Cathedral Cave is a phenomenal spot, unlike any other in El Nido. It was one of the most incredible spots I’ve been to in El Nido with huge stalactites like pillars in the cave that goes back more than 40-meters. We swam through the luminescent water, eerily waiting for something to come out of the darkness.

You will find the Cathedral Cave on Tour B, in El Nido, which is a pretty underrated tour. Everyone flocks to Tour A and Tour C and then leaves El Nido but some of the spots on Tour B are incredible. There are hardly any crowds and you actually get that island vibe, deserted paradise feeling that you definitely don’t get on Tour A and C. The highlight for me was the beautiful Pinagbuyutan Island, which we had more or less to ourselves for several hours but Snake Island and Cathedral Cave were great also.

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From the outside, the Cathedral Cave looks anything but impressive. In fact, I thought this might be one of those filler activities they throw in to pass some time. We had already been to Snake Island and Pinagbuyutan so that wouldn’t be surprising. However, when we started to edge closer it became more interesting.

Our boat ended up parking right outside the cave and we asked our guide if we could swim in. He was a bit reluctant and told us there were snakes in the cave. I’m pretty sure he was lying but he didn’t fill us with confidence. We jumped in anyway.

Once inside we discovered an incredible luminescent section of water within the cave. The roof was so high up with sharp stalactites pointing down at us. With such a high ceiling and natural chandeliers, it soon became clear why this cave was called the Cathedral. 

We swam all the way to the back of the cave and climbed up the rocks. From the very back left corner, and only from there, the entire cave had a green glow. From anywhere else it was dull. Try it!

We filmed a few clips underwater and you can see the glow of the blue as the light shines out from outside the cave. It’s genuinely a beautiful place if you have a sense of adventure but no so much for half of our group who stayed on the boat. They just saw a big crack in the rock! Always stay curious.





Cathedral Cave is located on the edge of Pinasil Island, which is quite an imposing limestone island. What seems like a small crack gets bigger as your boat arrives closer and then it becomes hard to miss the Cathedral Cave.




I was lucky enough to experience Tour ATour B and Tour C, but have not yet made it on Tour D. However, don’t stress about which ‘letter tour’ will be the best. It’s El Nido, you are going to be visiting lagoons and beaches that will blow your mind no matter what tour you are on.

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To book your EL NIDO ISLAND HOPPING B TOUR you can Click Here to check the availability and book online (It’s just $18 USD)

  • It includes Snake Island, Pinagbuyutan Island, Cudugnon Cave, BBQ Lunch

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  • It includes Cadlao Island, Pasandingan Beach, Small Lagoon, Natnat Beach, BBQ Lunch



(Value) Spin Designer HostelLet’s go for Spin! This rad hostel is located at the bustling town of El Nido. This property is highly recommended by many travelers as the service is superb. Spin Designer Hostel also provides a shared kitchen with a barbecue facility. It is value for money and very close to shops and beach. If you stay here you will make friends with like-minded strangers and be in the prime location for the nightlife, island hopping and hiking Taraw Peak. The beach literally steps away.

(Most Insta-worthy) Panorama ResortPanorama Resort is an exotic boutique resort tucked between Corong-Corong Beach and Maremigmeg Beach, is a 3-star property that features a panoramic view of the mountains in El Nido. The resort is very insta-worthy and has a lot of amenities including a private beach, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, and free WiFi. It offers an amazing sunset view and chill vibe to guests.

(Luxury Resort) Las Cabanas Beach ResortThis incredible beach resort is situated perfectly on the shore of Las Cabanas beach in El Nido. It offers a peaceful sanctuary from the harsh realities of the outside world. The resort is picturesque and provides easy access to island hopping and other activities.  It has rooms with sea and garden views, and the beachfront cottages are single standalone units.



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