Aglicay Beach Resort and Viewpoint

Aglicay Beach Resort is tucked away on a private beach below Alcantara on the south-east corner of Tablas Island, Romblon. Palm trees tower over the white sand, creating a natural wall between the accommodation and the private beach. Visitors from outside the resort are welcome to enter for just 50 pesos per person and enjoy Aglicay Beach Viewpoint as well as the spectacular beach.

We jumped on our motorbikes and made our way down south from our base at Escape Eco Retreat on Binucot Beach. The trip took about an hour. Most of the way the road was cement but the last 15-20 minutes was on a small gravel path. It was safe but if you aren’t a confident driver, maybe a car will be more suitable.

Once we arrived at Aglicay Beach Resort we paid the 50 pesos entrance fee per person. We could now make use of the bathroom facilities, filtered water, benches and tables as well as enjoying the beach and the viewpoint. We hung out on the beach for a while playing about with some kids from Manila in a splash war before exploring the beautiful palms on the shore.

However, it wasn’t the beach or the resort we had come to see. We walked up the stairs down the far end of the beach and went to check out the viewpoint. It was a bit of a cloudy day but it would have been magnificent on a sunny day to look back down on the water and the reef. However, we still got a great view of Aglicay Beach Resort. The hike up the stairs takes about five minutes so if you visit, definitely take the time to get up to the top for the view.

Aglicay Beach Resort and Viewpoint

Aglicay Beach Resort from the viewpoint

On the back side of the viewpoint, the beaches get even better! From here there was a huge reef with small fishing boats cruising in and out. Little coves crowned by palm trees lay across the bay, untouched.

Aglicay Beach Resort offers family bungalows, regular bungalows, and dormitory rooms. It really is a one-stop shop with snorkel and fin rentals as well as lots of beach activities on offer. However, if you are just visiting for the day like us you can enjoy all of the facilities for just 50 pesos.

If you are still up for an adventure continue the journey south to the Danao Norte Viewpoint for my favorite location on Tablas!

Aglicay Beach Resort and Viewpoint

Nic making his way up to the viewpoint


Aglicay Beach Resort and Viewpoint

The path to the viewpoint


Aglicay Beach Resort and Viewpoint

Beautiful Tablas


Aglicay Beach Resort and Viewpoint

Dan checking out the view across the bay


Aglicay Beach Resort and Viewpoint

Views from across the bay

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