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What a freaking whirlwind!

As 10 content creators and bloggers, we headed to the Nusa Islands intent on exploring, adventuring and learning the trade of blogging. We returned as a team that will support each other into the rest of 2018 and beyond. We returned having shared knowledge with each other on topics from photography to media pitching to SEO. The most important thing I think all of the participants at the workshop learned was the following: It is possible! It isn’t just a pipe dream, it is right there waiting for them.

The second week of the workshop took us to one of my favorite islands in the world, Nusa Penida. It’s the largest island of the Nusa’s but it is by far the most fun. There are so many attractions I still want to go back to check out the other hikes, waterfalls, and viewpoints we didn’t have time for.

We rented mopeds again, this time I enforced mandatory helmets as the roads on Penida are pretty bad. Often we were driving on just rocks and gravel. I was praying we wouldn’t have a crash, which could potentially put an end to our epic adventures but in the end, we had one small slip during a sunrise ride and a scraped leg but nothing more. Throughout the trip the group collectively cliff jumped well over 100 times and we escaped unscathed. I was nervous throughout the trip as I watched the crew walk along cliff edges and test themselves, their fears and their bodies as we went hard around the island.

The highlights of the week were Kelingking Beach and Peguyangan Waterfall. We all spent one sunset body surfing in the waves as the sun touched the horizon before sending pastels throughout the sky. I won’t ever forget that moment and remember one of the guys in the workshop said it was the best night of his life. When at times you have small doubts about yourself, which is natural, hearing comments like these just fills you up.

The crew is smashing out blog posts like no tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see where they head on their next adventures. I truly believe in each of them and know that they all have the potential to become full-time digital nomads by the end of 2018 if they are motivated and determined.

I’ll do a full wrap up with all the videos that Nic Morley created during the workshop once he polishes those off while he is still in Bali.

I’ts currently midnight and I am writing this from Cairns in Australia. Yep, I got here quick. The day the workshop finished, I jumped on a red-eye flight and headed back to Australia. I am spending the next 8 days on a Commonwealth Games campaign with the tourism board of Queensland! The itinerary is out of this world and includes helicopter flights, bungee, great barrier reef sleep-overs and so much more! Stoked on this one!

Below are my favorite snaps from the last seven days!