I randomly picked Guatemala off the map, like choosing between a steak or pizza on the menu at a restaurant. I had a free flight to anywhere in the world, which came included with the press trip I did to Kerala. I opened up the map and thought why not Central America.

After my two weeks in Guatemala I am stoked about the decision I made and had an absolute blast in Guatemala. Even though I was following a tourist trail, every day seemed like I was taking the road less traveled. Guatemala is raw, it is unlike the tourist traps of Southeast Asia. Even the big ticket tourist destinations were not crowded.

These Guatemala photos are memories I will never forget and I hope they inspire you to get yourself over to Guatemala and experience the volcanoes, the nature and the history of this beautiful country.

These first few photos are from Pacaya Volcano Hike.

This is how you are going to get around if you are adventurous! Otherwise, you will be with all the tourists on the shuttles.

Lake Atitlan from San Marcos.

Indian Nose Hike from San Marcos

A hostel in Guatemala is usually around $10. This was Greengo’s in Semuc Champey.

Semuc Champey National Park 

More adventuring in the Semuc Champey region.

Exploring the Tikal Ruins of the Mayans

Jorge’s rope swing in Flores


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