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2020 made it easy to forget that I was a nomad. I mean it’s possible to stop being a nomad but that isn’t what I wanted to do. I was forced to remain stationary for months on end. I then based in Madeira for the last five months to avoid the obstacles of lockdowns, shut-outs, travel bans and so forth. So my nomadic nature was on hold, I was forced into a temporary base by nothing more than a last-resort.

2021 arrived and case numbers rose, bans heightened and a curfew even came to the shores of Madeira, which was once a relatively covid-free oasis. Europe was being hit hard and the stricter rules were reflecting the increase of the pandemic spread. This increase coincided with my five-month anniversary in Madeira. It seemed like a fitting moment to spread my wings once more, like the old times, and fly free.

So where do you go? Wherever seems safe, unlikely to impose a lockdown and has mountains. That’s basically how I make my decisions these days. This trio of requirements led me to join Pema on her second ‘Seven Summits’ expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. So, I’ll be heading to Tanzania to climb Africa’s tallest peak but I’ll also be staying in Tanzania for atleast 1.5 months to trek many other routes and create a handy little guide to the top hikes and treks in Tanzania. Maybe a safari or two will be thrown in there for good measure.

That leaves me with just over two weeks here on Madeira Island. I’m currently putting in four or five days of hard work on the computer before going off grid for an entire week as I hike the Caminho Real 23 with two friends. It’s a circular route that covers the entire perimeter of the island with 7,500 meters of incline over 180 kilometers. We’ll carry our gear and camp along the way, avoiding the nightly curfew as best we can. Does camping count?

That’s the life update. This week I ticked off three hikes I had been wanting to do here on Madeira and I’ve added the links to those and my favorite photos from those adventures below. I never really get sad to leave a certain place. I’m not sure if that makes me cold. I just enjoy it while I’m there and think about nothing else than being there. I don’t miss home or spend too much time looking toward the next adventure. I just live and love where I’m at. I have made some good friends here though, but I’m sure I’ll catch them again soon.


Tuesday 26th of January 2021

I'm so happy that you and Pena will keep doing adventures together. You both are great and you look very good together ;)

Good luck outdoors man and, as always, stay safe