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It feels like an eternity but in reality, it’s been a little over two months that I’ve been unable to hike due to my ankle injury and surgery. However, this week I made my return to the trails. It wasn’t a huge hike or anything epic but just going on a hike was a moment to celebrate.

To be fair, it’s hard to say I went hiking when the trails were paved roads but I headed out on a few small adventures this week. The first hike was the Hanauma Bay Ridge Hike, which is across from Koko Head. While the rest of the crew headed up the difficult stairway, I went across the road and walked the softer ridge. It was a beautiful, sunny morning and my ankle held up relatively well. The muscles in my ankle, foot, and front of my lower leg fatigued a bit but that was to be expected.

The second little hike of the week was up to the historic Makapuu Lighthouse Trail. This is probably ranked as one of the easiest hikes on Oahu with just 150m of elevation and four kilometers in the total distance on a paved path. My ankle survived again and I was growing in confidence after some tough days of limited progression over the two months prior.

Small trails, small progress but incredibly grateful to be back out on the trails with my body on the road to recovery.