Seixal Beach on Madeira Island is a stunning stretch of black sand with an incredible mountain backdrop featuring ridges and waterfalls overlooking the beach! I visited this beach multiple times during my stay on the island and discovered it was one of the best sunrise spots on Madeira. It also has soft black sand, which makes it a popular choice for beachgoers compared to the many stone beaches throughout the island.


Seixal Beach is on the stunning northern coast of Madeira Island in Portugal. It’s just a 41km drive taking 40 minutes from Funchal, which is the main town of the island. I suggest visiting the nearby regions of Porto Moniz, Miradouro do Veu da Noiva viewpoint, and Seixal Natural Pools while you are in the area. We combined all of those locations for a day trip. The map below shows you the location of Seixal Beach so you can plan your journey to this epic location. It is also known as Praia do Porto do Seixal, which is basically the same spot on Google Maps. There are a number of other beaches in Seixal like Laje Beach, but this is the main beach known as Seixal Beach.


Seixal Beach has no entry fee like many of the beaches and attractions on Madeira Island. It’s a popular spot with locals and tourists a like with a very friendly atmosphere. There is parking right at the beach but it is very limited so on a moderately busy day you can expect to wait for a park or look elsewhere for parking. There are showers, toilets and a cafe next to the beach for convenience so you can change and wash off after enjoying Seixal Beach.


There are many beaches on Madeira with rocky shores or with pebbles instead of sand. However, Seixal Beach has beautiful, soft, and fine black sand covering its shores. This is one of the reasons it is so popular as it is comfortable and safe for swimming and surfing.

I first visited Seixal Beach during the middle of the day on a weekend and I already thought it was an incredible beach. It had those ‘Hawaii vibes’ with the massive, lush mountains as the backdrop and black sand. However, it wasn’t until I visited for a sunrise that I named it one of the most epic beaches in the world!

Seixal Beach is right up on the western end of the north coast and it’s truly a majestic site. What makes this beach so incredible is the mountain backdrop. The lush green cliffs tower over the beach as the highway wraps around the edges of the cliff. Waterfalls pour down in the crevasses of the ridge adding to this surreal scene that has to be seen to be believed. I remember sitting on the edge of the pier looking up at the mountains in disbelief at the scale of the scene.


After visiting Seixal Beach during the middle of the day, we decided it would be a great spot for sunrise. Sitting on the shoreline at Seixal Beach, you look directly towards the east along the north coast. That means the sun will rise, shotting straight onto the beach and the green mountains on the coast.

We arrived twenty minutes before sunrise and were the only people at the beach. Blue hour was simply peaceful as and you really got a sense of just how black the sand is without any glare from the sun.

I headed on down the beach to explore the far end near the rocks and found a couple of small caves. I sat inside one of the caves as the sun began to rise in the distance. What a way to start the morning.

The sun began to shoot through the clouds, with rays piercing through and shining directly on the lush sea cliffs. It was a perfect sunrise, a magical scene, and one I’ll never forget. These are some of my favorite photos from the sunrise at Seixal Beach.


My favorite part of the beach was up on the man-made pier, where you can jump into the water for 3-meters high. The pier is usually blocked off but fishermen and kids who want to jump off just seem to bypass the blockade. It’s not a bad backdrop for a backflip.

On the beach itself, there is lots of room for sunbathing and hanging around with friends and family while in the water it is common to see surf lessons with waves continually rolling into the beach.


Around the backside of the beach is a huge natural pool and a restuarant. Here you can enjoy a salt water swim but within the protected walls of the natural, tidal swimming pool. It is similar to the Seixal Natural Pools only minutes up the coast to the west where we enjoyed sunrise before visiting Seixal Beach

The Seixal Natural Pools on Madeira Island is an incredible collection of volcanic, lava-rock tidal pools, perfect for swimming and exploring. With giant rock arches, giant caves and lots of rock pools to discover, this free attraction is one of the top things to do on the island.

I hope you enjoyed this guide about Seixal Beach, one of the best sandy beaches at Madeira.

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  1. Beach in Madeira, there are 2 black sand beach, Seixal and Prainha, there are 2 yellow sand beach, Calheta and Machico. There are other black sandy beach less tourist Alagoa.

    There several places you must use cable car to descend to sea level, Fajã dos Padres, Rancho, Rocha do Navio, Achadas da cruz, these are pebble beaches – This was land formed when part of cliff fallen making a peninsula near the sea

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