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Irente Viewpoint In Lushoto, Usambara Mountains

Irente Viewpoint In Lushoto, Usambara Mountains

Looking out over the Maasai plains in Lushoto is one of the best viewpoints in Tanzania. Hidden in the off-the-beaten-path Usambara Mountain Range is this incredible sunset spot with a 1000-meter drop. There are a few accommodations nearby including the famous Irente View Cliff Lodge and the cute Irente Farm Lodge where I stayed. In this blog post, I will detail everything you need to know about visiting Irente Viewpoint including how to get there, where to stay nearby, the best time to visit, entrance fees, and what to expect.


Irente Viewpoint is near the town of Lushoto and nestled right next to Irente View Cliff Lodge, the premier accommodation in the region. You can reach Irente Viewpoint by taking a motorbike taxi (boda-boda) from Lushoto Town for less than $4 USD or stay at one of the accommodations nearby. I stayed at Irente Farm Lodge and from there it was just a 2-kilometer walk to Irente Viewpoint.

I found the route on app to be the most accurate and it showed the path perfectly. Below is the Google Maps pin location for the viewpoint.


The entrance fee for Irente Viewpoint is 2,000 Tanzania Schillings, which is just less than $1 USD. If you are staying at Irente View Cliff Lodge, the entrance is free. There’s a small booth where you can submit the fee and it says the money is to go to the development of the village.


As I mentioned earlier, there are two great spots I can recommend if you want to base somewhere nearby Irente Viewpoint.

  • Irente Farm Lodge: I spent two nights at the farm lodge before my Lushoto to Mtae trek and found it a great place with excellent food and budget prices. It had a very peaceful vibe and I could highly recommend it.
  • Irente View Cliff Lodge: This one is a little fancier than the farm lodge and has an incredible cliff-edge location. Sunrise and sunset time are epic with expansive views and easy access to the viewpoint. Surrounded by lush forest, it’s an experience you will never forget and the prices are modest with nights available for under $70 USD.


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After arriving in the late afternoon at Irente Farm Lodge, I packed my camera gear and set off on the short walk through the villages to find Irente Viewpoint. With clouds casting a shadow over the mountains and fog rolling in, I was worried about my prospects of seeing the view.

The walk gave me a great glimpse into the village life of the locals as I passed through the center of a small town on my route. The locals were happy to point me in the right direction.

The path dips down after the soccer field and follows a narrow path on the edge of the cliff. It was here where I caught my first glimpse of the view despite the fog covering much of the landscape.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Chameleons because the Usambara Mountains are a hotspot for these color-changing reptiles. I was lucky enough to spot one during my time in Lushoto!

I came across the ticket booth and paid my 2000 Schillings before reaching the rocky viewpoint. Unfortunately it was covered in clouds. I was happy to wait them out with still 1.5 hours til sunset.

My advice for this viewpoint is to arrive early as the clouds do often come through for an hour or so. If you visit for just ten minutes and go home you may miss out on the view. Moments before sunrise, the clouds began to thin and the incredible view began to appear.

I was even able to have a beautiful flight and take in the views of Lushoto and the Usambara mountain range from the air. Incredible golden light gave the ridges some stunning depth and I was honestly blown away by this part of Tanzania that is relatively unheard of on the tourist trail.

Underneath the viewpoint is a small overhang/cave area where you can take a seat and chill as the sun begins to set. This was probably my favorite part of Irente Viewpoint.

The walk home during dusk was equally as beautiful as the sunset views with tropical vibes leading the way back to the farm lodge. I walked alot in the dark throughout my week in Lushoto and Usambara and never had any problems or safety issues.

I hope you enjoyed this short guide to the Irente Viewpoint in Lushoto of the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania.


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