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4 Awesome Waterfalls On Sibuyan Island

4 Awesome Waterfalls On Sibuyan Island

Sibuyan is one of the most beautiful islands in the Romblon Province. It is a trekking hotspot with the famous Mt Guiting Guiting attempted by many Filipinos and foreigners throughout the season. However, it is also home to some of the best waterfalls in the region.


We managed to visit four of the best Sibuyan Island waterfalls on either end of our trekking expedition up Mt. Guiting Guiting. In this guide, I’ll detail each of the waterfalls we visited on Sibuyan Island.


We arrived at Sibuyan Island early in the morning after catching the ferry from Romblon Island. We checked in to our hotel in Magdiwang and had a full day to explore before our trekking began the next day.

We found out about a couple of waterfalls in the area so off we set with a local guide. He charged us $20 for the day for two of us and showed us around. At first, we thought maybe we could just find it ourselves but Cataja Falls is very hard to find!

We followed our guide on the motorbike through winding roads and then down a dirt track until we parked and began to walk. We passed through many rivers and across farm fields. We were laughing imagining trying to find this waterfall ourselves! We were literally in the middle of nowhere, not another soul in sight just a cow every now and again.

We reached the start of the waterfalls. Cataja Falls is a series of cascades and we thought the first one was impressive. Our guide said don’t stop let’s keep going because he knew this was nothing compared to the falls at the end.

We continued to pass by beautiful waterfalls and crystal-clear pools. Despite the searing heat, we continued all the way to the top waterfall and when we did, we were blown away.

Many different streams of water flowed down the huge rock face, channeling into lots of different rock pools. It was immense and in the middle of the jungle! The entire journey to the waterfall took over an hour and was quite strenuous but what a place to end up at!

Cataja Falls is so unique, with its wall of waterfalls. I couldn’t imagine how epic this region would be after heavy rains, although the guide said it would be too dangerous to trek up to the top of the waterfalls were flowing heavier!




Lambingan Falls is probably the most commonly visited waterfall by tourists on Sibuyan Island. It is right near Magdiwang town and only takes a 10-15 minutes to reach by car or motorbike from the town. We visited Lambingan Falls on the same day as Cataja Falls. You won’t need a guide for this one it is signposted and there is no trekking involved.

The falls are quite small but still very peaceful. It was a great place to hang out and chill for a while on the bamboo platform. There was a disappointing factor at Lambingan, which was the diversion pipes sticking straight out of the waterfall. I think these kinds of diversions should be done upstream if they are necessary for the local community.

There is a little cliff jump at the bottom falls, which is also a great spot to sit in the huts and have some lunch, as we did.




Busay Falls seemed to be the most popular waterfall on Sibuyan island amongst the locals. Lots of groups of friends were hanging out and eating a picnic lunch while we were there.

It is a little tricky to find because as with everything in Romblon, there are no signs you just need to ask. Lucky Filipinos are always keen to help a hapless tourist and as long as you know the general area you can just ask your way around.

Busay Falls is near San Fernando. We visited Busay Falls the day before our boat trip to Cresta de Gallo. The manager at Seabreeze Inn rented us a motorbike for the day for $10 USD. We visited Busay Falls and Dagubdog in one day quite easily.

Busay Falls is right near the bridge before San Fernando and you take a small off-shoot alongside the canal. Follow that dirt road and always stick left until you cannot drive any further. You will then need to walk through the palm trees and alongside the river until you reach the beautiful Busay Falls.

A small pool at the base of the falls was the perfect place to refresh after the short but hot journey in. I really enjoyed these falls. One huge stream of water poured down into the pool.

The trees surrounded us in what was almost a canyon, a long thin open stretch. It felt very enclosed and magical. We even managed to climb the sides of the pool for a few cliff jumps with the local kids.


Dagubdob was the second waterfall we visited on our day motorbike adventure while we stayed in San Fernando. It was a little tricky to find again as there were a few roads closed but is right next to the huge channel.

A small road takes you up to the entrance. It just seemed like a busy street but a lady stopped us and asked us to pay the $1 entrance fee. She asked if we needed a guide and we declined.

We continued to drive down the road and then it led us through farming fields. Eventually, it came to a river so we parked the bike and looked around for a path.

A man with a herd of buffaloes laughed at us and said something in Tagalog we couldn’t understand. Where were the Dagubdob Falls? It turned out you need to follow the colored flags.

We didn’t know that but two local ladies took pity on us and led us all the way to the falls, which was across two rivers and about a 15-minute walk. Thanks, ladies.

When we arrived we couldn’t believe how beautiful this multi-tiered waterfall system was. Striking emerald water cascaded down and down into the next pool. As we climbed up and up we were surprised that it just never seemed to end.

There were at least 6 pools you could swim in if not more. I, of course, found a few you could even jump into. This is a great place to bring a packed lunch, hang out on the rocks in the sun and chill out for half a day!


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Friday 25th of August 2023

Great article and wonderful photos! Sibuyan has been on my bucket list for a long time, but this just solidifies it. If you add the epic Guiting-guiting trek, I'd say it's worth going. One Youtube video said the locals weren't friendly, but I've been to Philippines 4 times and that's a little hard to believe.

keith elliot

Thursday 5th of March 2020

those are some good pictures. followed you on Pinterest

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Wednesday 22nd of January 2020

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Jonathan Chagoya

Thursday 10th of January 2019

Wow,great article. I love the video most.Sibuyan island waterfalls is so beautiful.Anyway,Thanks for sharing.


Saturday 16th of June 2018

beautiful shots bro, you definitely know how to travel well.