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Four years ago I trekked the Everest Base Camp circuit and it was my first big multi-day trek. I loved it despite the food poisoning and altitude sickness debacles. It was the beginning of my trekking journey and something I look back on fondly. This time, I returned to Nepal with much more trekking experience to explore the Manaslu region.

With better gear, a more finely tuned body, trekking experience and four years of travel experience under my belt, I felt much more prepared for this trek. What I hadn’t looked into was what to expect from the landscape on this trek. It’s not as popular as many other circuits in Nepal and there were limited photos online. I would be blown away by this route and had one of the best fortnights of my life.

I created a video, a huge guide and almost two hundred photos on this trek, which kept me very busy throughout. Managing all of the gear, chargers and logistics of shooting like that is also something I have much more experience this time around. The video turned out quite well and I’m happy with the result of the article but there are always improvements to be made for the next multi-day expedition.

If you want to see the day-by-day breakdown with photos and my journal entries from the hike, you can check out the guide linked here: MANASLU CIRCUIT TREK: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE. However, if you just want to watch the video of the trek, you’ll also find that below. Finally, I will add a few of my favorite photos from the trek at the bottom of this blog post to give you an insight into this beautiful experience.