Those of you who check in with my weekly article you will know that I was touch and go to be injury-free for my trek up Mount Kilimanjaro. The good news is that I’m back and I managed to summit without my hamstring restricting my ability to climb. It’s still not perfect but I was quite frustrated and nervous about my prospects of surviving the trek just days before it began. Throughout the trek, I was incredibly grateful to make it through each new day as I edged closer and closer to the summit.

I wrote a huge article about the entire experience including my daily journal and almost 200 photos. I won’t repeat all of the daily journals here but would love if you clicked through to read about my trekking experience on Mount Kilimanjaro. It also has lots of tips and information about the climb so you can plan your own trek. It was an incredible nine days and one of my best trekking experiences to date.


I tried to document the entire journey and am proud of the photo journal I finished up with. Below I’ve added a few favorites from the many, many photos of the trip. To see them all do click through to the full article about Mount Kilimanjaro.

Also, thanks to those who messaged me wishing me good luck and before the trek. Appreciate that. Hope you all had a good week.

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  1. What an experience, would love to do this one day. Has C19 restricted flights in and out of Africa? Or travel within Africa? E.g., Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda?

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