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Fort San Andres In Romblon: Beautiful Sunset Viewpoint

Fort San Andres In Romblon: Beautiful Sunset Viewpoint

Fort San Andres, perched atop a hill in the town of Romblon in the Philippines, is a sentinel to history and heritage. Built during the Spanish colonial period in the 17th century, this fortress served as a bulwark against pirates and marauders, safeguarding the town and its inhabitants. Overlooking the serene Romblon Bay, its ancient walls and battlements tell tales of bygone eras, of battles fought, and of the strategic importance of the region. Today, beyond its historical significance, Fort San Andres offers visitors a panoramic view of the town and the surrounding seascape, standing as a proud testament to Romblon’s rich past.


From the town, we jumped on a motorbike and cruised to the bottom of the Fort Entrance. We parked next to a vendor and began to climb the stairs. The journey up was not incredibly hard but it was a very steep, long set of stairs.

Along the way, the gardens on either side of the stairs are magnificent and well-manicured. Statues and hedges create a magnificent entrance to Fort San Andres.

fort san andres romblon

When we reached the top the guard was just about to close the gates. We had just made it up in time to catch the sunset out over the ocean. You are allowed to climb to the roof of the Fort and from the roof, we sat on the walls and watched the sun disappear into the horizon.

We then began to explore Fort San Andres, which had many unique sections with strange doorways and beautiful marble statues. Many parts of Fort San Andres are crumbling but the guard is the head of an organization helping to maintain and repair the fort to make sure it is there for generations to come.

fort san andres romblon
fort san andres romblon


Fort San Andres in Romblon, Philippines, is a historical structure with a rich backstory. Here’s a brief account of its history:

Origins: Fort San Andres dates back to the Spanish colonial era. It was originally constructed in the 1600s as a response to the frequent raids and invasions by Moro pirates and other marauders. The Spanish authorities saw the need to fortify the region and protect the local Christianized population, so they established several forts across the Philippines, and Fort San Andres was among them.

Strategic Location: The fort sits atop a hill overlooking Romblon Bay, which allowed the Spanish forces to have a vantage point. Its elevation and location were strategically chosen to monitor and thwart any incoming threats from the sea.

Design: The fort was built primarily using coral blocks, with the design heavily influenced by Spanish military architecture of the time. The thick walls and sturdy battlements were constructed to withstand both attacks and the test of time.

Role in History: Throughout the Spanish rule, the fort played a crucial role in the defense of the island. Over the years, it has witnessed several significant events, from battles against invaders to internal revolts.

Post-Colonial Era: After the Philippines gained independence, the fort, like many other colonial structures, faced periods of neglect. Over the decades, some restoration efforts have been made to preserve its historical significance.

Present Day: Today, Fort San Andres stands as a significant historical landmark in Romblon. Visitors can explore its ramparts, learn about its history, and enjoy panoramic views of the town and surrounding waters.

In essence, Fort San Andres is a tangible link to Romblon’s past, a reminder of the challenges faced by its people and their resilience against threats.

fort san andres romblon


From the main town, you can walk or ride your motorbike to the bottom of the stairs near the port. The walk up the stairs takes about 5-10 minutes and is very steep. Entrance fee into Fort San Andres is just a donation to the maintenance of the crumbling structure.


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Luisa pam

Saturday 2nd of June 2018

Nice picture very recent. Hitting up to romblon this june 13.. i hope your still there.. It helps alot. Safe travels!! Xoxo