The Kokoda Track is a tough 8-day hike through dense jungle on slippery muddy trails. With 6000m+ of incline and 96km of undulating track to navigate it is one hell of an effort.

Throughout the eight days, I was on assignment with Papua New Guinea Tourism Board to capture images and share my experience in this region of the country. The photos in this blog post are my personal selects from the many shots I took along with my mate Josh Lynott. It’s a beautiful part of the country, extremely remote and therefore pretty untouched with raw beauty consistently overwhelming us. I hope you enjoy this selection of photos as much as we enjoyed the adventures.

The following photos were taken on a Dji Mavic Pro 2 drone, GoPro and Sony A7iii. There was no electricity so I carried power banks to charge and only sparingly used the three drone batteries that I carried throughout the trek.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures Jackson.

    I am from PNG and worked for the Kokoda Initiative Partnership (DFAT funded program) for a time – which you may (or may not) have heard about while walking the track or seen the signage about the schools, radios and health centres. I walked the track regularly for work. Definitely was the best part of the job, getting back to basics, simplicity of life and being with the community. I miss it everyday. Seeing your pics just reminded me how amazing the motherland is!

    Thank you for capturing it 🙂


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