tantalus treehouse oahu

The Tantalus treehouse has been taken down. I don’t know the reason but this beautiful perch overlooking Oahu no longer exists.


The Tantalus treehouse is an enchanting lookout that offers panoramic views of Honolulu and Diamond Head. Like the Mermaid Caves, the location of the Tantalus treehouse is a mystery to most visitors.

All photos taken with a Sony Alpha A7II Mirrorless Digital Camera

tantalus treehouse oahu

Finding the trailhead to this hidden gem is a bit tricky but if you know where to look, the path is well worn. There is one fork in the trail though where you need to take a right in order to find the treehouse. It’s only a few minutes walk from the road until you come across across the huge banyan tree that faces towards a smaller tree growing out from the cliff’s edge that this wooden platform is nestled in.

tantalus treehouse oahu

The treehouse sits at an angle in a truly beautiful banyan tree with sturdy vines twisted around the gnarled trunk so you are able to climb it with ease. There are also lightweight ropes on either side of the trunk that offer support if you lose your footing.

tantalus treehouse oahu

With views of the city in the distance, you will feel as though you are hanging out with your friends in the middle of the jungle. A wicker hammock is suspended above the treehouse, which is a magical place to relax.

tantalus treehouse oahu

Because of the mountains to the left and the frequent rainfall in this part of the island, the lookout is a great place to spot rainbows from!

tantalus treehouse oahu

This is a perfect location for small groups and is a very peaceful place to hang out with friends or even do some yoga!



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  1. Cristina says:

    Major envy going on right now :). Great photos and nice post.


  2. Alysha says:

    Hi , wish I could get a better idea where to start or what the trail is called to dine the tree house

    • Jackson & Jessie says:

      Hi Alysha,

      While we like to share our adventures, we also like to leave the discovery up to you of these special places. Having said that, I assure you if you drive up past tantalus lookout it will be hard to miss if you keep your eyes open for places to park your car shortly after passing the turn-off for the lookout.

  3. Pas says:

    Just went up yesterday. Pretty easy to find following google map. Just be careful if you park the car by the road. When I arrived the other car that parked there got their window smashed, but nothing was stolen. 🙁

  4. Jackson & Jessie says:

    Yeah never leave valuables in your car! Great spot though!

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