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China Walls on Oahu, Hawaii is one of the best sunset spots on Oahu and a great hangout for during the day. It has two sides to it. On calm days, you can chill here, jump in for a swim, and tan on the rocks. On days with big swell, the waves crash into the rocks, and the swell can flood the entire area making it very dangerous. However, China Walls is also one of the most epic and dangerous surf spots in Hawaii as surfers glide past huge rock walls during each ride.

China Walls Oahu Hawaii Take off from wall

China Walls on Oahu, Hawaii

A beautiful, wavy rock formation is a ledge of activity on the edge of the ocean in Portlock, Oahu. During the summer months, the surf can pick up at China Walls, and when it does a crowd flocks to the area to watch brave surfers push their limits in some of the most dangerous waves I have seen.

China Walls Oahu Hawaii


Swimming & Chilling at China Walls

On a flat day, hoards of college and school kids head to China Walls to jump off the rock wall and then clamber out with relative ease. However, on a big day, you can find yourself in trouble either out in the waves or at your risk of being swept off of the rocky ledge as you are climbing out.

It’s a great place to bring a cooler and some food and chill out during the day. There’s not much shade so be prepared for that but there’s usually plenty of room to set up a towel and take in the scenery.

Just around the corner from China Walls is the infamous Koko Head Hike. It’s made many tourists cry and wish they never came to Oahu!

Kristina and Bill cliff jumping at China Walls

Surf at China Walls

The waves may not be quite as big as Pipeline or the huge swells at Waimea but China Walls is frighteningly dangerous for another reason. Surfers are catching waves only yards from the dangerous rock wall; as soon as a surfer catches a wave they need to cut left quickly to avoid pulverizing themselves into the jagged edges of the rock piles.

For these reasons, it’s quite clearly a spot for locals or very experienced surfers only. However, it’s great to watch from a perch up high at China Walls and it gets quite busy when there are surfers out with many coming to spectate. Here’s my video from a big day of swell at China Walls.

china walls

Dangers of China Walls

There is no rope and this is for comfortable swimmers only. The ocean can be unforgiving and I’ve seen some people really struggle to get out here. Timing it wrong means getting smashed into the rocks if a wave comes crashing through, which is very bad.

Crashing waves at China Walls

FEATURED IMAGEsurfing at china walls oahu

Sunset at China Walls

Bring a towel down, some snacks, and possibly some drinks and you can hang out here all afternoon until sunset where you will get beautiful reflections in the rock pools. The sun sets out in front and will eventually disappear behind Diamond Head Crater. I’ve seen a few great sunsets here and when they pop off, the colors reflect beautifully in the little pools of water left from any swells overnight or during the day.

It can get super busy here during peak season or even school holidays. It seems hidden but is a well-known hang-out spot. The vibe is good and usually, there are no problems even if a few beverages are being enjoyed

A Tropical Splash

How to get to China Walls on Oahu, Hawaii

China Walls is about a 25-minute drive from Waikiki and is just before the turn-off to the famous Koko Head Crater. I’ve added the pin location on the map below so you have easy access to the exact spot.


 I hope you enjoyed this short guide to China Walls on Oahu. Stay safe and have fun!


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