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Glimpse Of Malaysia Adventure Bag Day

Glimpse Of Malaysia Adventure Bag Day

Glimpse of Malaysia recently organized a clean up at Sungai Pisang, Gombak, Malaysia. A total number of 40 participants both locals and internationals.

Text by Kovin Sivanasvaran on behalf of Glimpse of Malaysia

The targeted area was a famous hiking spot among locals but recent years have seen the amount of rubbish. The short hike of 1 hour to the waterfalls is a scenic one but the rubbish along the route is an eye-sore. We targeted a total of 30 bags full and we successfully achieved the target with 33 bags. Each bag weighed an average of 7kg. This means a total of at least 220kg of trash has been removed from the forest.

The cleanup was organized by Glimpse of Malaysia (GOM). We are a non-profitable hiking group where we organize hikes for free. The committee of this group would bring people hiking for free. We realize that hiking is something that can be done cheap and is very productive.

As we enjoy mother nature the least we could do to say thank you would be making sure we don’t destroy it. Thus, we clean up every trail we visit. We knew that we can reach a larger platform thanks to Jackson Groves as this is a topic that needs to be shared and more people need to know about this. Thus, we have joined the Adventure Bag movement.

Now, most of our members do this at every hike they go. The chain effect is incredible.