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With its fairytale landscapes dotted with hot air balloons, stunning rock formations, and exotic cave hotels, Cappadocia is truly everyone’s dream. It’s one of the most romantic destinations in the world and there is nothing more unique than staying in a cave hotel in Cappadocia. This region is famous for its underground cave systems and unique homes built into the rock formations. There are some truly incredible hotels that have been built into these rock formations and caves. In this blog post, I will share the 12 best cave hotels in Cappadocia so you can choose incredible accommodation for your visit.


Don’t have time to read my detailed breakdown of all the best cave hotels in Cappadocia? No worries! These are my three top picks for the best cave hotels in Cappadocia. If you book one of these three, you are guaranteed to have a great stay in a great location!

Sultan Cave Suites

  • Insta-worthy
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Terrace

Mithra Cave Hotel

  • Best View
  • Luxury
  • Amazing location

Traveller’s Cave Hotel

  • Value for Money
  • Amazing view
  • Outdoor


Charming Cave Hotel$67
Aydinli Cave Hotel$77
Kayakapi Premium Caves$361
Sultan Cave Suites$379
Mithra Cave Hotel$245
Kelebek Special Cave Hotel$195
Rox Cappadocia$185
Traveller’s Cave Hotel$78
Local Cave House Hotel$114
Tulip Cave Suites$125
Artemis Cave Suites$145
Yunak Evleri Cappadocia$112



Sultan Cave Suites (Insta-worthy): Perhaps you’ve seen Insta-couple photos on Instagram posing
with tons of hot balloons and colorful skyscapes, delicious breakfast set up on the table, colorful cushions, and cute dogs as a backdrop- yes this is the place!

Sultan Cave Suites is best known for its breakfast terrace and really popular with Instagram influencers and couples. In my opinion, the owners here are quite genius as they set up the terrace every morning for the guests to enjoy taking tons of photos for their social media while watching the panoramic view of Goreme.

It’s not only about the best view, but this hotel also has suite rooms of different sizes; ranging from junior suite to sultan suite. The hotel staff can arrange local excursions such as hiking and hot air balloon flights which are must-do activities in Cappadocia. If you are seeking a truly magical holiday, this is the best cave hotel in Cappadocia

Sultan Cave Suites

  • Insta-worthy
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Terrace


Mithra Cave Hotel (Best View): Mithra Cave Hotel is a luxury cave suite with terrific views of many
hot air balloons gliding over Goreme town. Compared to other luxurious cave hotels, Mithra’s price is quite competitive considering it’s the most photographed cave hotel in town because of its insane view of hot air balloons in the morning.

This property offers numerous terraces adorned with beautiful carpets and pillows – not to mention they also have a cute dog which you can take photos with, too! The rooms are cozy, breakfast is beautiful, and the hotel staff is very welcoming so it’s not just a pretty setting. It is a fantastic place to stay for Instagrammers and luxury seekers. No doubt this is one of the very best cave hotels in Cappadocia.

Mithra Cave Hotel

  • Best View
  • Luxury
  • Amazing location


Kelebek Special Cave Hotel (Outdoor Pool): Another top-rated cave hotel in Cappadocia, the
suites at Kelebek Special Cave Hotel are luxurious and romantic so no doubt you’ll have the holiday of your dream here. Many of the suite rooms have fireplaces and private balconies which give unrestricted views of Goreme’s amazing landscape.

With sweeping panoramic views and comfortable seating, the indoor bar and outdoor pool are perfect places to relax after a long day. If you want to book a tour, definitely ask the staff as they are extremely helpful in organizing tours for their guests. If you want to pamper yourself, the hotel offers a traditional Turkish bath and a variety of different spa treatments.

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

  • Outdoor pool
  • Romantic
  • Luxury


Aydinli Cave Hotel (Great Breakfast and Great Room): Aydinli Cave Hotel is one of the most popular
accommodations in Cappadocia. It is a family business property on the hillside that is only a 5-minute walk from the town center. It offers a cozy terrace and the perfect ambiance for photo opportunities.

This hotel has bigger rooms knowing that you are paying for a reasonable price; with incredible heating and cooling system so you will never feel neither cold or hot. The other highlight of the stay was the traditional Turkish buffet breakfast – it’s delicious! nsive food, and stylish rooms- Aydinli does have everything you could possibly ask for.

Aydinli Cave Hotel

  • Great breakfast
  • Great room
  • Traditional Turkish buffet


Kayakapi Premium Caves (Private Pool): Kayakapi is a perfect setting for a luxury vacation. Set less
than a mile from the town of Urgup, this elegant boutique hotel has been meticulously restored retaining its original homely charm whilst providing today’s modern facilities. This premium cave hotel offers guests the choice of rooms from a prime room ($134) to a villa with a private pool ($3,000)- sure you’ll get the taste of luxury here.

