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Bohol has become of the most popular islands in the Philippines and is a great destination for a tropical getaway. From amazing beaches to waterfalls to scuba-diving, Bohol is a paradise. There are some incredible accommodations in Bohol rating from 5-star luxury to budget hostels. This guide about where to stay in Bohol will focus on three areas, Panglao (main focus), Anda, and Dauis.


Don’t have time to read my detailed breakdown of all the best accommodations in Bohol? No worries! These are my three picks for where to stay in Bohol. If you book one of these three, you are guaranteed to have a great vacation in a great location!

Bohol Beach Club

  • Beachfront
  • Mind-blowing beach and sunrise views
  • Outdoor infinity pool

Henann Resort Alona Beach

  • Luxury
  • Swimming pools
  • Great location

Amorita Resort

  • Luxury
  • Ocean views
  • Amazing Island

Mithi Resort & Spa

  • Beachfront
  • Private beach
  • Amazing view


Panglao Island (the tourist island at bottom of Bohol) and Anda have gained a reputation among beach-lovers and travel enthusiasts for their renowned and stunning coral reefs and dive spots. There are plenty of Bohol accommodation options ranging from reasonably-priced hotels to luxurious resorts. choice!

Here is a guide to start with to give you an overview of your options!

  • If you are searching for a beachfront where you can conveniently join all of the action then Alona Beach will suit you best.
  • If you want a serene ambiance without leaving the beloved front sea view then you might want to consider the Northwest side of the Panglao.
  • If you want to explore, relax and adopt the slow rhythm of life, Anda is prepared to give you those.
  • If you are looking for budget-friendly hotels that are close to the airport for you to easily move around, Dauis area is a perfect place for you.
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Area: South Panglao


Bohol Beach Club (Beachfront): Nestled on the whitest beach on Panglao Island, Bohol Beach Club is another palm tree paradise with an unobstructed mind-blowing beach and sunrise views. The property has everything you need in one delightful place, with professional and welcoming staff to cater to all your need.

Each room features a private balcony, minibar, personal safe, air conditioner, flat-screen TV, and Wi-Fi. Amenities include a stunning white sand beach, outdoor infinity pool, sports bar where guests can play ping pong or pool table, gym, bar, and restaurant. This is one of the most famous resorts in Bohol.

Bohol Beach Club

  • Beachfront
  • Mind-blowing beach and sunrise views
  • Outdoor infinity pool

Area: Alona Beach

A tropical paradise on the Southwestern tip of Bohol, Alona Beach has garnered numerous praises for its white-sand beauty, crystal clear waters, and numerous tourist-friendly activities. It houses many hotels and restaurants with wide choices. Alona Beach is where the real action of adventure takes place making it an ideal hub for those who are in the mood for parties. This is where most tourists to Bohol stay and it is central to everything.


Henann Resort Alona Beach (Luxury): Located by the beach of Alona,  Henann guests have the edge to see the panoramic view of the sea, which is the prime location. If you are not in the mood for beach exploration, then its pools and other amenities will keep you entertained. It’s pretty much the premier resort in Bohol and if you can afford it it is one of THE BEST places to stay in Bohol. This Bohol beachfront resort is just simply amazing and really delivers the island luxury many tourists are seeking. 

Henann Resort Alona Beach

  • Luxury
  • Panoramic view
  • Prime location


Donatela Resort (Luxury): If tranquility and serene ambiance is your top priority then Donatella Resort is what you are looking for. Tucked away in a botanic garden-inspired ambiance, this place is just a haven to recharge your battery after a long island-hopping trip. The property includes some garden villas with a private pool so you will have all the time in the world to yourself. If you are traveling with family, the kids would really enjoy the activities this Bohol accommodation provides.

