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  2. Sumit Raghuvanshi

    I am about to go on a solo trip covering all Indian states is there any paid job for writing content here?

  3. Richard Bradj Borebor

    Hello Jackson! I love and admire your work. I was wondering if I can use a photo from your Caramoan Blog for my facebook page? Anyway, keep it up and great job as always!

  4. Hi,

    Amazing shots and videos! Love your work!
    Come and visit Serbia! I think you will have a lot to see here! From lake Uvac to mountain Rtanj!

    Regards from Belgrade,


  5. Is there any way to contact you directly, regarding ‘work with me’?

    Currently travelling and jumping on board a marine conservation project in Philippines, extensive travelling, underwater work, and conservation, I am a freediving and distinctive scuba instructor. Please let me know how to continue with a more private communication set up. Chris

  6. Hi Jackson,

    I am making a cruise business in Asia, and so building a website.
    I am looking for some beautiful pictures to sale the destination to my clients and found your website, great work !

    Would you agree that I use a few of your pictures, mainly landscapes on islands? We could, of course, find a way to give you credit.

    Please let me know, Cheers

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  8. Amazing Blog, trust me one can make a better travel bucket list by reading your blog posts. Great work and must say amazing pictures you use. Even I am a travel blogger and I get a lot of inspiration from day I will surely contribute a guest blog to your blog.

  9. Good to hear you enjoyed La India Vieja in panama and I can tell you why the trail up to the piedra was so elusive, its because there actually isn’t one. I know this due to the piedra being at the top of our property and the best route up there being through our property. I’m not writing this to berate as judging from the pictures and descriptions you seem to have been going through the property to the south of us, possibly just touching the south end of what’s ours. Even if you did pass through our land you weren’t to know that it was private property and you obviously believed you were looking for a sanctioned trail, when in fact we have never been approached by any Panamanian official wanting to establish an official trail.
    My reason for contacting you is to possibly use you as platform if anyone after seeing your very good write up and pictures contacts you wanting information. I’m not against people (with limitations) using the route through our land as long as conditions are met. For example, we would need to know when and have our indigenous worker who lives up there be their guide to ensure no one gets lost or injured. We would need to cover the expense of a days loss of work on his part, but that’s it. It makes me nervous to think that someone would attempt that trek, break a leg with no one knowing they were there and then we get hit by a lawsuit. Not to mention possible property damage and animals getting out due to carelessness which would be hardship and out of pocket expense for me.
    I’m all for people enjoying some of the best scenery in the world and yes it is a hidden and little known gem even by many of the locals, which is probably due to it being very difficult to access. You were lucky getting a taxi to take you there, a few months earlier the road was very bad, you were fortunate that the road was so good! As a point of interest, if you had gone straight on rather than taking the right you would have passed over a river then a hundred meters up the sharpe incline it levels off with a small clearing looking to the right there is another river. Our property is the other side of the river and the views rival anywhere with an unobstructed view from the edge of David out to the ocean to Boca Chica and beyond. If you are ever back in Boquete I have another trek for you that is just as good as the piedra, which is to our second property over the top of the mountain deep in the jungle and also has a great view.

  10. Hey Jackson….legend!
    Im going to San Blas soon and digging for info on permission to fly my mavic. (i usually ask for forgiveness, not permission…but this is clearly a special case). Just for my own recreation and memory-making. Tips?

  11. Hi Jackson, i was at second valley recently when you where there with Ryan Formosa (Explore_with_Formo) another adventure photographer. i was wondering if i could ask you any questions about my research project on “how to become an adventure photographer” or even just a small insight to you adventures and lifestyle. thank you!!

  12. Hey man, was trying to download your free Lightroom presets but I’m getting an error message — not sure if other people are having the same issue but just wanted to give you the heads up!

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  14. Sandi Ramsdell

    Jackson….. I am in the beginning stages of selling all I own and beginning my new life adventure myself. I will be travelling from Canada and I am in the process of arranging for me to volunteer in Laos through go international …. this is all new to me as I have been chasing the corporate world for 40 years …… I am very excited and I am opening myself up to the adventure and experience of a lifetime ….. Any advise and guidance you can give me I welcome with open arms….. Thank you Kindly….. Sandi from Canada 😀

  15. Hey! Reading just the “ABOUT” corner was something to look forward, though i have checked almost all your shots before this. haha anyways, i was like dreaming to be/have like those budgeted yet fulfilled travel goals you had so far. Im a filipino with 27 years existence yet aiming to have as many experience as to be on 20’s as possible. you and jordantally was inspiring me lately. i also pmed him that yeah! proud that you have visited my country PH and no doubt you have enjoyed it. For now, all i want is to continue to get inspired and hope i can do the same thing sometime soon. always take care and be wise. young and free. 🙂 idol!

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  17. Really great stuff, you’re added to my list of inspirations! How much did you have saved before you took of on your adventures?

    1. Hi Kael thanks so much! I saved quite a bit but I haven’t touched my savings so far. I try and make enough each month to cover my expenses. I answered how I make money and other questions in a recent Q&A blog post.

  18. Hey! Nice meeting you both here ! 🙂

    Though you had told me about your girlfriend but it’s always nice to have some more details and to give a face to just a name. 😀

    Let me know when you head here.

  19. That is amazing back story that you two share. Wishing you all the best in this next stage of your lives! Social media wasn’t all that “mainstream” when I was your age, so make the most of your journey around the world and enjoy your twenties to their fullest. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

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