as Goreme (most popular tourist spot), Uchisar, Urgup and Ortahisar among others. There are two airports that serve Cappadocia.

  • Kayseri Airport (70km/60 minutes) is the main airport and takes just over an hour by van/bus to reach Goreme Town
  • Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport (/40km/40 minutes is the secondary airport, which is closer to Goreme but only by about 20-minutes.

The big difference here is that Kayseri is a bigger airport, with more flight options and often has cheaper flights. It is very convenient and quick to fly into Kayseri and I did twice.

To get from Kayseri (or Nevsehir) you need to pre-book your shuttle or be prepared for an expensive taxi. The cheapest and easiest way to do that is to book online here.  For under $15 you can ride in a shared, air-conditioned airport transfer. They will pick you up from your hotel or if you are arriving they will be waiting with a sign and your name on it. If you prefer a private transfer, it actually isn’t that expensive and for under $50 you can have a private, air-conditioned car transfer you from the airport to your hotel by booking online here.


The beauty of Cappadocia is that while it is a fairytale location in summer, it only gets more and more beautiful in the winter. When it snows in Cappadocia it is truly a mesmerizing sight and something out of a dream world. Snowcaps cover rock formations and paint the valleys white. I visited during the summer but am seriously considering returning to fly again in the winter although the flights are a little more irregular due to the weather of course. Below are some recommendations for the best times to visit Cappadocia.

April to October: Most favorable time for the hot air balloons in Cappadocia with warm nights, clear skies and cool air. The hiking trails were quite hot, especially in the middle of the day.

November to February: If you do visit in February the weather is a bit more up and down but you have the chance to fly over snow, which would be a once in a lifetime experience. Some of the hiking trails will be great in the snow also!


Something most tourists don’t realize before they arrive in Cappadocia is that the hot air balloons don’t fly every day. In fact, when the wind is too strong they can’t fly because there are no brakes on the balloons and it can be dangerous. They need calm weather. This means that many tourists book 1-2 days in Cappadocia and expect to be able to fly in that window. Unfortunately, all too often the weather doesn’t agree and tourists leave without having seen a hot air balloon in the sky.

  • Firstly, book in advance and make sure you book for the first morning of your trip. If your flight is canceled, you don’t lose your booking or money, you simply get bumped to the next day. Therefore if you arrive and try and book in the town, there may be a backlog of people waiting because the hot air balloons haven’t flown for three days. So the best thing to do is to book in advance online for the first morning of your stay to give yourself the best chance of flying. You can Click Here to visit the booking page to get your tickets online for a set fee without having the hassle of bartering once you arrive and possibly missing out because of availability.
  • Secondly, you should stay for more than 1-2 nights to give yourself a window big enough to allow for unfavorable weather. I stayed for ten days to explore the trails so I had a huge window, which isn’t necessary but I would suggest allowing at least 3 days if not 4. I know most people have limited time and want to see lots of Turkey but trust me, there are so many spots to visit and trails to walk in Cappadocia that you are making a mistake if you only stay for two nights anyway!

My final suggestions are to stay for at least 4-5 days that way you guarantee you will fly in a hot air balloon and you can explore some of the hikes that you find in this guide!


Where I stayed: Design Cave Suites Cappadocia – I was lucky enough to stay at the Design Cave Suites in Goreme. The location was great and I walked to all attractions. The rooftop garden was awesome for sunrise balloon watching. Buffet breakfast spread was amazing as was the cave style room designs.

Best Cave Hotel with Pool: Local Cave House Hotel– This cave hotel rose to fame because of its incredible pool. Make sure you click the link and check out how epic the pool backdrop is, with those classic Cappadocia rock formations in the background and traditional cave rooms it is a top pick.

Cave Hotel with Best Roof View (and dogs): Sultan Cave SuitesThis cave hotel became famous because of its epic rooftop area for sunrise viewing. Guests can lay out on traditional pillows and carpets while watching the hot-air balloons flying above. The hotel dog might also join you for a photoshoot on the roof!

Budget Option in Goreme: Emre’s Stone HouseFor just $6 USD per night you can enjoy Cappadocia and this budget accommodation even has an epic rooftop to enjoy. It’s the best value in Goreme, Cappadocia.


Save money in Cappadocia by staying at an Airbnb! Get a FREE $40 Airbnb Coupon by using my code when you book! I use Airbnb on about half of my travels and find you always get more value than a hotel.


Hire a Private Driver: Hiring a driver for a few hours to take you to several sites will cost about 100 Turkish Lyra depending on the car and your negotiation, which is about $20 USD. This is a good idea if you want to see 1-2 locations in an afternoon.

One of the best ways to get around is to hire a driver that will allow you to create a customized itinerary. That way you can visit all the spots you are interested in. To hire a private car with a driver/guide you can book online here or you might be a bigger group and in that case, it can be cheaper to hire a van in Cappadocia, which also comes with a driver.

Rent a Mountain Bike: We thought about renting a mountain bike but they were 150 Turkish Lyra for the entire day so it would have been 300 Turkish Lyra for both of us just to transit around. That’s almost $60 USD. It would have been fun but once we fund out everyone wanted to help us by giving us lifts there wasn’t much need. We either walked or hitchhiked.

Rent A Scooter/Moped: A scooter costs about 150-200 Turkish Lyra ($30-40 USD) per day and could be handy if you want to explore some attractions a bit further away or venture over to Uchisar.

Rent an ATV: Given the rough terrain in Cappadocia, an ATV is a fun option to help you explore the natural wonders and rock formations of the region. Prices are about $40 USD for two hours. If you are keen to head out on an ATV there is an awesome Quad-Bike Safari Tour that takes you through Sword, Love and Rose Valley during golden hour!


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