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Cantingas River Cliff Jump On Sibuyan Island: Complete Guide

Cantingas River Cliff Jump On Sibuyan Island: Complete Guide

Cantingas River is the source of 90% of the water for the island of Sibuyan. It is also the source of some pretty gnarly diving boards! This spot is incredibly popular for families on the weekend, where the adults and the kids come to play and hang out. The crystal clear water and the diving boards make it one of the most popular sites in Sibuyan.


Cantingas River is in the southeast region of Sibuyan Island, near the town of San Fernando. Our hostel owner at the Seabreeze Inn in San Fernando took us down to the Cantingas River in the morning. It was empty as we were there at 9 am as we were going out to Cresta de Gallo Island later.

From San Fernando town it took only 10-15 minutes on the tricycle. I have pinned the exact location below so it is easy for you to locate the spot.

Entrance to Cantingas River was 50 pesos for foreigners I believe.


We arrived at 9 a.m. and we were the only people at the Cantingas River cliff jump. Our early arrival was because we were heading to Cresta de Gallo later that day. It was an eerie morning. The sun was hiding, the fog was rolling over the mountains in the background and light rain started dropping every so often.

cantingas river cliff jump sibuyan romblon

We tried to test the water and it seemed quite shallow. Apparently, it used to be much deeper and now they are trying to dam it up a bit. It still seemed more than 8ft in some sections, so we had a few jumps from the bottom platform. It’s a pretty cool cement structure with three different levels of diving boards.

cantingas river cliff jump sibuyan romblon

A few people started to roll in and lots of families and kids were setting up for a day of fun by the river. The kids started jumping from the middle platform and then even from the top. I watched a few older guys jump from that high before I decided, I better jump as I’m probably never coming back!

Off I went to the big platform, hoping I would land in the right spot that was deep enough. Bombs away. I landed and didn’t even touch the floor, which was a relief.

We hung out here watching the kids jump from all the levels for more than an hour. It’s a really great spot with good vibes. The local families brought down rice, adobo, and big meals and of course, offered us some!

If you are in the San Fernando Area, definitely go for a dip at the Cantingas River cliff jump area.


Sibuyan Island, located in the province of Romblon, Philippines, is famously known as the “Galapagos of Asia” due to its rich biodiversity. One of its notable landmarks is the Cantingas River. Here are some things to know about Cantingas River on Sibuyan Island:

  1. Natural Beauty: The river is known for its crystal-clear, blue waters and is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists.
  2. Cleanliness: It’s one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines, and it’s been maintained to preserve its natural beauty and purity.
  3. Recreational Activities: The river is not just for sightseeing. It’s a spot for swimming, diving, and simply enjoying the cool waters.
  4. Hydroelectric Power: The Cantingas Mini-Hydro Power Plant is situated along the river, providing sustainable energy to the island. The hydro plant harnesses the power of the river without significantly disrupting its natural flow or the surrounding environment.


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