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Hawaii can be many things to many different people. In this period, it was my recovery center. I ended up staying for almost two months on Oahu and went from barely being able to walk when I arrived compared to hiking a vertical kilometer through tough terrain the day before I left.

It wasn’t a straight trajectory along the line to recovery but I got there in the end. The ankle still is far from perfect but it is surviving treks, climbs, being in 6000m boots, vertical incline, and small twists and turns. That’s good enough for me.

I’ll always have a good time on Oahu. I mean, beautiful beaches and endless hikes. It’s hard to have a rough time. But those who live there know, it can be a tough existence at times with the traffic, high cost of living, crowds, lines, and many other factors short-term visitors might not see. In short, I’m glad to be off-island and back adventuring around the world.

In my last week on Oahu, I really gave my ankle a good test. I stepped up the hikes with a couple of steep and long hikes. I hit up the Wailupe Loop, moved onto the Pu’u Piei, and then finished with the Pride Rock to Pu’u Ohulehule Hike.

I tried to get in a handful of new hikes while I was here on Oahu and despite being on the road to recovery I got in eight or so now trails and documented them all on the blog. The inventory grows. I hope you enjoy a few of these photos from my last adventures on Oahu, Hawaii.