I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone by rock climbing around Lamai Beach but spent a lot of this week working online back at my beachside apartment.


My second week of solo travel has been a period of reflection, self-improvement both physically and mentally and lots of time spent online reading and learning. I have made a number of changes to the blog including adding a store section, in which I will share my favorite products and review new travel and camera gear.

There were some days this week where I woke up early in the morning and worked for 20 hours straight on the computer. I only stopped for an hour to go and eat a cheap local meal down the street and then back to work.

I am working hard now as I know the upcoming weeks are going to be far busier and crammed with many adventures.

However, I did still get up to some cool adventures this week while staying in my $10 a night apartment. It is less than a one minute walk to the beautiful, serene Lamai Beach. Because it is low season right now, it is incredibly quiet.

I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone by rock climbing around Lamai Beach and even found a few spots to dive from the cliffs.

Driving home one night on my moped I spotted a great looking futsal arena to the side of the road near Bophut. I came back the next night and joined in a game with a bunch of british and russian guys. The standard was pretty good and it’s always fun to get a game in where I can. I’ve now played soccer/futsal in every place I have traveled to and will put together a guide at the end of the year for other people looking to do the same in southeast Asia.

This week I have started the 100 pushup challenge. It involves doing 10 minutes of work 3-4 times a week and is meant to build you up to be able to do 100 pushups in a row. Stay tuned on that one haha!

For everyone who wants to know what photography equipment I use here is a detailed blog post about every item I own.

Weekly Spending

Accommodation: $80
Food: $45
Transport: $7
Activities: $3
Total: $135

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