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‘Adventure Bag’ Adventure Day Port Noarlunga & Second Valley

‘Adventure Bag’ Adventure Day Port Noarlunga & Second Valley

On the 13th of January, 2019 it was time to bring the Adventure Bag movement to South Australia. Adelaide is my hometown so I was stoked to organize an Adventure Bag Adventure Day in the region I grew up exploring.

Sea Shepherd has factions all over the world and I reached out to the Sea Shepherd SA team to see if they wanted to work together on their upcoming clean-up. They were legends and welcomed the Adventure Bag Crew on board. They are super organized with the tent, bags, gear and even have a great sorting system. They also have a solid foundation of volunteers and supporters so we knew it was going to be a big group.

Everybody met at Port Noarlunga jetty at 9am. There was no visible trash on the beach so there were some doubts as to how much the group would collect. What I’ve learned time and time again is that it is very rare to find no trash and often when you start looking hard you can fill your bags quite quickly. That was the case at Port Noarlunga Beach.

A total of 160 people came out to help with the clean-up and what we collected was astonishing. In just under 2-hours our group collected over 160kgs of trash. Probably the most ridiculous statistic recorded by the Sea Shepherd team was that we had collected 2,630 cigarette butts.


After the clean-up, several change-makers made a speech and a couple of them were young kids, which was awesome to see. I made a short speech telling everybody about the Adventure Bag and what our movement is all about.


Now that the clean-up was taken care of, a solid group of us headed down to Second Valley for an afternoon in the sun and some cliff jumping. On the way in we managed to collect an Adventure Bag near the main beach.

It was a great day and I’m sending out a huge thank you to everybody who came out and supported the Adventure Bag Crew and Sea Shepherd. If you want to get involved in more clean-ups, Sea Shepherd hold them quite often and you can click to check out their Facebook page where they announce all of the clean-ups: Sea Shepherd SA Facebook Page