Less than fifteen minutes from Waikiki, enjoy a short hike at the filming locations of Jurassic Park and the television show LOST.


Manoa Falls is one of my most suggested hikes to visitors looking for a short adventure. The trail is defined for the entire route, which gives you plenty of freedom to take in the wondrous scenery.

If you feel yourself looking around wondering why everything looks so familiar, don’t worry you aren’t going crazy. Some of the scenes from the original “Jurassic Park” were filmed along the hike. More recently the TV series “Lost” filmed many of its scenes in the lush rainforest environment.

Manoa Falls


manoa falls entrance

The hike leads up to a breathtaking waterfall cascading 150 feet down the mountain side. The water might not be as warm as the Pacific Ocean but it sure is refreshing to stand under the natural shower. The signs will say don’t enter the waterfall but like most things on Oahu, if the locals do it then so should you. I often get a few weird looks when I go for a quick dip but I am soon joined by the next group of eager tourists.

hike manoa falls


yoga in manoa falls

The beauty the Manoa Falls Trail is that it’s only a $10 cab ride from Waikiki, yet you will feel miles away from the hotels, restaurants and beaches. The trail winds next to a small stream, passing many different species of plants and trees that will definitely have you stopping for a closer look.

Yoga at Manoa falls

This hike surprised me when I first arrived on Oahu, because I didn’t expect the island to have such an array of flora. I was expecting palms and tropical plants but on this hike alone you will experience a small bamboo forest, giant tree trunks too big to hug, palms and intricate ferns.

Manoa Falls is a perfect little hike to do in the morning, leaving the rest of your day free for more exploring or relaxing at the beach.

yoga at manoa falls
Yoga at manoa falls


Yoga in manoa falls

Duration: 1 hour roundtrip
Altitude: 800 feet
Cost: $0
Open: 8AM
Closes: 7PM

{google_map}Manoa Falls{/google_map}



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