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After our epic week in Tablas, we headed on to Romblon, Romblon. The entire province is called Romblon but it is also the name of this individual island, which was the traditional hub for the province.

Dan and Nic were still with me for the week of adventures and we definitely explored Romblon in depth! I’ll write a little here then blast you with some of the best photos from the week and some cool candid stuff too of people we met. Scroll past the text if you hate reading….

The island is most famous for its epic sandbar beach called Bonbon Beach. A white sandbar snakes its way out from the mainland to a small island, which attracts visitors from all over the world. However, there were many beautiful beaches on the island, not just the popular Bonbon.

We kept to our old tricks of using google earth to find nice looking reefs and then exploring by motorbike to that location to drone. On Romblon, this ended us in inside a marble quarry, in backyards surrounded by kids and even stuck in the jungle! It’s all part of the adventure.

By trying to find these epic spots we often bump into people and places we would never have had a chance of meeting. We drove for almost an hour one morning and when we arrived at an abandoned resort a family came out and asked us what we were doing. To their surprise, we unpacked the drones and set on the sand and had a fly. They brought out two deck chairs and two coconuts. It was like the VIP cockpit for drone flying! The coconuts were a gift and they wouldn’t let us pay.

We had heard rumors about a lady called Rose Romblon. Yep, her last name was Romblon. Apparently, she had a place down south and was a bit of a local legend. One morning we cruised down south an stopped at a marine sanctuary and a woman opened the door and yelled  ‘Hey, I know you!’ She had recognized Nic from his video on Facebook.

We had coffee before exploring the marine sanctuary out the front of her homestay and then she took us to Kipot river and Lahung Rock formation. All of the locals on Romblon were stoked to show off their little corner of paradise.

We were lucky enough to collaborate with Carlos from Stone Creek, a boutique apartment-style accommodation in the town center. It was a perfect adventure base and they sorted us out for motorbikes and island-hopping whenever we needed.

The island hopping from Romblon was pretty epic and incredibly serene. We hardly spotted another tour boat all day and enjoyed every single beach to ourselves. It was almost eerie! When you consider the Palawan chaos of island hopping in Coron and El Nido, it’s always amazing to step onto a beautiful beach and chill without being run over by tourists. The highlight of the day was probably this epic little cliff jump island!

Thanks to everyone who made Romblon a blast! The next Weekly will be about Sibuyan (Hiking Guiting-Guiting) and Carabao Island!

I hope you all had a great week!



Francis Revil

Wednesday 13th of April 2022

Very nice article, Jack.. keep it up..! We're on our way to Romblon, too.. I have also some articles to share to all..


Saturday 4th of September 2021

My hats off to you and your friends for exploring Romblon that most people would never attempt of traveling to this small usland! Thank you for showing the island of Romblon. Your adventure is quite inspiring, driving around and into the off beaten path of the island and I just love the part that you took the time to bond with the natives, learning the craft of marble shaping and specifically the children who were in awe of the drones and of course let us not forget the precious moments with them. I am quite sure the children were fascinated and enjoyed it. Romblon is an island where tourists don’t flock, instead they adventure on the famous Boracay and Palawan. I hope you continue your well-inspired adventures as life is too short.