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The North Shore of Oahu is home to some of the best surf in the world, an abundance of turtles, fish and palm trees. Here are the best North Shore Oahu beaches:

1. Ehukai Beach Park

On a day with big swell Ehukai Beach can be best observed from the Peace Hike. The view of the waves from the hike is what Hawaii is all about. The meeting of majestic mountain and the powerful ocean.


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2. Waimea Bay

Waimea Bay has it all going on. Huge waves in the winter, which reach bigger than 40ft. In the summer the jump rock is a popular hangout. Turtles and fish swim around the rock formations below the surface and there are even a few underwater tunnels to explore. Waimea Bay is definitely one of the best North Shore Oahu beaches and is unmissable during your time on the island.


3. Pipeline Beach

The most famous surf beach in the world serves up some monster barrels in the winter. The highlight of the year is the Billabong Pipe Masters, which brings the best surfers from around the world to compete in the World Surf League Event. It is the last event of the year and often decides the world champ for the year!

4. Keiki Beach

Keikis is not a beach you go to for a refreshing dip. A powerful shore-break pounds into the sand. Photographers and bodyboarders who have somehow acquired super-human levels of courage test themselves in amongst the huge sets. This is one of Clark Little’s playgrounds.

5. Sunset Beach

As you can guess by the name this isn’t a bad spot to end the day. However, most of the beaches on Oahu have a great sunset. This is another beach that gets a huge swell in the winter!

6. Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay Resort is a fancy accommodation on the North Shore for those not looking to mix it in Waikiki. They have a little bay, which I assume is man-made, where the water is protected. I have never seen a turtle in the bay so I cannot confirm if the name is accurate or not.

7. Laniakea Beach

Also known as turtle beach this little stretch of sand is incredibly popular for one big reason. Each year huge Hawaiian Sea Turtles come and rest on the shore. Tourists pack the beach while volunteers try and keep the crowds from going too close. The turtles are also out in the water and you can snorkel with them but remember to stay more than two meters clear of the turtles.

8. Haleiwa Beach

Haleiwa historic town has a great relaxed, surf vibe to it. Tons of galleries, coffee shops and other stores line the main street. The beach itself has a few surf comps throughout the year and is a hotspot for turtles. Haleiwa Beach is one of the beat North Shore Oahu beaches to try a Standup Paddle Board lesson.


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9. Pupukea Beach

Pupukea Beach Park is where you can find Shark’s Cove. This is one of the premier snorkeling spots and a great, safe little spot for kids and families. The tide pools provide a fantastic area for snorkeling without having to worry about the elements of the ocean. Turtles, fish and lava tunnels will make this one of your favorite snorkeling spots on Oahu.


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10. Velzyland Beach

Velzyland has both right and left surf breaks and is a popular surf spot. Velzyland is public but seems private as it is not directly off the main road.




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