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Sindigo Waterfall in Chiriqui Panama is a great little spot with cliff jumping, a rope swing and beautiful blue water. What I am saying is… welcome to paradise!

The waterfall is in the Gualaca region and is unmarked from the road. We jumped a barb wire fence and headed down a small path. After hiking down a little path for 10-minutes we arrived at Sindigo Waterfall.

The scene was magical. Moss covered boulders created a swimming pool, which a sweet little waterfall poured into. From the top of the boulders, you can jump in from about 4-meters. This epic little spot even had a rope swing, which flung you all the way out into the middle of the pool.

The sun breaks through the canopy in the afternoon and turns this spot into a wonderland. The blue water shimmers and the light rays flow through in between the branches. It truly is a magical spot.

We hung out for more than an hour jumping and swinging away with the waterfall our own private adventure spot!

Nearby you can check out an even bigger cliff jump. Joguata Waterfall has an 8-meter cliff jump and is less than a 15-minute drive from Sindigo Waterfall. We also visited the mini canyon, Los Cangilones de Gualaca, on the same day, which isn’t too far of a drive either!

sindigo waterfall
sindigo waterfall

sindigo waterfall

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    1. Hey, As i mentioned in the blog I went there with some local friends so can’t help with exact pin location. Ask a few locals they will know.

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  4. Hi, very comprehensive blog on Panama! We felt three weeks holiday in Panama should be ok – now we realise it is far too short 🙁
    How can we get to the Sindigo Waterfall? Thanks!

  5. Sindigo waterfall is a great little spot to visit during summers.The blue water makes you feel so cool during summers.It’s such a nice place to visit ones in your life.

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