Adventure Bag

Are you ready to join the Adventure Bag movement?

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This is an adventure bag. It is full of trash. Every time I go on an adventure I collect one adventure bag full of trash. It’s my small way of saying thanks to mother nature for allowing me to enjoy her beautiful creations. If we have time to go on an adventure we have time to collect an adventure bag on the way back out of the trail once we have enjoyed the waterfall, the hike or the beach.

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I had been hiking, exploring and adventuring all over the world. I was traveling in developed countries like Australia and America but I also spent a lot of time in developing countries in Southeast Asia and Central America. One thing I noticed no matter where I was is that there was always trash on the trails. Of course, some locations were worse than others but the trash was a constant. It was something I disliked and thought was careless but I never acted upon it. I was too busy adventuring, taking photographs and enjoying the natural environment.

After a week of exploring trails in Santa Fe, Panama by myself I had a lot of time to think. I was thinking about my character and what I stood for. I decided that I needed to lift my game. I wasn’t littering or using excessive plastic but I wasn’t helping the problem. I wasn’t being productive in saving our environment. I was inspired by many different people around me and decided that from that day onwards I would collect an Adventure Bag on every hike or adventure I went on.

I decided to share the idea with my Instagram audience. Collecting a bag of trash isn’t a new idea, I didn’t invent it. All I wanted to do was to tip people over the edge. Most adventurers are good people, they enjoy nature and they understand we must protect it. But we are all busy and often brush aside any potential action. The Adventure Bag movement aims to inspire these very adventurers to join the movement and start collecting their very own Adventure Bags.

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STEP 1: Collect a bag of trash next time you go on an adventure into the mountains, jungle or the beach! That is the first and main part of the movement.

STEP 2: Sharing your Adventure Bag is just as important as collecting it. The idea isn’t to receive praise or brag about your good deed. The sole purpose of sharing your Adventure Bag is to inspire your friends and family to join the movement. If you pick up one bag of trash and inspire nine people to do the same on their next adventure your total is 10. That is the idea behind sharing and promoting your Adventure Bag.


STEP 3: I will repost the Adventure Bags on the @adventurebagcrew Instagram and on the Story. I will post some on my own story at @jackson.groves aswell but the main focus is over at @adventurebagcrew.