Alan Davis Beach is just a short detour from the popular Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail. What’s so cool about this beach on the east coast of Oahu? Wedged into the rocks on the side of the beach are two wooden planks that lead you out over crystal water deep enough to accommodate all the diving and flipping you can handle.

Out on the east coast of Oahu, Alan Davis Beach is rarely spoken about among tourists but the locals flock here like crazy on the weekends. Hoards of school kids and beachgoers head to the secluded beach to jump in off the wooden planks. Several wooden boards have been wedged into the rock wall creating several diving boards.

Alan Davis Beach is a great spot to do some low key cliff jumping in a relatively safe swimming area. If you can, head to the beach on a week day to avoid the flocks of crowds on a weekend.

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How to get to Alan Davis Beach

Park you car in the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail parking lot and veer through the bushes on the dirt track instead of taking the lighthouse trail up the hill. This is the Ka’Iwi Scenic Shoreline Trail although it isn’t very clearly marked. Follow this trail for 10-15 mins and you will reach a little beach.Head along the left-hand side of the small bay and you will find yourself below Pele’s Chair and be standing right above the diving boards.


Things to do near Alan Davis Beach

From Alan Davis Beach you can head left along the coast for 45 minutes and reach the epic Makapu’u Tide Pools. Nearby is also Makapu’u Beach, an awesome hangout spot with shore break waves at times. Of course, the Makapu’u Lighthouse trail is just above the beach or the Tom Tom Trail is just behind Makapu’u Beach. There is plenty to do in this very scenic region on the east coast of Oahu.

Alan Davis Beach




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  1. Jo says:

    Aloha, great website. Do you know how to get to the infinity pool at black point? I’m a local here, but wanted to know if you have any connections on how to get there, passed the gates? Mahalo!

    • Jackson says:

      My friends have been there but I never went so can’t say from personal experience. I know there is a security guard and you will likely get a warning so may or may not be worth the hassle for a swimming pool up to you. Best is always to go at sunrise… people are slower to react at sunrise.

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