Donatela Resort

  • Luxury
  • Private pool
  • Fair location


Venezia Suites (Value): The Venezia Suits present the best value on Bohol. If you are looking for luxury but only want to spend mid-range often you need to get lucky. Venezia will hook you up with a beautiful suite that comes with a pool and living space. It’s a damn good deal and located right near all the action of Panglao so you are in a good spot and it one of the best places to stay in Bohol.

Venezia Suites

  • Value for money
  • Budget
  • Beautiful suite


HM & B Backpackers Inn: As a backpacker generally you check the price, location, and cleanliness. HM & B ticks all those boxes as one of the cheapest hostels near Alona Beach but also maintains good reviews, and cleanliness and is pretty cheap compared to everything else near Alona Beach. If you are on a budget, this is one of the best places to stay in Bohol.

HM & B Backpackers Inn

  • Cheapest
  • Cleanliness
  • Location


Island World Panglao (Budget): Want to stay in a property with so much to offer yet charge you less? Island World Panglao would be delighted to have you as a guest. The property includes a beautiful pool and the rooms are equipped with a balcony and a good garden view.

This property is only a few blocks away from attractions such as Danao and Alona Beach so you will not miss the beach fun. If you are tired of all the energy-draining activities, you can have a massage with the relaxing music of cicadas. This is a great choice for where to stay in Bohol if you want to budget but still, want the basics done really well. 

Island World Panglao

  • Budget
  • Beautiful pool
  • Garden view

Area: Northwest Side of Panglao

It might be distinctly low-key and quiet compared to the opposite side of the island, but with its inviting white sand beaches, Doljo Beach is surely a must-see place in Bohol. The thick forest of coconut palms gives a tropical paradise look. Interestingly, anyone who visits this area will surely be amazed because this place would allow you to be in touch with the local community.  


North Zen Villa (Value): A quiet place with an amazing view of the beach is what North Zen Villa offers. The pool and other facilities are stunning and absolutely lovely for vacationers. This property has a backyard forest with a bridge that you can walk on to go to the sea, so you would really enjoy admiring the beauty laid before your eyes.

North Zen Villa

  • Value for money
  • Amazing view
  • Backyard forest


Mario Dive Resort (Budget): Although this property is not so close to the beach, the quiet location and the seclusion it gives from the action at the beaches make this place a haven. This property is equipped with all practical amenities that will make you feel at home. The hotel also has a shared lounge area and a bar where guests can relax after a long day.

Mario Dive Resort

  • Quiet location
  • Feel at home
  • Budget


Panglao Moravian Apartments (Family Pick): Conveniently located at the center of the famous white sand beaches of Panglao (Alona, Danao, Momo, and Doljo), Panglao Moravian Apartments will be an ideal place to stay. Like any other resort, this property also provides an outdoor swimming pool, a garden, and air-conditioned room with a patio and free internet access.  The price is reasonable and will be a perfect place for those who want to linger on the island for a while.

Panglao Moravian Apartments

  • Family pick
  • Ideal place
  • Outdoor swimming pool

AREA: Anda

Set amidst the eastern side of Bohol Island, Anda is widely known for its stunning white beaches, crystal clear water, and impressive underwater world. You may be tempted to just lounge on the beach, but take advantage of Anda’s natural beauty and experience its intense adventures. There are a lot of accommodation options in Anda. Here are my top three picks.


Anda Poseidon’s Beach Resort (Value): Anda Poseidon’s is a reasonably priced accommodation that offers nice and clean beachfront bungalows. If you want to try some fun and exciting watersports such as riding a jet ski and banana boat, you may need to stay at this place.

This is probably the best value for money among the properties in Anda. Unlike Alona beaches, the beaches here are not crowded and have got amazing white sand. This place is highly recommended if you visit Anda.

Anda Poseidon’s Beach Resort

  • Value for money
  • Beachfront
  • Fun and exciting


Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa (Luxury): Home away from home. Amun Ini is perfectly located in the municipality of Anda. It is a three-hectare oceanfront luxury property that provides a fantastic view of the clear blue sea and a variety of water activities. If you love snorkeling and diving, this is your best spot. Guests can also go kayaking,  paddle boarding, and even on land tours. In my point of view, this is a perfect escape from the hectic city lifestyle and one of the best overall places to stay in Bohol.

Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa

  • Luxury
  • Perfect location
  • Fantastic view


J&R Residence (Tranquility/Family Pick): J&R Residence has breathtaking views and pristine powdery white sand beaches. This is by far the best and the cleanest accommodation in Anda. The location is not so popular for tourists but this is the perfect place if you are looking for solitude and great food.

You will get the most unforgettable sunset experience and if you are lucky you can see both sunset views and dolphins while doing snorkeling tours with their Resort Cruiser. Everything in this residence is a boutique and with high-quality service.

J&R Residence

  • Tranquility
  • Family Pick
  • Amazing views

 Area: Dauis

Tourism is becoming a major industry in the municipality of Dauis. You can effortlessly find reasonable transportation to different tourist attractions such as the infamous Chocolate Hills, the world’s smallest primate (Tarsier), heritage sites, and old stone churches. Accommodations in this place will be a perfect nest if you want to relax away from the crowds of Panglao yet close enough to take a dip in the white beaches.

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Casa Cataleya (Value): Suited in Dauis, Casa Cataleya offers amenities such as an indoor pool and a sun terrace that can surely make your stay pleasant. The rooms, as well as the outdoors, are kept really clean.

The staff are friendly and as far as privacy is of top priority among the guests, they are happy to give it. Should you spend your quality time with your loved one in an environment that will be all to yourselves without sacrificing a big portion of your budget, then you found the perfect place – Casa Cataleya.

Casa Cataleya

  • Value
  • Indoor pool
  • Friendly staff


Sky Travellers Suite (Budget): This amazing little guest house is 6.9 km away from Panglao International Airport.  It has modern equipment and a good little kitchen where you can make your own breakfast. If you want to breathe fresh air or just relax with your friends then a garden is available. Also, this suite is so close to the beach that is not touristy and if you are lucky then you can have it all for yourself.

Sky Travellers Suite

  • Budget
  • Comfortable
  • Little guest house


Higala Resort (Value): From its name Higala (Friend), the staff will surely greet you with big smiles on their faces. This property is highly recommended to those travelers who are avoiding the crowd yet would still want to have the smell of the sea breeze. Restaurants are near in the area so you won’t have any trouble when cravings strike you.

The beautiful and cozy resort also gives you privacy without being secluded from good restaurants and tourist destinations. This accommodation is also perfect for couples who wish to have more time for each other.

Higala Resort

  • Value for money
  • Cozy resort
  • Beautiful

I hope you enjoyed this Bohol accommodation guide and managed to figure out where to stay in Bohol.


Bohol is located in Central Visayas and it is pretty easy to reach Bohol either via multiple ferry options or the international airport. There are several transportation options but the easiest and quickest way is by plane since you will directly step your feet in Panglao (the most popular tourist place to stay) where most hotels and beaches are found.  

If your starting point is Cebu, there are several ferry schedules that will take you to the heart of Tagbilaran City and eventually to Panglao and Anda. I even took my motorbike from Moalboal, Cebu all the way on the ferry to Bohol!


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Great article and Bohol is such a great place to explore. I found a nice backpackers with a pool near Alona Beach, Panglao it's call The Barefoot Alona Resort and they have really clean dorm beds for P600 it's a really chilled spot with a huge pool and hang out area's and a great bar with cheap beers. The thai food there is to die for and really nice friendly staff too. I'm going back after my trip to Anda it was so good. Love the cliff jump and sardine balls on the west side of Panglao too and did some great diving with Valm Dive shop on Alona Beach it's a very professionally run UK outfit. Guindulman Bay tourist in is another great spot near Anda, check it out too the area is beautiful and also Anda and Candijay. Love your work Jackson !