Ortahisar Castle is one of the best viewpoints in Cappadocia with great views stretching all the way to Uchisar and Goreme!


The most popular region for tourists to stay while exploring Cappadocia is a town called Goreme. Uchisar and Ortahisar are the other nearby towns, which are also an option for accommodation but Goreme is the popular choice by far. Goreme is packed with hotels, restaurants, and cafes, while Uchisar and Ortahisar are a little quieter. 

Ortahisar is just a 10-minute drive from Goreme and about the same time to Uchisar by car. It is probably just a little too far to walk but hitchhiking could be a good option too. You can also stay in Ortahisar with a number of nice accommodations available in the small town as well a number of cafes and restaurants. 

On the map below you can see the pinned location of Ortahisar Castle.



When you are in Ortahisar, visiting the castle will, of course, be at the top of your list. Although the top of the castle has been closed now for several years, you can still enjoy the view from the plateau, which is mid-way up the castle. 

At the base of the castle, you will first walk through a series of cobblestone alleys and paths, possibly getting distracted by a cafe, wine cellar or both.


You will then reach the ticket office where we paid about $2 USD for the entrance fee to the Ortahisar Castle. The climb up only takes about 5-minutes as you aren’t going all the way to the top just to the middle of the castle. The way leads you through the inner caves, ladders and exterior stairs of the castle.


Unfortunately, the castle closes at 6 pm and when we were visiting in the summer this was several hours before the sun actually set. Therefore we couldn’t watch the sunset from the top. In Uchisar, the other town nearby, you can watch the sunset there at Uchisar Castle.

However, even at 6pm, the golden light is beginning to look great on the castle and we could enjoy the views in all directions with the platform having a lookout spanning 3 different angles. We did step over a bit of old railing into a cool little cave that was the perfect chill spot for us!



Hire a Private Driver: Hiring a driver for a few hours to take you to several sites will cost about 100 Turkish Lyra depending on the car and your negotiation, which is about $20 USD. This is a good idea if you want to see 1-2 locations in an afternoon.

Rent a Mountain Bike: We thought about renting a mountain bike but they were 150 Turkish Lyra for the entire day so it would have been 300 Turkish Lyra for both of us just to transit around. That’s almost $60 USD. It would have been fun but once we fund out everyone wanted to help us by giving us lifts there wasn’t much need. We either walked or hitchhiked.

Rent A Scooter/Moped: A scooter costs about 150-200 Turkish Lyra ($30-40 USD) per day and could be handy if you want to explore some attractions a bit further away or venture over to Uchisar.

Rent an ATV: Given the rough terrain in Cappadocia, an ATV is a fun option to help you explore the natural wonders and rock formations of the region. Prices are about $40 USD for two hours.



Where I stayed: Design Cave Suites Cappadocia – I was lucky enough to stay at the Design Cave Suites in Goreme. The location was great and I walked to all attractions. The rooftop garden was awesome for sunrise balloon watching. Buffet breakfast spread was amazing as was the cave style room designs.

Best Cave Hotel with Pool: Local Cave House Hotel– This cave hotel rose to fame because of its incredible pool. Make sure you click the link and check out how epic the pool backdrop is, with those classic Cappadocia rock formations in the background and traditional cave rooms it is a top pick.

Cave Hotel with Best Roof View (and dogs): Sultan Cave SuitesThis cave hotel became famous because of its epic rooftop area for sunrise viewing. Guests can lay out on traditional pillows and carpets while watching the hot-air balloons flying above. The hotel dog might also join you for a photo shoot on the roof!

Budget Option in Goreme: Emre’s Stone HouseFor just $6 USD per night you can enjoy Cappadocia and this budget accommodation even has an epic rooftop to enjoy. It’s the best value in Goreme, Cappadocia.


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