From the moment you first walk through their doors until the last day of your stay, their focus is on turning your idea of the perfect holiday into a reality. What is the best thing about this place is some rooms have their own indoor cave swimming pool! Yes, you read that right! A pool in the room. This is perfect for well-heeled travelers or honeymooners who are seeking privacy, luxury, and tranquility. If you are searching for a luxurious cave hotel in Cappadocia, I cannot recommend Kayakapi Premium Caves enough.

Kayakapi Premium Caves

  • Private pool
  • Perfect setting
  • Elegant boutique hotel


Rox Cappadocia (Best Breakfast and Instagrammable): Rox Cappadocia is located in Uchisar, next
to Uchisar Castle, and has beautiful rooftop views. The owner does a great job of decorating the rooftop and the pool area to make it Instagrammable. In fact, some celebrities stayed here, too! Since the hotel is a little farther away from Goreme where the balloons take off, the balloons are quite tiny but the view is still insane.
It was absolutely amazing and magical. The breakfast was truly special and definitely the best breakfast I have tried in Turkey. There is no surprise that the overall rating of this hotel is excellent. I highly recommend this cave hotel in Cappadocia!

Rox Cappadocia

  • Best Breakfast
  • Instagrammable
  • Beautiful rooftop views


Traveller’s Cave Hotel (Value for Money): Traveller’s Cave Hotel stood atop a hill with an amazing
view of Goreme town resting peacefully below, you’ll feel like you’ve been teleported to a different epoch
when you step outside your room at Traveller’s Cave Hotel.

This Cappadocia cave hotel has everything you need in one delightful place, with professional and welcoming staff to cater to your every need. The rooms are cozy, spacious, and adorned beautifully. What appeals to me was the complimentary outdoor hot tub- it is an extra bonus! It’s quite a walk from the main town where you can shop and eat at local restaurants, so it’s in a perfect location.

Traveller’s Cave Hotel

  • Value for Money
  • Amazing view
  • Outdoor


Local Cave House Hotel (Budget-friendly with pool): Looking for a hotel with a pool yet
reasonable in Cappadocia is a bit tricky. Worry no more as I found a place for you! Local Cave Hotel is one of the best-rated cave hotels in Goreme town. This hotel has a reputation for giving exceptional service; the attention to detail and overall quality were on point.

Aside from its good price and big pool, what appeals to me is the location of the place. With shops within close proximity and tour operators easily available, it’s a convenient base for exploring Cappadocia. Definitely one of the best cave hotels in Cappadocia!

Local Cave House Hotel

  • Budget-friendly
  • Pool
  • Location


Tulip Cave Suites (Excellent Service and View): Situated on top of the hill overlooking Goreme
village, Tulip Cave Suites is another top-rated accommodation in Cappadocia. Described as ‘perfect,
breathtaking, and convenient,’ and featuring many of the same in-room amenities as other cave hotels in the area, Tulip Cave Suites stands out for its perfect panoramic views of the city and homely vibe. The owners are very nice and generous people which is one of the reasons why I love this property.

The terrace lives up to its reputation, the views really are as stunning as Instagram portrays. This hotel was definitely one of the best I’ve ever stayed in with a gorgeous view and impressive hospitality.

Tulip Cave Suites

  • Excellent Service
  • Great view
  • Top-rated


Artemis Cave Suites (Sunset View): Set on the highest point of Goreme town, this boutique cave
suite offers guests four terraces that have uninterrupted views of the valleys and sunsets which make for a great photo opportunity. It’s not quite luxurious but if you are looking for a perfect location and viewpoints, then you are in the right place.

Although there’s no pool on the property, they have plenty of seating outside for the guests. You’d better wake up early if you want to witness many hot air balloons flying over Goreme with magical sunrise. The staff can tell you about local tours and sites, and can even book them for you. With great hospitality and value for money, I really can’t fault this place!

Artemis Cave Suites

  • Sunset View
  • Amazing location
  • Hospitality


Yunak Evleri Cappadocia (Unique/ Tranquil): This high-end boutique hotel is built on the stone
cliff offering a rad panoramic view. Although it is further away from the center of Goreme, it is still accessible. They offer daily tours of Cappadocia and hot air balloon rides. With its convenient location in the center of Ürgüp, Yunak Evleri is a perfect base for daily excursions within Cappadocia.

The mansion has big rooms with bathrooms (some with jacuzzi) and you’ll find a stunning swimming pool, too. Plenty of rooms compared to other accommodations in Cappadocia and each is linked by a labyrinth of passageways and curved stone stairways not to mention it has a private patio or balcony. Personally, this lovely cave hotel is small enough to be intimate, yet large enough to offer you some privacy.


Charming Cave Hotel (Hospitality): With its impressive five-star customer reviews on,
Charming Cave Hotel is a clear favorite when it comes to hospitality and a perfect location. With impeccable service, exquisite furnishings, and a lavish hint of natural rustic ambiance, this property adds special meaning to your travel experience. This isn’t the most luxurious cave hotel in Cappadocia but it is the most affordable.

Charming Cave Hotel

  • Hospitality
  • Perfect location
  • Budget

I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best cave hotels in Cappadocia and have a great stay.


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